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Ends & Means - Recap

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The episode begins with Danny and team keeping a watch on three men at a restaurant, who are waiting to meet Christopher Dean, a drug dealer. Dean sells to professionals like stock brokers, bankers etc. and these guys too are waiting to buy some stuff from him. Dean arrives a while later with another man, who appears to be his bodyguard. After Dean sells the men the drugs, his accomplice shoots one of the men. Dean is shocked at what his accomplice has done and reprimands him, while the cops arrive and begin shooting at the accomplice.

The man fires at the cops using a concealed automatic weapon and makes a getaway leaving Dean behind. Danny sees that Dean has caught a stray bullet and takes him to the hospital. While Erin and Frank are having dinner at a restaurant, Amanda, the trial bureau chief, comes to their table and gives them the news that she has chosen Erin to be her deputy. Erin is overjoyed and assures Amanda she won’t let her down. At the hospital, Danny urges Linda to let him talk to Dean, but she refuses, saying Dean is still in a bad shape. Danny persists, so Linda asks him to back off rather angrily, which shocks him.

At the station, Danny is informed that Dean was a stock broker before he became a dealer, which is how he notched up his clientele. Jared and Billy, the guys at the restaurant, who were buying from Dean, are questioned if they knew the guy, who shot their friend, Russell. They refuse to reveal anything and instead lawyer up. At Erin’s office, after everyone’s congratulated her for her promotion, Rachel, one of the attorneys in her team, informs Erin that she is prosecuting a man named Wayne Deveron. He has been charged with sexual assault and has two prior charges against him. Rachel says she has found some relevant evidence that the prosecutor, who handled the earlier cases, overlooked.

Erin says that’s serious negligence and is shocked, when Rachel reveals that the prosecutor was Amanda, her new boss. At a crime scene, Danny and Baez arrive and see the body of Billy Chin, one of the guys from the restaurant, who has been shot in the head. Danny concludes that this killing too was carried out by Dean’s accomplice and he feels Jared might be next. Danny later gets a text from Linda informing him that Dean is conscious, so he can now talk to him. At Amanda’s office, Erin has a talk with her about Deveron’s case, tells her about her oversight and reveals that Rachel found it. Amanda seems cool with being pointed out her mistake and assures Erin she will deal with the issue.

At the hospital, Danny arrives and is really agitated, when told by Linda that Dean died 10 minutes after she texted him. He storms off after telling Linda that the bodies are piling up and how they don’t have anyone else, who can ID the killer. At the office, Erin runs into Rachel and asks her if Amanda did something about the oversight. Rachel says Amanda had a talk with her and in no uncertain terms told her that she isn’t planning to do anything about it. Erin is stunned to hear this and is shocked, when Rachel requests her to take the Deveron case off her hands because she isn’t comfortable handling it, given the current situation.

Jamie is signing up Sean for the Bay Ridge Derby, a car race for kids, which has been a Regan family tradition. At Frank’s office, Erin has a talk with him about the quandary she is in, but instead of telling her what to do; he says she is smart enough to figure out the answer on her own. At the station, Jared, who is worried he might be next on the killer’s list, reveals to Danny that the killer’s name is Tommy Banks and also gives Danny his address. Tommy’s apartment is stormed, but he isn’t there. The building supervisor informs Danny that Sherry, Tommy’s girlfriend, used to come around once in a while, but he doesn’t have any details on her.

Erin meets up with Amanda once again and tries to talk about the oversight. Amanda maintains that she did the right thing because the evidence she overlooked was inconclusive. She feels if the jury saw it they might have let Deveron, a known sexual offender, walk away. Erin doesn’t seem convinced by her argument, but says nothing. In the night at home, Danny and Linda have a huge argument about Dean and they both feel that the other was wrong in the way they behaved. Danny storms out in anger and spends the night at Frank’s. The next day, after he wakes up, Frank gives Danny some relationship advice, saying Linda’s work is as important as his and he has to understand that.

Over dinner, the family discusses Danny’s case and everyone has a different opinion, but Frank refuses to pick sides. After dinner, Frank finds Henry inspecting the car Jamie and Sean have built for the derby. They talk about their past victories and Henry reveals that the Reagans have consistently won because of some modifications he made to the car each year. Frank feels that’s cheating, but Henry counters that all’s fair in derby racing. In the night, Frank calls Jamie to the garage and tells him, how over the years Henry has rigged the car, so the Reagans would keep winning. Frank has decided to level the playing field by modifying the car back to its original state as per the rules of the game.

The next day, Baez gets a lead on Sherry, who she learns is Dean’s sister, and informs Danny about it. At Amanda’s office, Erin arrives and tells her she has to do the right thing, which is why she is going to take the evidence that Amanda overlooked, to a judge for a review. Amanda isn’t too pleased to hear this, but Erin doesn’t care because she knows she is right. Danny arrives at Sherry’s and she reluctantly lets him in. While Danny is talking to Sherry, who feigns ignorance about Tommy’s whereabouts, Tommy, who is hiding in the apartment, begin shooting at him. Danny fires back, but soon exhausts all his bullets. He somehow manages to disarm Tommy and they get into a brawl, which in when Baez arrives, gun in hand, and arrests Tommy.

At Erin’s office, Rachel is called and informed by Amanda and Erin that the evidence that was overlooked earlier is being sent to a judge for review, so she doesn’t have to leave the case. Rachel is happy to hear this and after she leaves, Amanda grudgingly commends Erin for sticking by her principles against all odds. Before walking out, contrary to Erin’s expectations, Amanda tells her that she needs someone like her on the team, who can stop her from doing the wrong thing. After apologizing to each other, Danny and Linda make amends. At the derby, Sean comes in second and everyone except Henry is cool with it. After the race, Frank hands Sean his trophy that he won, when he was kid, saying he deserves it for finishing a clean race. The episode ends at this point.