Loss of Faith - Recap

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The episode begins with the Police Department examining the latest crime scene. Maria tells Danny that she found a wallet that belongs to the victim. Danny notices that the victim was strangled to death. He also states that this is not the primary crime scene. The victim was dragged to the spot. They figure out that the killer knew the victim. Maria checks the wallet and tells Danny that the victim’s name is Kathleen D’Amato. Danny notices that the victim’s arms are crossed and there is a crucifix in her hand. Next, at the precinct, Garrett tells Frank that two Miami cops were shot by an ex-NYPD officer. He says that one of the cops, who survived, identified the victim as Pedro Mendoza.

Garrett tells Frank that Pedro was terminated from the 12th precinct. Frank looks slightly worried and tells Garrett to gather his termination transcripts and also get some information on Pedro’s personal life from his former CO. Danny and Maria go to Kathleen’s house and talk to her father, Vince D’Amato. Vince tells them that Kathleen was a good Catholic girl and she did not have any conflict with anyone. He also tells them that she did not have a boyfriend. Joe Ferraro arrives. Vince tells the detectives that Joe is like a son to them. Joe says that Kathleen was too nice sometimes and she would talk to any homeless creep she met on the way.

Vince defends Kathleen by saying that she had a good heart and always gave people the benefit of doubt. The detectives leave. Maria and Danny find it very hard to believe that Kathleen did not have a boyfriend. At the precinct, Sergeant Anthony Renzulli arrives to meet Frank. Anthony tells Frank that there were a lot of complaints against Pedro for using excessive force. He says that Pedro had an edge to him. Frank tells Anthony that Pedro is in the wind. Frank also wants him to keep this conversation between them till they figure out their next move. Danny and Maria go to Kathleen’s college to meet Helen Korth. Helen was the last person Kathleen spoke to before she was killed.

Helen tells them that she and Kathleen were friends and they were learning Arabic. The detectives are shocked because Vince had told them that Kathleen was an Art student. They also learn that Helen and Kathleen used to go to mosques. Helen tells them that Kathleen liked a Muslim guy, but she does not know his name. She says that Kathleen was shy and was waiting for him to make the first move. She thinks that Kathleen met that guy at the mosque. Later, the detectives go to the mosque and talk to Imam Jadid. Imam tells them that Kathleen used to come to the mosque with a guy named Salem, but he says that he does not know the nature of their relationship.

Danny and Maria go to Salem’s house. Salem tells them that he had feelings for Kathleen. He says that they were supposed to meet, but she never showed up. Salem’s brother, Mustafa, does not appreciate Salem talking to the cops because he feels that the cops never trust the Muslims. He also calls Kathleen a whore. Danny asks Mustafa about his whereabouts on the night of the murder. Mustafa does not answer and asks them to leave. Next, at the precinct, Maria tells Danny that Salem’s alibi checked out. Danny says that Mustafa has a number of summons for disorderly behavior and harassment. Danny says that Mustafa used to stand in front of the mosque criticizing women who were inappropriately dressed and called them whores.

They go to Mustafa’s hookah lounge and arrest him. During the interrogation, Mustafa tells Danny that he was with the Imam, studying the Koran at the time Kathleen was murdered. He says that he did not like Kathleen because she was tempting Salem and leading him away from the teachings of Allah. Next, Frank arrives at the 12th precinct and briefs the team about Pedro’s latest activities. He says that Pedro was terminated from this precinct and some of the officers had participated in Pedro’s evaluations. He warns them to be careful and also hunt for Pedro. The coroner tells Danny and Maria that the killer used the sleeper hold to kill Kathleen.

Maria tells Danny that Mustafa’s alibi checked out. Danny goes through Kathleen’s year book and finds out that she was the Homecoming Queen and Joe Ferraro was the King. They go through few messages written in the yearbook and figure out that Joe had feelings for Kathleen. They also learn that Joe was the captain of the wrestling team, and this means that he knows the sleeper hold. They arrest Joe. Elsewhere, Jamie and Vinny Cruz are on the streets looking for Pedro. They are dressed in plain clothes because Frank had ordered the team to do so. Another cop pulls up and is about to shoot Vinny because he felt that Vinny resembled Pedro from a distance. Vinny says that they need to find Pedro soon.

During the interrogation, Joe tells the detectives that Kathleen drifted away from everyone after her mother’s death. He says that they had their wedding planned out, but Kathleen started behaving different. He tells them that she converted to Islam and there was no way he was ready to raise their children with Muslim beliefs. He says that he met Kathleen on the night of the murder and they had a huge fight. After the fight, she left and he stayed back at the bar. Danny asks him if he called Vince. Joe lawyers up.

Later, Maria tells Danny that Joe’s alibi checked out. She also says that Joe did not call anybody around the relevant time frame, which means that he did not even call Vince. So, Vince did not know about the conversion before Kathleen’s death. Danny thinks that Kathleen could have told Vince about the conversion when she went to the store to help him with the accounts. He says that the only way to find out the truth is by getting Vince to admit to his sins. Next, Vinny and Jamie are on their rounds and they get radioed about Pedro’s current location. The duo arrives at the address and sees that Renzulli is already there with his team. A gun fight ensues and Pedro is killed.

Danny and Maria confront Vince. Vince admits that Kathleen came to the store after her fight with Joe and told him that she had converted. He thought that she was joking. To prove her point, Kathleen ripped the crucifix from her neck and threw it on the floor. He says that the crucifix was her mother’s. He says that Kathleen told him that he would never see her again if he would not accept her decision. He says that she turned her back on him and was about to leave, when he grabbed her neck from behind and killed her. He dragged her to the cemetery and placed the crucifix in her hand. They arrest Vince and the case is closed. Later, at the office, Frank and Baker have a heart-to-heart before they leave for home. The episode ends at this point.