Family Limitation - Recap

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One of the ward bosses is making the weekly collections, and takes a
moment to cross off what's done and sees who's next. A young man
approaches him and deliberately antagonizes him. He spits in the boss'
face and runs. When the boss gives chase, he is attacked by a thug and
the money bag is taken.

Nuck and Lucy are in post-coital bliss, but Lucy sounds awfully needy.
She plays tiger, and opens up Nuck's chest with her nails. He goes in
the bathroom to take care of the damage she did.

Margaret arrives at the Temperance League headquarters to ask advice.
Somebody wants to make her a kept woman, she'd rather not give his name.
After giving Margaret a personal history lesson, she advises her to do
as she sees fit; she owes nobody else any explanation. As Margaret gets
up to leave, she is given a pamphlet on family planning.

Jillian is in bed with Lucky Luciano. He suggest she call in sick for
work that night. She asks if he ever gets tired, and he says she is the
first woman that put any lead in his pencil in a very long time. The
ringing phone interrupts their kissing. It's Rothstein. Charlie doesn't
want to talk, he tells Arnold he's with Jimmy's wife. Rothstein tells
him he's not, actually. He's with Jimmy's mother.

The ward boss who was mugged is in Nucky's office, reporting how he lost
that week's take. Eli asks if the men who did this were from his ward,
and he says no, he knows everybody. He says maybe next ward over, as
they had a dago look. Nuck asks what look is that, and the boss answers
"Feeble-minded." He swears to Nuck that "if there's a nickle of your
money in a nun's cooze, we'll shake it loose." Nuck tells him we just
need to let Eli handle it, and he should put a steak on that goose egg
on his forehead.

Nuck is concerned that the robbery took place on the boardwalk, in broad
daylight. 100 yards from his suite. While discussing the case, Nuck
asks if Luciano is still around. He gives Eli 3-1 odds that he's either
behind this, or knows who is. Eli says he's too busy with his other fish
to fry. Nuck tells him to fry them, already; he doesn't want anything
like this happening ever again.

Eddie knocks on the door repeatedly, but they don't hear him. He has a
message from Mayor Frank Hague, Jersey City. He's been at a hotel for
several nights, and he does not wish to spend many more. Unless Nuck
sees him soon - Eddie can't remember the rest, and reads it verbatim.
"There are many roads to Rome, but there will be only one through New
Jersey." Nuck tells Eddie to set up a dinner, then Eli to bring in Luciano.

Jimmy is playing a knife game for entertainment. Al asks him what he's
doing, and Jimmy challenges him to play five-finger fillet. Al passes
because Johnny is coming up. Jimmy sticks the knife back in his boot and
covers it with his pants leg. Torrio has a bad tooth and a temper to
match. He tells Al Capone to go clean his car. When Al leaves, Jimmy
tries to talk some sense into him. He says they should talk to the
Greeks, come to an understanding.

Van Alden has company in the form of his superiors. He's still holed up
at the Post Office, since he's Federal and so are they. He hands over
his report to-date. It states the he places Enoch Thompson at the head
of a criminal organization in Atlantic County. He doesn't have enough
evidence to take to the DA. Nelson was going to ask for funding to
continue the investigation. His boss cuts him off but he says that a
capital crime is in the file. He's referring to the truck heist. His
superior tells him to get to work, they need numbers. He asks why Van
Alden pulled the widow Schroeder's immigration papers, she's got nothing
to do with crime in Atlantic City.

Nucky and Margaret are in bed together. She asks if he gives all the
widows new flats. He says he helps out where he can. She sees the
injuries on his chest and he tells her it was a hunting accident.
Margaret wants to know who was hunting whom.

When she goes in the bathroom, she reads the pamphlet on preventing
pregnancy. It tells her to douche with Lysol.

Al has Jimmy over for dinner. He told his girlfriend and mother that
Pearl was a waitress who was hit by a streetcar. They're going to have
to talk to the driver, make sure he's more careful in the future. He
winks at Jimmy. He asks how many eggs Jimmy wants, and he says one. So
Al gives him three. Jimmy tries to talk to Al's son, but gets no
response. He tests him while the family is cleaning up a dinner
accident, and Al sees him. Jimmy realizes that the boy is deaf.

Lucy is shopping where Margaret works. She acts as though she knows
what's up now with Margaret and Nucky. She asks to have Margaret try on
underwear for her. Margaret frowns, but follows Lucy to the fitting
area. She strips completely before Lucy, who asks why she doesn't wear a
bra. Margaret doesn't like them, they're uncomfortable. Lucy tells her
she needs to try again, as she's saggy. It's obvious she's had children.
Lucy tells her she looks like the kitchen help, and Margaret retorts
that HE doesn't seem to mind. Lucy tells her she doesn't know very much.
She goes on to say that sometimes Nucky is afraid he's going to go to
hell, but all she has to do is pout and flash her crotch. Margaret tells
her a story to indicate that Lucy is a one-trick pony, and promptly
quits her job.

Margaret and the children move to their new home, with Eddie's
assistance. He tells them where everything is, and prepares to leave.
Margaret asks if Nuck is nice, and Eddie says yes, he is a very nice man.

Nuck calls Lucky Luciano a greasy cocksucker. Lucky calls him on it, and
he says he treats people as gentlemen, until they prove otherwise.
Lucky, on the other hand, has proven that he's a thieving little prick
that shows up where he doesn't belong. Lucky's boss, Rothstein, tried to
lift $100,000 out of Nuck's pocket. Lucky says Rothstein doesn't see it
that way. Eli adds his two cents - Rothstein doesn't run this town. No,
Lucky agrees. What he DOES run is New York. Eli asks him if he likes the
view here, and he says he likes the view between that geisha's legs.
Nuck asks if he's referring to Jillian Darmody, and when he answers in
the affirmative, Nuck slaps him upside the head. Lucky dives for a
weapon on the table, and Eli takes him down before he can do any damage.
While he holds Lucky with a baton to his throat, Nucky tells him he will
treat Jillian with the utmost respect.

Nuck addresses Luciano as Charles, and is corrected to Lucky. Nuck
informs him that everything his eye beholds, belongs to Nuck. If you
steal from his men, you steal from him. He says Lucky should tell the
pack of guineas he came down here with, and tell his boss in New York -
Lucky interrupts to say he doesn't know what Nuck is talking about, and
he in turn is interrupted by a knock at the door. Eddie wants him to
know that Mrs. Schroeder is very happy with her accommodations. Nuck
tells Lucky he is free to leave. Before leaving, Lucky thanks Nuck for
showing him how it's done here.

Jimmy drops Angela a line. He's sending her money. A woman comes in to
see if he wants some company, but he turns her down. She drops off a
book of Pearl's. 'Free Air', by Sinclair Lewis. The bookmark is from
California, where they were going to run away together.

Van Alden arrives at Margaret's old house, but it's empty. The neighbor,
Mrs. Mower, tells him that she's moved. A blue limousine pulled up and
carted away her and her kids. He asks if there's anything else she can
tell him, and Mrs. Mower says yes; Margaret's a whore.

Charlie Sheridan is talking to a coat check girl. Johnny Torrio, Al and
Jimmy arrive. He has his men pat them down. They're clean, as ordered.
However, the men they are meeting are packing heat. Sheridan says they
wouldn't have made it in the front door if he wanted them dead.

At the meeting, he apologizes for the ruckus but says Charlie Sheridan
ain't the type to take a threat lying down. He insults Pearl, and says
the man Jimmy beat up has a ruined jaw and can't eat solids for another
month. Torrio thinks they should declare the entire situation an
unfortunate series of misunderstandings. Sheridan agrees, and apologizes
about the girl. Jimmy thinks Liam should apologize for slashing Pearl.
Johnny says it is all over and buried. They start talking business, but
when Jimmy crosses his legs, they can see the knife he shoved in his
boot and forgot about. Sheridan puts the knife to Jimmy's throat.
Sheridan considers cutting Jimmy's throat with it, and next time he'll
remember. He keeps the knife, and they all have a drink.

As they're leaving, Sheridan asks what happened to the blond. The
redhead says she's on coffee break. As she hands Jimmy his coat, she
nods at him. He nods back, grabs the gun in his coat, and opens fire, as
does Al. Jimmy waves Al and Johnny out. He returns to Sheridan and says
"I think you'd agree that Greek town belongs to us now", and shoots
Sheridan dead. Before leaving, he takes his knife back.

Nuck is getting dressed, and Margaret kisses her way south in thanks.
The phone rings, and Nuck takes the call. It's business, he has to go.
He invites her to see a magic show that night. It's Houdini's brother.
She's looking forward to it.

Johnny thinks Jimmy is amazing. They're celebrating the day's events. Al
looks a little put out that Jimmy is getting all the attention. Al goes
to give him a toast, but turns it into an insult fest at Jimmy's
expense. Jimmy returns the favor by revealing the fact that Al lied
about his military service. The Lost Battalion. "He got so lost, he
thought Brooklyn was in France."

Mayor Hague and Nuck have their dinner meeting. Nuck hopes they can come
to an agreement about the road appropriations money. He invites himself
along to see Houdini after dinner.

Jimmy gets a knock at the door by somebody who refuses to speak. He
grabs his gun and asks again; no response. He's against the wall with a
gun pointed at Al. He came bearing steaks. Jimmy invites him in and asks
him if he wants a drink. Al says when he drinks, he gets stupid, and
runs off at the mouth. He tells Jimmy that the things he said made him
look bad. As he's leaving, Al says that his boy, Sonny, is deaf. Jimmy
says he knows. Al should take him to the doctor. Al says they can't help
him, it's something in the blood. He'll play the mandolin and sing to
him, put Sonny's hands on his vocal chord. He can feel it, but doesn't
know what it is. Jimmy tells him medicine is finding new things every
day, so keep at it. Al makes a joke to change the subject. What's a flat
beer and Sheridan have in common? No head! He cracks himself up, and leaves.

Nuck and Hague listen to a topless woman play the ukelele. They come to
an agreement about the road funds, but Hague refuses to shake on it. He
shares some very interesting information. He tells Nuck he shouldn't
back Hedge because the man is a silent partner in a paving company. Nuck
asks why he's been given this information. Hague says politicians come
and go, but bosses, like them, are here to stay.

Margaret is reading to her children before she goes out. The babysitter
tells her she takes care of most of the "young ladies" children. She
takes a call from Eddie saying that he won't be picking her up, because
he has business to attend to. A lady across the way brings her child
over so that Margaret's babysitter can do double duty. She says that all
the young women in the area are 'concubines'.

Van Alden is going over Margaret's folder again. He touches her face in
a picture of her that was taken when she was 16. He puts out his cigarette.

Mayor Hague is having a wonderful time with two young men while Nuck
chats with the topless ukelele players. He tells her he tries to be
good, and she tells him it's too late to be good. Margaret sits by the
silent phone.

Van Alden puts his wife's picture face down and gets out a whip. He
self-flagellates over his feelings for Margaret. His back is already
heavily scarred. He moans and grunts as he beats himself.