The Bitter End - Recap

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The episode begins with Cruz and Jamie arriving at the projects, where Cruz grew up. They received a 911 call about a woman on a roof and are there to check it out. While heading to the roof, they see on one of the floors a bunch of guys messing around with a mentally impaired kid. They ask the kid to go home and warn the guys to lay it off. One guy refuses to back down, so Jamie makes him. At Erin’s office, Valerie, one of her clients arrives. She has been mugged by a gang, but tells Erin that she is scared and hence doesn’t want to testify against them.

Erin understands, but says she can’t take her case unless she is willing to testify. She asks Valerie to think about it and then give her a call if she changes her mind. Frank arrives at her office a while later. He isn’t happy that her office is turning down genuine cases just because there isn’t enough evidence. Erin tries to argue, saying it’s complicated. Frank counters, that doing the right thing shouldn’t be complicated. Cruz and Jamie arrive on the roof of the building and see a woman named Nonie standing on the ledge with her baby. Nonie tells them that her husband is in a gang and is a monster.

She feels her baby too will grow up to be one. Jamie and Cruz try to assure her that they will get her out of the projects. She refuses to believe them, saying there is no other way out, but to die. She then steps off the ledge with her baby, before the duo can stop her. Danny and Baez arrive at the scene. Danny is told by Cruz that the whole place is run by a gang named Los Lordes. While they are chatting, San Santana, the gang leader of Los Lordes, walks up to Danny and makes some gesture, before walking away. Cruz explains that Santana is letting them know, who the boss around here is. At the precinct, Danny sees Nonie’s file and recalls that Nonie was a witness in a double homicide.

She and her sister had witnessed their parents getting gunned down, when they were kids. Danny and Baez get a lead about Ricky Krepps, the father of Nonie’s child. Danny concludes they might find Ricky, who is presently underground, at the projects today because it’s Nonie and her son’s wake. At Frank’s office, Garrett and Erin come up with a plan to convince the mayor to change the way the DA’s office is presently working. Frank isn’t convinced about the plan, but plays along. At the wake, Danny sneaks Nona, Nonie’s sister, aside to have a talk with her. He tells her that Nonie jumped because she didn’t want her son growing up to be a monster like Ricky.

Nona refuses to believe that and tells Danny she isn’t willing to help a cop. Danny realizes Nona is still bitter because she remembers him from the time her parents were killed. Before walking away, Nona taunts Danny, reminding him, how he had promised to protect her and her sister, right after their parents’ death. Nona goes and warns Santana about Danny, who in turn warns Ricky that the cops are looking for him. Ricky rushes out to his car and drives away. Danny chases after him in Jamie’s car. While chasing Ricky, Jamie says he was waiting outside in his car because he thought Danny might need some backup. After a brief car chase, they manage to nab Ricky.

Over dinner, Frank has a talk with a woman, who is an office bearer in the city council and is close to the mayor. He wants her to convince the mayor to change the way how the DA’s office works. She agrees, but in return wants Frank to endorse her, when she runs for the mayor’s office. Frank isn’t comfortable doing that, so she turns down Frank’s request. At the precinct, Danny tells Ricky that he is to blame for Nonie stepping off the ledge with her son. Ricky doesn’t believe that and says Nonie jumped because she was crazy. Danny appeals to the father in him, asking him to help take down Santana and the Los Lordes gang for the sake of his son. He tells Ricky that if he helps it would mean his baby boy didn’t die for nothing.

At the mayor’s office, Frank tries to convince the mayor to get the DA’s to change his approach. The mayor refuses, saying he can’t interfere with how a public official works. While staking out outside a bar from where Santana runs his operations, Danny and Baez see Nona getting in Santana’s car with a bag in hand. They conclude she is going to make a drop and follow the vehicle. Their chase brings them to a deserted area near the docks. The duo steps out and is immediately surrounded by Santana and his men. Danny realizes it’s set up. Santana tells Danny to stay out of his business, warning him of dire consequences if he doesn’t.

Danny pays no heed to his warning and instead tells Santana that he will take him down. Santana and his men walk away after declaring war on Danny and the NYPD. While the family is sitting down for dinner, Jamie and Cruz are chasing down a guy, who has snatched a woman’s purse. The guy runs into the projects. After entering the projects, Jamie and Cruz see that the whole place is deserted. Jamie immediately realizes it’s a setup and warns Cruz that they should get out of there. Before the can leave, someone begins firing at them. Jamie takes cover, but Cruz is shot. Jamie calls for backup and somehow drags Cruz, who is bleeding and is badly injured, to safety. Cruz passes away in Jamie’s arms before help arrives.

At Frank’s office, the mayor arrives and after offering his condolences, he tells Frank that he has gotten the DA to change his policy. The mayor agrees with Frank that places like the projects, where crime is growing, can only be controlled if criminals are convicted even if people are afraid to testify against them. Frank then pays a public homage to Cruz, saying his killers need to be brought to justice. He adds that the law has to also win the trust of the good hardworking people of the projects, who are living under the tyranny of a criminal few.

Next, a whole bunch of armed NYPD cops along with Danny and Baez arrive outside a coffee shop from which Santana is walking out. Danny walks up to Santana and tells him that the war is on. The episode ends at this point.