Devil’s Breath - Recap

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The episode begins with a couple of friends parting ways after leaving a pub. One the way home, one of the men sees a robbery in progress in a convenience store. He has a gun on him, which he quickly removes and sneaks up to the store. Inside, the robbers, oblivious to his presence, are busy assaulting the customers. While on patrol, Jamie and Cruz are alerted about a robbery. At the store, the guy with the gun, who it turns out is a cop, overpowers the robber and cuffs him. Elsewhere, Danny and Baez arrive at a scene, where cops have detained a guy covered in blood, who claims he doesn’t know where the blood came from.

The guy says he is from Pennsylvania and came to NY just yesterday. He says the last thing he remembers being in his hotel. They walk him to his hotel, which is right across the street. At the scene of the robbery, Jamie realizes that the cop, who took down the robber, has had a few drinks, so he slips him a couple of mints. From a distance, his superior sees that and questions them both. Officer Grasso, who took down the robber, reluctantly admits that he had a few drinks because he was a colleague’s retirement party. Jamie’s superior on learning this, calls the IAB to the scene, so they can do a breathalyzer test. Jamie tries to reason with his superior that Grasso wasn’t on duty, but he refuses to pay heed to Jamie’s reasoning.

Garrett calls Frank and informs him about the issue. He tells Frank he is on his way to the scene, adding they may have a situation on their hands. Danny and Baez return to the guy’s hotel room with him and see a woman lying dead on the bed with blood all over her clothes. The guy is shocked at the sight and tells the duo she is his girlfriend. He says he had come to NY to propose to her. The next day at his office, Frank and Garrett talk about Officer Grasso, whose blood alcohol level was found to be higher than permissible limit. The media is making an issue about how a drunken officer pulled out his gun to catch a robber and so are certain other organizations.

Garrett forewarns Frank that there will be a department hearing about this issue and wants Frank to let the matter go through the proper channels. Frank feels Grasso did nothing wrong, but he reluctantly concurs with Garrett. At the hospital, Carter, the guy with the amnesia, is questioned by Danny and Baez about Madeline, his girlfriend. He tells them he was at a bar waiting for his girlfriend last night, when a woman called Lacey walked up to him. She was in her 20s and because she didn’t want anyone hitting on her, she requested that he allow her to sit with him. He did and says he doesn’t remember anything after that. He assures the duo he doesn’t do drugs, when Baez questions him if he does.

The duo tells Carter that they can’t file any charges against him for now because they haven’t investigated the matter. Before they leave, Carter with tears in his eyes urges the duo to find out who did this. Erin gets a call from Nicky’s school principal, saying she wants to meet Erin. Erin wonders what the reason could be. At home, Frank and Jamie talk about the Grasso issue. They both conclude Grasso did the right thing and should in fact be rewarded for his bravery. At school, Erin is told by the principal that Nicky has called for a sit-in to protest against the school searching student lockers without permission. The principal says Nicky will be suspended if she doesn’t call off the sit-in and apologize.

At the bar, Danny asks the bartender about Carter. She tells him that a blonde did approach Carter and the two left together, after a while. At the precinct, Baez and Danny’s go through Carter’s blood reports and learn he had a drug in his system, which is a much stronger version of roofies. It makes people do things that they normally wouldn’t do in their senses and afterwards, the memory of what they did while they were drugged is completely wiped out. The street name of the drug for this very reason is “Devil’s Breath”. At his office, Frank has a talk with Grasso’s wife, who wants to know, why Frank is not speaking up for her husband, when he knows her husband did the right thing.

At the hearing, Jamie tries to speaks up for Grasso, but is also forced to admit that he did pass Grasso a couple of breath mints, when he smelled alcohol on his breath. At the precinct, Danny and Baez after checking the systems learn that there were 3 complaints filed in the last 3 months by 3 men, saying they were drugged and then robbed. They decide to talk to Richard Young, one of the victims, who lives in NY. Erin has a talk with Nicky about the issue at school and asks her to do as the principal says. Nicky is mad, saying she was always told to stand up for her principles and now when she is doing that she is being told to back off.

Danny and Baez learn from Richard Young that Lacey works at a strip club called “Scores”. Danny and Baez arrive at the strip club and arrest Lacey, who was about to leave in a cab. At the precinct, Lacey tells Erin that she went with Carter to his room, where his girlfriend arrived a little later. She was mad on seeing Lacey there and began pushing him, which is when he removed a knife and stabbed her. She didn’t call 911 because she was afraid that the murder would be pinned on her. Carter is placed under arrest based on Lacey’s testimony. At the family dinner, they all talk about the Grasso case and they all have varying viewpoints.

After dinner, Frank and Erin talk about Nicky’s issue. The next day at work, Danny tells Baez he isn’t convinced Carter is guilty. He feels Lacey is lying and probably has an accomplice, who helps her with the robberies. Danny goes back to the strip club and in Lacey’s locker she sees a photo of Lacey with the bartender of the bar, where Carter had picked up Lacey. Danny had talked to the bartender earlier, which is why he immediately recognizes her. He calls up Baez and tells her this. At his office, Frank tells Garrett that he wants to hold a press conference regarding the Grasso issue.

At school, Erin stands up for her daughter against the principal by pointing out to her that because Nicky is protesting outside the school property and after schools hours, she has the right to do so. At the precinct, playing some mind games, Danny gets Lacey to confess that she and the bartender killed Carter’s girlfriend because she had walked in on them robbing Carter. Danny then tells a distraught Carter, what really happened. At the press conference, Frank lauds Grasso’s actions, saying he is proud to serve alongside an officer like him. He says Grasso will be given 30 days suspension and one year probation, but will keep his job. The episode ends at this point.