Protest Too Much - Recap

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The episode begins with several people from an organization, called CPA, protesting outside Frank’s office building. They believe that the actions of the NYPD are turning the city into a Police State. A woman named Whitney Robshaw, from the ACLU, pays Frank a visit. She is there to discuss how the relationship between the police and her organization can be made more cohesive. She already knows Frank and he recollects she is Erin’s friend.

A man is trying to rob a bank, but one of the customers, who is a cop, points a gun at him tells him to stop. The cop is disarmed by the robber after his accomplice, a woman, puts a gun to the cop’s back. While they are telling all the customers to lie down on the ground, the man mistakenly shoots a customer in the chest. He says it was a mistake and they both begin to panic and run out of the bank empty-handed. Maria, who is an expert in bank robberies and an old acquaintance of Danny’s, arrives with him at the scene. They are informed by the FBI agents who are already there that the robbers have looted another bank down the street. The FBI agents tell them that the very same robbers, who are being called Bonnie and Clyde, have looted three banks in the last one month. The robbers apparently loot banks to make a statement about how the banks have taken from the common man. At his office, Whitney and Frank aren’t seeing eye-to-eye on issues. Danny digs up an old bank robbery case and figures out Clyde was involved in that robbery, but concludes he didn’t have Bonnie’s help then. He and Maria decide to look into this case to see if they can find out Clyde’s real identity.

Erin is in a boutique with one of her clients, Jana, who is a victim of sexual abuse. Just then, the guy who was heading the CPA protests earlier arrives and begins taking their photos. Erin tries to stop him, but the man says Frank doesn’t believe in the privacy of a regular citizen, so they shouldn’t have any either. Jana sees him taking the photos and runs out of the store in tears. Danny finds out Bonnie, whose real name is Sylvie, was working at the same bank that Clyde looted three months ago. She quit the very next day after the robbery.

Danny and team arrive at the apartment where Sylvie used to live. They meet her ex-roommate, Diane, who reveals that Sylvie needed a lot of money to pay her student loans. She was so stressed that she was taking anti-depressants. Diane also recognizes Clyde, from a photo, and says his real name is Dylan. She and Sylvie had met him at a party last year and Sylvie was impressed with his anti-establishment views. Danny concludes that this must have lead to them teaming up. Danny and Maria later find out, from Dylan’s mother, the address where he is presently staying. Jana is too ruffled by her experience at the boutique and refuses to testify against her rapist, despite Erin trying her best to convince her otherwise.

Danny and Maria find out Sylvie and Dylan aren’t home, but they find a clue there that tells them the couple is planning to loot a nightclub. On the CPA website, along with her own photos that were taken earlier, Erin sees pictures of Whitney sitting at a restaurant with Frank. Danny and Maria arrive at the club and find that it has already been robbed. The couple has taken Polly, the club’s cashier, as hostage and escaped through the backdoor. Erin confronts Frank about the photos and asks him if he is seeing Whitney. He says he has the right to some privacy and adds that it wouldn’t be wrong even if he were seeing her because she isn’t married and is of legal age. Erin brings up the age difference, but Frank doesn’t feel that’s an issue.

Polly, the cashier, is released by the robbers and tells Danny and team that they didn’t hurt her. She says that Sylvie was even nice to her. Sylvie arrives at the hospital and runs into Linda. She asks her how Kenneth, the guy who was shot at the bank, is. Linda guesses who she is and a newspaper lying nearby confirms her doubts. Sylvie realizes she has been recognized and makes a run for it. Linda immediately informs the building security. Sylvie is caught and later, at the station, she argues that she and Dylan loot banks to make a statement against them. She also tries to protect Dylan, but Danny says the cops might kill him once he is found. So, if she wants to save his life, she should tell him where he is. She is about to tell him when an FBI agent interferes and Sylvie changes her mind and, instead, asks for an attorney.

At home, Erin mentions to Jamie that Frank might be seeing Whitney, but Jamie is cool with that and asks her to not make a big deal out of it. Erin brings up the issue again, at the family dinner, but no one else besides her thinks that it’s a big deal. The next day, Erin is relieved to find that Jana has made it to the trial and thanks her for being there. Maria informs Danny that Dylan just jacked a car and they have him on the GPS. Danny and team catch up with him and he is cornered, but he takes cover behind his car with a gun in hand.

Danny tries to talk him into giving up, by telling him how much Sylvie loves him and by informing him that the guy he shot has survived and will be okay, but it doesn’t work. Dylan comes out from behind the car and shoots at them and the police return fire. Dylan collapses to the ground and Danny checks on him and finds out he is dead. Lying near Dylan’s body is the NYPD officer’s gun that he took from him during the bank robbery.

Frank and Whitney run into each other and discuss the photos. Frank admits that Erin has seen them. He hints that Erin wasn’t very happy to see them, although it wasn’t anything more than a work meeting. He apparently is interested in her and she too seems to have a thing for him, but she realizes Frank doesn’t want to make Erin unhappy, which Frank admits. In the end, they decide to keep their relationship purely professional. The episode ends at this point.