This Way Out - Recap

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The scene opens with Danny upset that Cruz is dead. Baez wants to know what they are going to do and Danny says that they are going to do something. Frank talks to Mayor Poole and Poole says that Frank has to meet him at the Bitterman projects to talk to the crowd of angry residents. Frank is not happy about this at all. Danny goes to a bar and Nona, Santana’s girlfriend tells Danny that he needs to leave. Danny says that he knows that she texted Santana that he is there. She warns him again. Santana comes in and asks Danny what he is doing there. Danny and Baez tell Santana that they have to search them for weapons and find that one of the gang members has a gun. Santana tells Danny to talk to Frank of what he should do when dealing with him. Danny is about to lose it on him, but Baez tells him that they have one of them. They leave.

Frank and Poole meet with the residents of the Bitterman projects and they are upset that the NYPD doesn’t make any arrests. They say that the violence doesn’t stop. Frank tries to tell the residents that every time they try, they never help by giving the name of the person. They get loud and Poole stands up to try to calm them down. One of the residents fires a gun at Poole and he goes down. Henry gets off the phone and tells Jamie, Danny and Erin that Frank is alright, but Poole is in the hospital. They see a news report of the shooter, Hector Santiago, and Jamie recognizes him as a kid Cruz used to babysit. He says that he isn’t right in the head. Danny feels that they were actually aiming for Frank and goes into work. Henry says that they need to go to church and pray, but Jamie doesn’t think that is the right thing to do because God is not going to help them now.

Frank goes to the hospital and Garrett tells him that Poole is paralyzed from the waist down right now and they are prepping him for surgery. Poole, before going into surgery, tells Frank to repair relationships in the Bitterman Projects regardless of what happened today. At the precinct, Danny talks to the gang member in lock-up. He tells Danny that he has to go to the bathroom, but Danny doesn’t believe him. Danny tries to get him to give him answers and the guy pees himself. Danny asks why he won’t tell the truth about the other things and the guy says that he can’t turn on his gang because he has family. Danny goes outside and tells Baez that they have to get Santana. Frank sees Ms. Newhouse taking the oath as acting Mayor. Newhouse tells him that Frank needs to join her at the Press Conference. She tells Frank that they need to bring in everyone. She needs shock and awe, but Frank says that they need evidence. She doesn’t care and Frank says that he is a Commissioner for the people, not her.

Jamie and Renzulli go to Hector’s mother and tell her that they want to help Hector. However, his mother doesn’t want anything to do with them. One of the residents tells them that he will see them to the elevator. He tells Jamie and Renzulli that the radio calms Hector down. He says that half the people in the room are tied to the gang. They thank him for the help. At the station, Danny shows Baez and the Sergeant that there is a schedule of calls that should go to Santana. They can track Santana this way. Jamie meets with two detectives Crowley and Jones and he sees that the detectives have been beating him up.

Frank is told that Hector hasn’t said anything and Frank says that they need to stay legal with this. Danny waits with Baez and follows Santana. They lose him when a semi-truck pulls in front of them. Erin and Jamie go to see Frank and Jamie tells him that Crowley and Jones are beating up Hector or allowing it to happen. Frank thanks him for the information. Danny and Baez catch up to Santana’s car, but find that Nona is driving it. She tells them that she dropped off Santana. Danny asks if he can search the car and she tells him to get a warrant.

Jamie goes to talk to Hector and has him listen to the radio. He tries to get Hector to say who told him to shoot at the Mayor and he isn’t listening. One of the detectives tells Jamie that he is going out for some air and Hector recites the weather report he just heard verbatim. Jamie asks what the gang member looked like and they eventually realize that it was Orlando, Santana’s foot soldier, who told Hector to shoot. Baez returns with the warrant and Danny finds a bunch of drugs in the door of the car. They go to the bar and find Santana there. Danny tells him to take the fall for the drugs rather than Nona. He doesn’t agree and tells them that they have nothing on him. Santana says that Danny was supposed to protect Nona. Later that evening, Danny calls the jail where Nona is staying at finds out that Nona was stabbed in the back and ribs, but she is alive.

Baez tells Danny that the inmate who stabbed Nona received a call that told her to “take care of Nona”. Danny tells Nona this and she agrees to help Danny in bringing down Santana. Frank visits Poole in the hospital and he tells him that they have everything to take down Santana and the rest of the gang. Frank sends a bunch of force to the Bitterman Projects and has them arrest 47 members and associates of the gang, including Santana. Frank at this time is giving a Press Conference. He gives the credit to Mayor Poole. Later that day, the Reagan family has dinner and Henry tells Jamie that God hears them, they just need to listen. Linda tells the family that they are going to on vacation and says that the house next to them is for rent. She tells them that they come with them on vacation. They agree. The season ends.