No Regrets - Recap

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The episode begins and a man is shot point blank, on a crowded street corner, near Times Square. The sergeant gets a call about the shooting, and sends Danny and Baez to check out the crime scene. An elderly man, who was an astronaut, is addressing an audience as Frank walks in. At the crime scene, Danny and Baez find out that the victim’s name is Martin Cahill. He was texting someone, named Tess, when he was shot. The duo talks to eyewitnesses, but they aren’t much help. Frank and Pete, the astronaut, are talking. They are old friends, and are reminiscing about their college days. Pete says, now that he has retired, he would like to work on the advisory board of some company in New York. He requests Frank to help him, by talking to some of his contacts. Frank is happy to oblige.

Danny gives Tess, Martin’s pregnant wife, the bad news. She says Martin did not have any enemies, and begs Danny to find out who did this. Jamie and Cruz, while walking down a street, see a little boy run towards them. Jamie picks up the boy who, for some reason, seems terrified. The sergeant informs Danny and Baez about another shooting, which took place in a retirement home in the Bronx. It appears the shooter was the same. Jamie has brought the kid to the hospital, because there is blood on his shirt. Linda runs a few tests, and says the blood is not the kid’s. Jamie calms the kid down, and asks him a few questions. He says his name is Kyle. The victim at the retirement home is an 80-year old woman, named Ruth.

Danny and Baez look at the security footage. It doesn’t help, because the killer is wearing a hooded shirt and his face isn’t seen. A friend of Ruth’s, from the retirement home, tells them Ruth confided in her that she had killed someone. Frank tells Pete he has made the calls, like he had requested. They discuss Pete’s marriage, and Frank says that he knows it has fallen apart. Pete says he doesn’t know why, one day, his wife suddenly left him. He is hoping, if he gets the job in New York, he can convince his wife to come back. Danny finds out, in 2002, Ruth was tried for murder. Trevor Holt, an attorney, was the prosecutor. He talks to Erin about it, because Trevor was her mentor, and tells her he wants to meet him.

They talk to Trevor, who says Ruth was a slumlord. He says she killed one of her tenants, named Joan, with whom she had a dispute. She ran over Joan with her car and when she was called in front of a jury, she pretended she had forgotten to take her medication. The jury believed her, and the charges against her were dropped. Joan’s son, Kenneth, was angry about this. He swore he would take revenge on Ruth, and all the members of the jury. Jamie talks to Kyle’s parents, and finds out Kyle got scared because they were fighting. He sees an injury on the father’s hand. The man says he dropped a glass and, when he was picking up the pieces, he cut his hand. He then put Kyle to sleep, which is how he got the blood on his shirt. Jamie sees how worried Kyle’s parents are, and believes them. He and Cruz hand over Kyle to them. Kyle is happy to see them.

While Danny and Baez are busy questing Kenneth, the sergeant informs them that the shooter has just struck again. The victim is a man who was working out in a park, and doesn’t have any ID on him. While Erin and Danny are at a bar, he gets a call informing him that the victim’s name is Eddie Deluca. After Danny leaves, Erin notices that Pete is also there. They talk, and he says he is waiting for Frank. At home, Linda tells Jamie that, based on the blood she tested, Raul, the guy Jamie talked to, can’t be Kyle’s biological father. Danny discusses the case with the family, at the dinner table. They suggest that he try and find the common link between all the murders.

After dinner, during a game of poker, Erin finds out Pete lied at the bar. He was waiting for Frank. She says Pete looked really lonely, and was drunk. Jamie arrives to talk to Raul, but his wife says he and Kyle have gone shopping. Jamie tells her what he has found out. She admits Kyle’s real father is another guy, named Ted. Raul comes in, at that very moment, and overhears the conversation. He is livid, and storms out in anger. Frank finds out that Amy, Pete’s wife, lives in New York. He visits her, and she tells him Pete is the one who divorced her three years ago. He couldn’t cope with his retirement, and took to alcohol. He then slowly distanced himself from her and his daughter.

Frank says Pete still misses her, but is probably too proud to call. Erin finds out, from Trevor’s wife Gale, that he is really sick. She calls Danny to her office, and says the guy he is looking for could be Trevor. She tells him about Eddie Deluca getting away with murder, just like Ruth did, but Danny still doesn’t feel that is reason enough for Trevor to kill them. She argues that Trevor is running out of time, because he has pancreatic cancer, and probably wants to see justice served before he dies.

Frank calls Pete to a bar. He arrives, and sees that his wife and daughter are also there. Frank tells Pete they are there because they are hoping to talk to the man they used to know. Pete nervously walks towards them. Danny finds out Martin, the first victim, was charged with rape. He wasn’t prosecuted, because he was underage at the time. Trevor was going to be the prosecutor for this case. Erin and Danny remember that, when they went to meet him, Trevor was yelling over the phone about a food truck case. They figure out his next victim will be the man who has been selling drugs from his food truck.

Jamie sees Raul packing up his stuff to leave. He tells Raul that he is the only father Kyle knows and it wouldn’t be fair to Kyle if he leaves. Raul is really angry, but sees sense in what Jamie is saying. Danny arrives near the food truck, and sees Trevor approaching it. Before Danny can stop him, Trevor shoots the dealer. The dealer isn’t dead, so Trevor goes inside the food truck to shoot him again. Danny arrives and warns Trevor to stop. Trevor shoots himself in the head, before Danny do anything. Danny gives Erin the news, and she is shocked. The episode ends at this point.