Quid Pro Quo - Recap

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The episode begins with Danny, Jamie and a bunch of other guys playing basketball. During the game one of the guys begins making fun of and insulting another guy, for being fat. The fat guy punches the other guy in the face and the guy collapses to the ground and begins bleeding from the nose. Jamie takes Danny aside and says Ken the guy who was punched wants to press charges. Ken wants Bobby, the guy who assaulted him, arrested. Bobby is Danny’s friend and Danny feels Bobby only did what he did because Ken provoked him. Jamie is Ken’s friend and tells Danny, Ken is a lawyer and “knows the drill”. Danny tells Jamie to talk some sense into Ken. Jamie says he will try.

Danny then tells Bobby he is under arrest. A guy named Nathan Anderson on the other hand wants a minute of Erin’s time. “I know who killed my daughter and I want you to put him in jail” Anderson tells her. Anderson plays Erin a recording. “We just really had a big fight daddy. He left but I feel really shaken up daddy. Call me” his daughter is heard saying in the recording. Anderson says the recording is from his home answering machine and the guy his daughter is talking about is her boyfriend Richard. “He could be very jealous and is known to lose his temper” Anderson says. Anderson reveals his daughter was murdered in 1998. Erin is shocked to hear this and tells him to go to the NYPD.

Anderson says he has been “everywhere” multiple times. He says everywhere he went he was laughed at, because no one believed him. He says this is because her daughter’s boyfriend was Richard Roark, who apparently is a very influential man and a public figure. “Richard and his father Preston are not shy to use their power and influence to discourage further investigation” he says. Erin too apparently finds it difficult to believe Anderson and says she understands he needs closure, but accusing someone doesn’t mean, the person actually committed the crime. Anderson argues that he is doing this for justice and not closure and begs Erin to help him.

Later, Erin has a chat with Danny and says she will have Bobby out by the afternoon if what Danny is saying about the incident that happened between Bobby and Ken is true. She then tells him about Anderson. Erin wants Danny to look into the case, as a favor to her, so she can look Anderson in the eye and say, they did everything they could to help him out. Danny reluctantly agrees. Danny meets Jerry, a detective who had investigated the Jenny Anderson case. Jerry says it was concluded that, Jenny came back home while her house was being burgled and the burglars killed her by slamming her head to the wall. Jerry says he had talked to Roark, but his alibi it turns out was solid. “He was at the movies with a buddy” Jerry says.

Also, Roark took a lie-detector test and “passed with flying colors”. Danny gets a call from Erin, who informs her that Bobby is going to jail, because it’s been discovered he was earlier convicted for a crime. “His prior is for the same charge, felony assault” Erin tells Danny. She says Bobby will have to go in front of a “grand jury”. Jamie says he will again talk to Ken and try to convince him to drop the charges. Danny tells Erin about Roark acing the polygraph test. They talk to Anderson. He says the year Jenny was murdered Richard was working in his father’s company, in the Human Resource department. The Human Resource department takes polygraph tests of employees. “So what if he learnt to manipulate the outcome?” Anderson asks them.

Anderson further adds that, this was probably the reason why Richard volunteered to take the test in the first place. “We’ll dig a little deeper ok” Danny assures Anderson. Anderson also tells Danny, Richard’s best friend’s name was Peter Blake (the guy he went to the movie with). Danny finds out Peter Blake died 5 years after Jenny was killed. Turns out, Peter killed himself outside Jenny’s apartment on the anniversary of her death. Danny feels Peter killed himself out of guilt. Danny also finds out Richard had helped Peter out a lot, by giving him a job and helping him start a new life in the city. Danny tells Erin all this and they conclude Peter told a lie for Richard, because Richard had done so much for him.

In other words, Peter agreed to be Richard’s alibi, to return the favor. Danny concludes they have to prove, Peter was working in the mailroom in Preston’s (Richard’s father) company where he was employed, the afternoon he had claimed to be at the movies with Roark. Danny feels he can do this by checking if Peter had signed for any packages, while he was supposed to be at the movies. It is then discovered that Peter did sign for packages, when he was supposed to be at the movies. This proves that Roark’s alibi was completely false. They tell Frank about it, but he feels they need more proof against Richard before they make their move, if they are going to make this whole thing stick.

They later tell Anderson they need to prove somehow that Roark was in the room with Jenny. Jamie finds out Ken is suing Bobby because he has lost his job and his house and is therefore hoping to make some money out of the whole thing. Jamie confronts Ken about it and tells him not to ruin Bobby’s life, just so he could make some money off him. Anderson shows Erin a necklace he had given Jenny. She was wearing it at the time of her death. When he got it back there was some blood on it. The police took a DNA sample but it was too small to test. Danny says today DNA testing is light years ahead of what it was 15 years ago and suggests they retest that sample. Danny heads to the medical examiner’s office to get the sample.

Erin meets Richard at a bar, tells him who she is and then tells him she is investigating him for Jenny’s murder. Richard isn’t very happy to hear this and walks out, visibly disturbed. After he has left, Erin collects the bar napkin Richard used to wipe his mouth. Later, it’s discovered from the DNA test that the blood on Jenny’s necklace isn’t Richard’s, but it’s also revealed that the blood could be of someone who is related to Richard. “Roark’s father” Erin concludes. Danny and Erin head for Preston Roark’s office. There they see Richard pointing a gun at Preston. Richard wants Preston to admit that he killed Jenny because he thought she wasn’t good enough for Richard, but Preston refuses to admit anything.

Danny and Erin tell Richard to put the gun down, but he doesn’t. He even tires firing at his father when he doesn’t admit what he did, but the gun doesn’t work and Danny immediately wrestles Richard to the ground and handcuffs him. Ken drops the charges against Bobby, thanks to Jamie. Erin brings Anderson outside the courthouse to show him that a handcuffed Preston is being hauled away by the cops. “Erin thank you” Anderson says. The episode ends at this point.