The Age of Reason - Recap

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Van Alden sits at the edge of his bed, bible in one hand. He reads silently to himself. His other hand covers his mouth. Deep in thought. Lucy asks, from the dining room if Nelson could pick up lemons on his way home from work. “Gotta eat lemons,” she whines. Nelson reluctantly repeats her; acknowledging her request. She tells him that she can’t get comfortable. Van Alden tells her “Agent Clarkson’s in a hospital bed with third degree burns over most of his body, I would venture to say he can’t get comfortable either.” Lucy apologizes and tells Nelson she “just wants to be done with this.” Nelson tells her very deliberately “I will pick up lemons.” Lucy kind of smiles and Nelson leaves his apartment.

Jesus rests on his cross, tormented while the Priest torments Teddy Schroeder. He tells him about the Fires of Hell that await him if he does not confess his true sins at his first confessional coming up very shortly. He also wants Margaret to confess her sins. He wants her to set a good example for Teddy. “I must confess as well?!?” Margaret asks. Father Ed replies very sternly; “It really is about setting a good example.”

In court Charles is motioning to have Nucky’s case made Federal. He is seeking “A transfer from State to Federal Court.” The Judge halts him and asks about the green shoes he is wearing. He calls them very “Demonstrative.” Regardless the Judge has no choice but to grant Mr. Thorogood’s motion. Nucky’s case is now officially a Federal matter. Nucky sitting in his parlor signs his name to a bible made out to Teddy. He thumbs through it for a moment before talking to the man shining his shoes. The man asks about a part Nucky is unfamiliar with. The man continues, “Daniel? The lion’s den…My boys love that one.” Nucky tells him that it is for his Nephew Teddy; it was his first confessional. Nucky asks the man if he goes to church. He tells him he never misses a week, he is paid and then leaves. Just then the phone rings. George Reemus is calling. They talk about their agreement. How it seems like it is working out for Mr. Reemus. Nucky asks for a finder’s fee for his recommendation to Smith. Mr. Reemus didn’t know anything about the Hardings operation until Nucky stepped in. Reemus [talking in the third person the entire conversation] believes that Nucky was given his finder’s fee when he was in Ohio and not charged for his room or phone calls. “Reemus is tired of the nickel and diming.” Nucky tells him to “**** off!” before he hangs up on him. Nucky then pulls out a $10 dollar bill and puts it in Teddies bible. He closes his eyes and takes a breath. He grabs the $10 back and replaces it with a $20 before closing the cover.

One of the Commodores colleagues stands in front of Jimmy and Mrs. Darmody reading aloud about Alexander the Great. This man is impressed by Nucky. He doesn’t like him but her respects him and knows not to under-estimate him. This man believes he can help “guide” Jimmy in the right direction. He tells Jimmy that he may be hurting himself by the way he handles his business. He questioned if the “Business with Jackson Parkhurst was necessary?” Jimmy was “alienating some powerful allies.” Mrs. Darmody stops him “We don’t care for what your implying Leander.” He smiles and asks to speak to Jimmy in private. Mrs. Darmody leaves. Leander looks up at Jimmy and warns him. “I can’t fault you for boldness but not every insult requires a response.”

Lucy; still at Nelsons apartment is attempting to make something to eat when water begins dripping from her belly. She drops her plate and begins to cry. Her feet taking slow, small steps back until she is seated in the chair at the kitchen table. Where she continues to cry; Alone. Mr. Thorogood is very excited. It had only been his third time in front of a Judge and he had won his case. Charles was very proud of himself. Daugherty congratulates Nucky for now being a Federal defendant and that he guesses Nucky owes him one now. Nucky disagrees, he tells him that once it is all taken care of they will be even. Daugherty’s colleague thanks Nucky for the introduction to Mr. Reemus. Daugherty tells Nucky to take care of Thorogood. Nucky orders him up a suite and some women.

At the Thompson house Sleater is running through the hallway with Teddy over his shoulder and Katy close behind. They are laughing and playing when Margaret comes in and sees it as inappropriate. Sleater turns to Margaret and asks if there was anything else he could do for her. She says no, He tells Katy she looks beautiful and he says goodbye and leaves. Margaret asks Katy for a word on the side. She can’t help but notice her and Mr. Sleater, they have an attraction. “Don’t be coy Katy; it doesn’t suit you. Your behavior, yours and his…there are children in this house as your well aware.” Margaret then walks off leaving Katy behind.

Agent Van Alden sits in a hospital, waiting in a hallway. A nurse tells him he “may go in now.” Agent Clarkson lays there blotched and burned. Agent Van Alden, ashamed can only look to the ground. He tells the agents not to “blasfeem” it is an insult to Agent Clarkson and the Lord. As Nelson begins to pray Clarkson wakes up. It startles them. Nelson takes a step towards him. Clarkson looks up and says to Agent Van Alden; “I see you, I know…I know what you did.” The other agent asks Nelson “What’s he saying?” Nelson; guilt ridden, can only reply “I’ll go get the doctor.” He quickly turns and exits the room. Out in the he leans up against a wall. The chandelier begins to crackle. Nelson looks up, he believes he knows what he must do.

Nucky is now meeting with A.R., Waxy, Chalky White, Sleater and Herman, (Manny’s associate) to bring in the “Shipment” that night. Nucky was assured that Waxy Gordon would handle the muscle and there would be no problems with the delivery of the Alcohol. Lucy is now in bed in her apartment. The moon, the only light present as Lucy whines and moans in labor. She attempts to control her breathing as she sits up. She sees a child in an apartment window across from her. She calls to him for help “Kid, could you get your mom?” She begs. The child looks at her and closes the bathroom curtains.

On the boardwalk Jimmy and Angela walk and enjoy the rides and entertainment bustling around them. Both smiling. They talk about the “wireless radios” for Tommy. As they talk Jimmy sees Nucky walk out of an ally with Waxy and Herman. He quickly kisses Angela. Nucky walks by without seeing them. Angela is surprised, she asks Jimmy “what was that for?” Jimmy tells her the music got to him. Nelson is still standing in the hospital, he is in a phone booth talking to Rose. He tells her how he feels responsible about Agent Clarkson. He tells her there are problems that he will take care of that he has caused. “it’s important for you to know that everything I have done, I have done because I love you.” He tells Rose that people have been burnt by his sins and he will remedy them. He then hangs up on Rose. Nucky and Margaret, together in bed after making love begin to talk to each other. They discuss Margaret’s upcoming confession. He assures her that he finds her attractive and wants her to assure him that their secrets will remain secrets. He doesn’t even want God to know their sins. Especially because Father Brennen would hear it before God. Margaret says to Nucky “If your feeling guilty I suggest you take that up with the priest yourself.”

Jimmy eating breakfast with his family gets a call from Manny. He demands to know why Herman was meeting Nucky. Manny asks if Jimmy is sure. He is. Manny asks Jimmy wait a bit. He would ring him back. Margaret is sweeping up cornflakes when Sleater walks in, she tells him she believes he was being inappropriate. He apologizes for disrespecting their home and Katy. Sleater tries to grab the broom, His and Margaret’s hands brush against each other sensually. Just then Nucky walks in and calls Sleater. He puts his hands on Margaret’s shoulders and thanks her.

The next morning Lucy is standing in front of her mirror, in pain, ready to pop. She brushes her hair and puts it up. She rolls the bed sheets back and places towels neatly on the bed. She then sits down and tries to relax as she holds her bulging stomach. Her mouth opens and she begins to moan…Pushing. “its called a fez.” Daugherty says before he chuckles. “Senator Edge would like a word” Daugherty is told. He hangs up the phone. “Walter.” He says as he shakes Mr. Edges hand. He tells him that if he gives up Nucky then he will be able to “look the other way” when they review his committee on veteran affairs. Daugherty has almost no choice but to give him up. He must appoint a prosecutor that wasn’t as lenient as that had been appointed.

Manny has Jimmy back at his butcher shop to see Herman hanging upside down in his meat locker. Herman is beaten and bruised. He begs for help, he knows Manny won’t listen. Herman tells them he took money from Waxy to spy on Manny. Jimmy asks Herman what he was meeting Nucky about. He tells him about the ships coming in tonight; 2 o’clock at the Hog Island boat yard. He tells Jimmy Nucky needs Gordon for protection. Manny hands the knife to Jimmy to kill him. Manny can’t touch Herman, he was bruised and injured. He was trife. Jimmy begins to refuse, Manny insists. Jimmy takes the knife and runs it smoothly across Herman’s neck.

At church Margaret walks into confessional. “Bless me father for I have sinned, it’s been many years since my last confession.” “What have you to tell me?” The father asks. She continues “There is a man.” She feels ashamed because she is attracted to Sleater. “Don’t be upset? Are you ******* kidding me?!?” Nucky asks as he talks into the phone in his office. Harry tells Nucky Edge wants Nucky to be prosecuted. He would still try to help him, both of their asses were on the line now. Meanwhile in the suite, green shoes strewn across the room. Eddie walks in on Mr. Thorogood and some women. He tells them it’s time to leave. He has 5 minutes.

Lucy is still pushing as hard as she can as the music gets louder. Sweat dripping from her neck. Her body drenched as her screams become the screams of a baby. Lucy stares down, her mouth hangs open as the baby continues to cry. Agent Clarkson is still in a coma, Nelson has just come from the Chapel to confess to his Superior who is sitting by Agent Clarkson’s side. He begins to tell the man his sins when Agent Clarkson begins speaking to the Nurse taking care of him. “It’s not fair, it’s not fair” She tells the men that Agent Clarkson was delirious. Nelson now knows that he would be unable to tell anybody what he knew. Nelson’s conscience was clear. He walks into his apartment with a bag of lemons. He places them on the table and turns around; stepping on a broken plate. “Lucy?” He calls out to her. There is no answer. He walks into her room where she is sleeping holding her baby. “I brought lemons.” He looks at her and half smiles. “It’s a girl” she tells him. “I’ll get a doctor.” He leaves.

Waxy and Lucky are driving when their tire pops. They pull over and the rest of the convoy stops behind them. The men are confused. Looking at the blown tire. All of the sudden shots are fired at them. They take cover and return fire. Jimmy and Manny advance towards them from the woods in front of them. Jimmy tells them to lower their weapons and throw out their guns. Luciano identifies himself to Jimmy. Jimmy tells them he’s “not gonna shoot” them. They agree to come out and face each other. They tell Jimmy that Chalky White is now back in business. Jimmy then agrees to let Waxy and Lucky move their shipment. For an advance and to help them move their heroin. Waxy and Lucky deliver Nucky’s alcohol and then they are to meet Jimmy at a later time and discuss their new business deal.

Nelson walks back into his apartment. He sees the lemons are now in a dish on the table. The broken plate and food had also been cleaned up from in front of the stove. Lucy’s dress was being washed in the sink. He walks back to see Rose sitting over Lucy rubbing her head. Rose looks back at Nelson and tells him “She has a slight fever.” She had come to see if Nelson was ok, she was worried. Nelson tries to hug Rose and tell her that he had done it all for her. After what she had seen she could not believe him. As he attempted to hold her there and explain the situation she turned and bit his wrists. When he let go of her she left, crying.

At the Thompson house Nucky asks Margaret what she had confessed, “Nothing that need concern you.” She said. Teddy standing very still in front of a window waits. The man behind the camera tells him to “hold still” and the camera’s bulb pops and smokes…