Ourselves Alone - Recap

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Margaret descends the stairs, still dressed in her pink nightgown. Her housekeepers; Katie, Pauline and Gillian await her arrival at the bottom with disturbing news. Nucky had been arrested for “Election Fraud.” Margaret reads the story in the paper, and asks for the women’s prediction. They ask whether she was talking about Nucky or the weather, she asked for the weather and promptly told the ladies how to dress the children, the ladies then ask Margaret if she still plans on hosting dinner that night, Margaret quickly tells the ladies to take the carpet outside and beat it, for the guests that would be arriving that night. Margaret seems unaffected by the news. She quietly walks into the parlor and places a call. She is told that Nicky’s arrest has caused chaos in their offices and was hung up upon. Margaret curiously asks one of the housekeepers what kind of coat she wears.

A dusty brown uniformed police officer walks over to a jail cell. He rests for a moment and Nucky begins talking, explaining to Chalky the situation he has gotten himself into. Chalky was arrested for his own well-being. After killing a white man in a Klu Klux Klan robe and hood. The entire white population wanted him to be hanged. Nucky pleads with Chalky to “be patient.” Chalky still upset, and wrongfully imprisoned listens to Nucky and smokes his cigarette but does not care about what he has to say.

In New York Jimmy is attempting to sell Chalkys’ liquor to Mr. Rothstein. Despite Mr. Rothsteins relationship with Nucky, Mr. Rothstein listens. He does not seem interested. Mr. Rothstein tells Jimmy how impressed he is with his offer. Although he isn’t interested, he does like his arrogance and as a nice gesture will not tell Nucky that he had put this offer in front of him. Jimmy and Mr. Rothstiens associate exit the office. Upon exiting Mr. Rothsteins associate asks Jimmy to come and meet him later. He has a “friend” that may be more interested in what Jimmy has to say.

A straight razor advances up Nuckys’ cheek, shaving cream applied like a beard. Nucky shaving himself over a bronze bowl, assistant at his side handing him a towel. His lawyer going over what was going on and had been discussed. Solomon, the state’s attorney was going to attempt to put Nucky in prison and the police may be involved and try to help them. There are also two unknown people who are going to turn states witnesses. Nucky’s assistant tells him that Margaret had been informed of his arrest. He also noticed the people were going through his possessions in his office. Touching them in ways he did not like. He could not stop them.

Margaret now stands in the foyer of Nucky’s office. People moving chaotically, just as she was told. She asks the men standing in the parlor if one of them is Mr. Thompson. They tell her no, The man standing in the center introduces himself as Attorney Solomon and he tells her Mr. Thompson had been arrested, she should seek help somewhere else. She feigns pregnant and asks to use the rest room, Mr. Solomon’s assistant takes her to the restroom.

Nucky now standing at the top of the police station stairs, addresses the reporters awaiting his arrival. He begins with a joke and then another. He then boldly accuses the charges brought against him of being jokes also. He walks to his escort leaving the reports questioning behind him. Eli is now meeting with The Commadore. They are meeting to figure out a way to get rid of Nucky and get his alcohol. They want full control of Atlantic City. The Commodore had proven himself the strongest person in their meeting and was preparing to take action.

Meanwhile in jail Chalky meets a person in the cell across him, Dunn Pernsley. Mr. Pernsley does not know who “Chalky White” is and is not impressed. A white prisoner forces Chalky into the same jail cell as Dunn Pernsley. Pernsley just stands there smiling, waiting to bully what he believes is a weaker person. Nucky walks into another of his offices, he greets the secretary and asks her to arrange his Ward heads and The Mayor to come and meet him, he also requests a florist. Back at his house his housekeepers are busily getting ready for their dinner party that night. Margaret dictating orders to them begins walking towards the door. Flowers were brought in and placed on the table in front of her. She reads the card to herself, her son then comes bursting in yelling playfully. He has a hammer in his hand and Margaret notices. She takes the hammer and scolds him for playing with something so dangerous. There is a “Knock” at the door, the hammer in her hand. She opens it and there stands an Irish man in a suit and coat. He asks to view where they were to be having dinner that night claiming that it was his job. To ensure the path for his boss was clear before he got there. She tells him he has nothing to worry about; their house was safe enough for children. He brings up the hammer that she had in her hand as she opened the door for him. Margaret steps aside and lets the man in.

Back at jail Pernsley is starting trouble with everybody in his cell, everyone in the cell remains silent. He turns his attention back to Chalky. Threatens to rape his wife. When chalky replies Pernsley very arrogantly pretends to be joking and walks into the corner of the cell. Nucky’s meeting with the mayor is taking place at the same time. Nucky asks the Mayor if he had been approached by anybody asking questions. Ed says “No” and Nucky tells him to be careful, the people that show up to help him out today will be remembered. The Commodores men are arguing amongst their selves, Nucky is very powerful and they are reluctant to do as they are told, even though they know they have to do it.

Jimmy, now meeting with Charley (Mr. Rothsteins associate) and Charley’s friend finds that despite his own arrogance; they are interested in doing business with him. The catch: If they buy liquor from him, he has to buy heroin from them. In the Thompson house Mr. Slater is still conducting his examination of their; Nucky and Margaret’s house. Margaret asks about Mr. Slater’s past and his position with Mr. McGarrigle. Nucky now back at his normal office, checks the hiding spaces for his “cooked books” they are empty, his assistant interrupts him Damien Flemming was there to speak to him. Damien tells Nucky that The Commodore was planning something and he could not stop it. The phone rings and Eli’s threatening voice begins, “All alone, big brother? How’s it feel?” Nucky asks Eli to tell him what is happening, he will give him a chance. Eli sounding unwavering tells Nucky that “Nobody takes power…somebody else has to give it to them.” Eli then hangs up. The Commodore was standing right behind him, he toasts Eli for “A good twist of the knife”. He then introduces Eli to the “People that made this city.”

Dunn Pernsley snidely asks Chalky; How Tom Sawyer is doing. Chalky points to the picture on the right page of his book. He explains that the woman in the picture had just talked to “Tom Sawyer” and they had a very nice chat, she then went and played the piano pictured at the bottom. It was obvious to Pernsley now, that Chalky can’t read. Pernsley points to a word and asks Chalky what it said, Chalky tells him to get his finger out of his face. Now Pernsley is very angry, he indigently rips the book out of Chalkys hands and throws it to the other side of the cell. Chalky begins to ask the people around the cell how they were doing, every one of them thanked him for something Chalky had done; For them. Everybody in the cell knew Chalky White, except Dunn Pernsley. Pernsley being a bully left with no options turned his back to Chalky, drew a breath and clutched his fist. He swings at Chalky, the men in the cell are prepared. Catching Pernsleys hand before it hits Chalkys face, Chalky lightly smiles. The men in the cell force Pernsley back and wrap a pillow case around his neck. They suspend him among the cell bars and beat him unconscious finally kicking his teeth out to end the altercation. “Dunn Pernsley be done” Chalky spoke, as he was handed back his book. Chalky then asks if any of his cell mates know their “letters” a boy speaks up and Chalky hands him to book. The boy begins to read aloud.

At the Thompson house, Mr. McGarrigle sits and looks down at his plate. Small chatting with Margaret. Explaining to her the British rule over Ireland. Mr. Thompson arrives and excuses his lateness. He then asks to eat before discussing business. Jimmy now stands at a bars’ back door. He checks his boot knife, and places his hand on his waste. He begins walking through the park, cigarette in hand. When he is approached, a man with a gun and his partner, the man with the gun tells Jimmy he only wants the “jack” Jimmy tells him its Rothsteins game, he has no problem with the man’s boss. The man gun butts Jimmy and begins to strip him of his weapons. Jimmy takes his knife and stabs the man checking him for weapons. He then turns to the man with the gun and quickly and effortlessly slits his throat. Pushes him into a nearby fountain and stabs him in the back to ensure he is dead.

Mr. McGarrigle now discussing business with Nucky tells him he needs guns and money to fight off the British rule in Ireland, Nucky writes him a check and they continue to discuss their problems. Before leaving Mr. McGarrigle tells Nucky that his bodyguard will be staying in The States now and asks him to help him.

After their dinner with McGarrigle; Margaret shows Nucky what she had done while she was at his office. Margaret had taken Nucky’s ledgers and account book. She advised Nucky to keep his affairs in his memory and reminded him to never leave a trail. Margaret proceeded to walk Nuckys “cooked books” over towards the glowing fireplace. She placed them in, and the fire slowly engulfed them.