What Does the Bee Do? - Recap

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A happy jingle plays over the men working in this warehouse. It takes a lot to bring in all this Hooch. Hustle and bustle, constantly moving, organizing. Jimmy and Mickey move seamlessly through them. Bill McCoy being held by the coast guard has begun to pry the doors open for Jimmy. He should soon be in a position to begin his plans on moving their Alcohol. Through Commodore’s connections. Jimmy walks through a full warehouse and tells Mickey to find some more room for some more liquor. Jimmy then leaves. The warehouse for being so well lit inside is very dark outside. It is surrounded by trees and grass, with only the moon barely lighting the encompassing landscape.

While in the Commodore’s den, lying in a burgundy bed coat with a green, man’s pajama set Louis watches Mrs. Darmody dance for him. She dances very sensually for him, He tells her he did not like her dancing for all of the men that she has. She continues dancing; enticing him, maybe too much. He begins to palpitate, his color begins to drain and his eyes grow dim. He cannot talk. His drink begins to tremble uncontrollably.

At breakfast the Thompson family is enjoying their meal. Sleater shows up and Nucky gets up to greet him. Nucky informs Margaret that Sleater will be his driver now. Sleater jokes “it’s the only way that he can keep on the right side of the road.” Katy laughs a little more and Margaret questions her about it. Katy apologizes; she and Sleater make very friendly eye contact. Sleater then goes to the car to wait for Nucky. Nucky in turn has to get going. He pulls out money and gives it to Margaret. He tells Margaret to give the house maids an extra two dollars. She seems to quarrel with Nucky for a moment. Nucky tells her the girls had deserved it and he had it to spare. Chalky is also sitting at his own breakfast table. His girls surprised to see him home; he had gotten out of jail the night before. Mrs. White reminds Chalky that a boy was coming to their house, for dinner that night, he was courting their daughter. Chalky happily tells them he had been craving “Hopin Johns; since the moon was blue.” His wife and daughters look away while Chalky continues to revels in his family.

Richard knocks at Jimmy’s door. His wife answers, she has no idea where Jimmy is he doesn’t tell her anything. She and Richard begin talking about art. She asks if he had ever posed for an artist. Richard sheepishly replies “no.” Louis is now in his bed, lying there. He had; had a stroke. All he was able to say was profanities. Eli is enraged; all of his work may have been for nothing without The Commodore and his connections. Jimmy can only think about the situation. He and his mother will deal with the Commodore’s situation. Nucky walks into the Ritz Carlton, it was the Mayors birthday. He had planned on going to his party. Nucky goes into his office; he must speak to Mr. Rothstien. Mr. Thompson needs a port and A.R. could help him by cutting in Waxy Gordon. After a 20% deal is struck A.R. tells Nucky to send his ships to Philadelphia.

Chalky is now in a meeting room with some of his community for an informal gathering. Mr. White was there to reassure them. He would help them take care of their normal everyday problems. He also assured the widows of the people that died in his warehouse; that he would be seeking revenge. At the FBI HQ, Van Alden tells Agent Clarkson to concern himself with his own duties. Agent Clarkson suspects Van Alden of being a crooked agent. He had “tailed” him a short while back, and he went to a “bar,” it was a “bootlegging operation!” Van Alden comes back into the room after going to the bathroom. He interrupts Clarkson and tells him “Heads will roll gentlemen,” he slams his hand on his desk, “Van Asshole?!?” Someone had written an obscenity on the bathroom wall and Van Alden was pissed. At the Thompson house Margaret is telling the house maids that there will be a pay-cut. The women; although confused, accept it. They reluctantly thanked Margaret for the extra $2 dollars they had received this week. They were confused because Mr. Thompson had recently told them they would get pay raises. Margaret tells the women they are fools for believing the words of a “drunker.”

It’s a beautiful day in Philadelphia, people walking about and tending their tasks. A Jewish butcher shop sits in the midst. Meat hanging in the window behind yellow Hebrew words painted onto the glass. Jimmy can be seen outside making his way to the door. Micky, Jimmy and, Richard walk in. Jimmy introduces himself to Mr. Horowitz. Who runs a bunch of “speaks in Jew town,” and strikes a deal to ship him liquor. The only “catch” is; Jimmy would need the money “up-front.” Mr. Horowitz agrees and Jimmy, Micky and Richard all leave.

At The Mayors birthday party; all of his closer friends and colleagues are there. During conversation Mr. Thompson’s lawyer over hears that the prostitutes had been brought in from Philadelphia to “Sway” votes. The trafficking or movement of prostitutes across state borders made Nucky’s case a federal one and ensured his “friends” could help him. Mr. Thompson stops at Mr. Whites house to tell him to continue to sit tight. Chalky is beginning to get consumed with rage. Revenge filling his heart. He and the others in his community feel as if no-one cares or is willing to help. At an office of Justice three prostitutes sit in deposition. They sign their statements; Stating that they were brought in from Philadelphia and used their “charms” to sway voters’ decisions.

Richards real eye stares into your soul, he blinks. Sitting peacefully in a chair in Jimmy’s indoor porch. Jimmy’s girl sketching him. Richard tells her that Jimmy loves her. She asks if Richard had ever been in love. He tells her; he knows of love. His sister and he grew up together and were inseparable. When he came back from “the War” she had nursed him back to health. But he did not see her the same, he no longer had any love for her…He didn’t feel anything towards her. He then reached up and unhooked his glasses from his ears. He took off his prosthetic face to reveal a hole where his left eye had been. Surrounding it was scared and burned tissue. She quickly put down the paper she had been sketching on and picked up a new one. She began to draw Richard as he really was. She saw him as a person. Not a monster.

Back in Sleater’s basement workshop, he is there fixing a bomb and explaining it to Nucky. Sleater states “someone’s going out of business.” Nucky replies “Micky Doyle” and he nods his head. Back in New York A.R. goes to the boys for some muscle moving the hooch. They do not want to do it but Mr. Rothstien tells them, sometimes everybody has to do what they don’t want to and he leaves.

Chalky now at his dinner table with a drink in his hand; Sipping it. Sitting angrily at the head of the table. As their meal is served by his family. Mrs. White asks Samuel to lead them in grace, since he was their guest of honor. He happily agreed. He took the hands of Chalkys’ son but Chalky himself did not offer his. Samuel begins to say grace. Chalky rudely interrupts him. Seeing the duck on the table, he would like to know where the “hopin johns” he had asked for that morning; were? Mrs. White tells him that it was not proper to serve that to guests. Chalky, drunk and offended gets angry and after yelling sees himself outside. He goes to a work shack in his yard and begins to furiously whittle. He watches his upper class family inside.

Jimmy walks in with their son; he greets Angela and puts their boy to sleep. She explains she was sketching Richard, Jimmy tells Richard that they have to go to “Philly” tomorrow, and Richard leaves. Jimmy tells Ange that he can never figure Richard out. Back at the Thompson house Nucky is happy that he will have a chance to change his case. Margaret seems skeptical but she understands that the Attorney General could help. Nucky continues to speak but is cut off when Margaret asks for $100 Dollars for clothes for the children. Nucky gives her the money. She takes it and turns towards the door, Nucky asks her where she’s going and she tells him she is going to bed, He tells her hell be up in a while.

Outside of a dark warehouse, only the moon lighting some of the trees around it, the two Agents pull up. Clarkson gets out and tells the other to go around the back. This was the place he had followed Agent Van Alden to. Micky Doyle’s warehouse. As the agents advance to towards the warehouse, it explodes igniting Agent Clarkson burning him instantly. He seems barely alive when the other agent helps put out the fires on him; he picks him up and carries him off. The fire reflecting off of their car’s windshield as they pass.

Margaret has not gone to bed, just yet. She is sitting in her powder room, putting money into an envelope already stuffed with more money. She looks around to make sure no-one is watching and she places the envelope under the bottom of the fabric lining her jewelry box. It appears as if she is stealing money or hoarding it for some reason. Meanwhile the Commodore is still bedridden and unable to talk. Mrs. Dormady begins to ask him if he remembers when they had first met. He had laid her down in bed and left to go and see the other guests out at the time. She asked him if he had remembered what he had done after that? She “reminded” him that he had placed his hand over her mouth, startling her as she slept. He was groping her and holding her down. He had raped her. She slapped his face and asked him if he remembered? She began to get angry; continuing to slap him. She does not stop hitting him in the face as the camera pans out and the episode ends.