A Dangerous Maid - Recap

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Hug your children; hug your wife, everybody’s doing it. Red painted windows, cracked and bubbled. Happy families separated by old pale blue walls, covered in vinyl white flowers. Shingles protect the walls from the outside as we pass by. Music is playing in the background, an old familiar tune. We come to Agent Van Alden who is sitting down to breakfast. His table, nearly empty. As he places his hands together and begins to pray. Lucy Danziger interrupts his prayers as she says “It’s kicking again” Agent Van Alden tells her that there is a baby in her stomach, not an “It”.

In their garden Nucky and Margaret are talking. Nucky is still in his robe, he tells Margaret everything will be “fine”. He assures her that they “are fine” Margaret looks down at the mail in her hand. There is a letter addressed to her; it’s from The Pinkerton National Detective Agency, in New York. Back in the Commodores sitting room, the Commodore, Eli, and Jimmy are meeting with Bill McCoy an alcohol supplier. They would like him to sell to them, so Nucky would begin to lose his grip. Captain McCoy gets angry at the Commodore for his mutiny; and finishes his drink. Before he leaves McCoy is reminded of the lighthouse donated by the Commodore and, the Commodore is reminded that Captain McCoy is the one supplying the liquor. McCoy with his jacket over his arm, places his drink on the table and hastily exit. The Commodore then decides to call the Coast Guard. He tells Jimmy to get on the phone and to get in contact with Tony Dennehy.

The elevator in Nuckys office chimes as it reaches Nuckys offices’ floor. The doors open and Eddie begins apologizing. He was sorry because a person had let themself in and was waiting for Nucky in his office. As Nucky enters his office, he sees a man standing there, back turned peering out the windows in front of him. The man turns around and introduces himself as Al Capone. He apologizes for “barging in” but Torrio in Chicago does not want to buy liquor from Nucky anymore. It is not due to Nucky’s recent arrest. They have found a new seller “some jews across the lake,” in Canada. Capone puts money on Nuckys desk, a gesture of good will. Nucky tells Capone no thank you for the money, they chat for a moment and Mr. Capone puts the envelope in his pocket and leaves. Lucy is still sitting board in Mr. Van Alden’s apartment when the door bell, buzzes. She has a visitor. They have a drink and a smoke as Lucy rubs her pregnant belly. Trying to make the best of her bad situation. They chat for a while, she craves the entertainment.

A black car pulls up to a cream colored house and Jimmy steps out and begins walking towards the front door. He opens the door and walks in, a man is singing in Italian in the background. “Ange?” Jimmy calls as he proceeds through the house and steps into the living room. Al Capone is sitting there playing and singing with his son. Capone gets up and walks over to Jimmy. Pretends to punch him in the gut, they embrace and wrestle. As good friends at the time would. Over tea they talk business and Capone tells Jimmy why he is there. His father died, he was a barber. Al was there to settle his affairs and planned on being on a train back to Chicago that night.

Eli walks into his house and before his bag even touches the ground there is a group of children, running down the hallway. Their arms open to greet him as he gathered his coat. Upstairs his father, bedridden. Eli walks upstairs and into his father’s room to find him reading the newspaper. He was reading about Nucky’s arrest. Eli knelt down beside him, tells him he will need to get out of his dirty clothes and get some rest if he had intended on helping him. Eli and Mr. Thompson are talking. Mr. Thompson tells Eli, that he is smart and tough enough to get through the arrest, but his brother ELI has no idea what he was doing. Eli closes his eyes in the midst of his father’s confusion, breathing deep as he evaluates his fathers misguided insult. He was having trouble telling Eli and Nucky apart.

Margaret, is now lying in bed going through paper clipped identification cards. With no expression on her face she thumbs through a few and brings near the letter from the Pinkerton National Detective Agency. They are writing to inform her that; the people for whom she was looking may have been found. The Rohan family of the of County Kerry, Ireland. Had arrived in Brooklyn, New York, on the sailing ship Ulua. Downstairs the door opens and Nucky walks in, he takes off his overcoat and hands it to the maid, Margaret hearing Nucky coming quickly hides the documents and letter and pulls out a book. She pretends to read. Nucky tells Margaret that Chalky will have his bail posted soon and asks why she does not look so good. He knows something is wrong. She is hesitant; she does not want to bother him he is in enough trouble. Nucky wants to help, he appreciates her. She tells him that her family has arrived in Brooklyn, her brothers and sisters. Nucky noticing the telephone number on the bottom of the letter, asks Margaret what she is going to do, she doesn’t know. She and her family did not part ways under the best circumstances. Nucky then fills her head with thoughts of Paris, but she seems content right there next to him.

Jimmy is now getting a manicure in his dining room. Waves are crashing into the beach behind him. As he talks to the Commodores daughter. They speak of forgiveness and what they may have been. Lucy speaking directly to the camera, reading lines from the play book her friend had left her. She, reading into the mirror in her room is startled when Van Aldan opens the door. He asks what she is doing and asks for the script in her hands. She tells him that her friend Eddie Cantor, stopped by and left it for her to read. Van Aldan begins reading the script and Tells Lucy that her recognizes the name. “A performer” he asks what was discussed. She trembles when she tells him Eddie thought she should try out for it, it was casting in town. Agent Van Aldan asks condescendingly if she wants to be “in this spectacle”, Lucy cry’s “yes!” and he apologizes and tells her it can’t be done. She is carrying a child, and a contractual agreement between the two of them; To not leave until the child is born.

At Nuckys office Damien stands in front of his desk, hat humbly in his hands. Placed neatly at his stomach. Nucky tells Damien that he has to get better at reading people, Damien agrees and Nucky peers at him. Finally after a moment of silence, Nucky tells Damien that he “has to take this call,” Damien apologizes a few times and exits. Nucky picks up the phone and begins to speak to the Attorney General. Does not sound pleased to talk to him, Nucky request that he be repaid for favors done for the Attorney, but he is denied. Harry asks if Nucky and “his gal” would like to come to the White House, Nucky refuses and feels as if he is getting stabbed in the back. He angrily throws the phone across his office.

Meanwhile in New York, Mr. Messeria is meeting with Meyer and Charlie. Mr. Rothstien is arbitrating the meeting. Mr. Messeria’s nephews were the men who got their throats slit under the fountain. They were unaware of Jimmy’s involvement and had to agree to 10% of their table games earnings and a $2,000 dollar reparation, to Mr. Messeria. For the wellbeing of the families of the men killed. Back in Atlantic City, Agent Van Alden walks into Mr. Doyle-Cusik’s wherehouse and pays him for a small envelope, he places the envelope in his pocket and asks Mr. Doyle-Cusic if he thinks “Nucky’s fun?” At the Thompson house Margaret is standing over Katie, instructing her on how to use the phone, Katie is needed to make a call for Margaret. She calls the number given to her in the letter sent by the Pinkerton National Detective Agency. She is told by the people who answer the phone that Mrs. Peggy Rowan is dead; and has been for 12 years. Margaret’s eyes lower to the floor, she puts her head down and walks out of the room.

In another part of the house Nucky is standing in his office, his phone still disassembled, and off the hook on the floor, Eddie notices and begins to pick it up when he is told to “Just leave it” while Eddie is bending over Sleater enters Nucky’s office. He is working at the casino for Mr. Stienmen and feels his “talents” are being misappropriated. Nucky tells Sleater the liquor is coming tonight, Sleater was not there for that. He is there to inform Nucky that he is good at reading newspapers, better yet, he is good at reading the lines in-between. He stops people from doing things. When asked, to explain he replied; “whatever it is you want them to stop doing, sir.” Eddie interrupts them, urgently telling Nucky that Captain McCoy called. The Coast Guard had begun seizing his ships. Margaret is overheard crying by Katie while she tended to her linens.

Lucy now stands out back of Agent Van Aldens apartment building, barefoot. Her toes gripping the edge of the stairs leading to the driveway. Her stomach pushed out in front. Ready to give up and end the life inside of her stomach, She starts to lean forward when a voice asks for a “Mr. Mueller”. She accepts and the man delivers a record player. He then shows her how to use it and the music fills her soul.

Margaret walks down the stairs to see the chamber maids laughing and drinking, she asks to join and tells the ladies to not be so formal, Nucky then walks down and despite being surprised to see Margaret drinking with the chambermaids requests she gets dressed for dinner, He wanted to make her happy, see her smile and take her out. At the restaurant the Governor is eating with Jimmy and the Commodore. They are chit-chatting and enjoying their meals, Nucky walks in with Margaret and their friends. The entire time they are talking about Nucky and his planned incarceration. Nucky orders lobster for Margaret. They are told there is no more lobster, they had just sold out. Nucky’s eyes move to the Commodores table, he sees the lobster in front of him and abruptly gets up. He walks over to their table and flips the entire lobster plate off of it. He threatens and promises to end their work. Tells them that it was their last meal in that restaurant and reminds them that he is serious. He then walks out.

Outback of a warehouse, liquor being loaded and unloaded. Deals are being discussed in the background. Mr. Rothstien is standing next to Jimmy’s friend. The man with half a face, talking about their deal. When Sleater walks around the corner and ends it. He tells the Half faced man that Mr. Thompson will not be buying from these people. He makes sure that Mr. Rothstien understands that. Sleater beats up the men loading the truck when they do not listen to his orders. He asks the man with half of a face why he did not shoot him, and apologetically told him again that they were not buying their liquor. As the Thompsons walk into the house Katie is waiting. Mr. Thompson asks if she could lay out his charcoal pinstriped suit. Katie before walking away grabs Margaret’s arm and tells her she knows… Margaret is Peggy Rowan. Margaret says nothing and peers down at Katie’s hand holding her wrist. She only replies. “That will be all, Katie” and Katie turns and walks away.