Georgia Peaches - Recap

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Owen stands at “The Port of Hoboken.” Feeney’s Irish Oats are unloaded and put onto trucks. They are driven to one of Nucky’s warehouses and from there to the people waiting for their Whiskey deliveries. Owen walks through the black picketers and into the Ritz Carlton with a box over his shoulder. He offers whiskey to the manager and tells him the kind of control they have over his strike situation. He tries some and then buys some. Expecting Nucky to stop the strike before the tourist season is over making it worth the purchase. In his apartment with the baby crying Van Alden reads divorce papers sent to him by Rose. The baby is driving Nelson insane. At the hospital the Thompson family is there in whole to see Emily. The doctor takes Margaret to the side and tells her that Emily could be crippled for the rest of her life. He tells her he has seen children worse than her make a complete recovery. She offers him money but money cannot buy what they need. The Doctors daughter prays for the polio children every night. He attempts to help her out and give Margaret some hope. She sees a little boy struggling in his crutches and walks in to see Emily. Teddy sits along a wall in Emily’s room. He misses Margaret and Nuckys attention.

In Jimmy’s warehouse the men are boxing and watering down the Medicinal Whiskey to sell to their constituents. Torio and Rothstien are up Al and Lucky’s asses. Manny still wants his money. Lucky tells Jimmy to “hold up” as he gives him some heroin to give out or start selling. Jimmy tells them to get the booze out to the locals first then he’ll deal with the heroin. At the Thompson house Nucky waits and speaks to Icky, his lawyer as Eddie prepares his desk. Nucky is very angry that his desk is now at his house instead of where it should be. In his office at the Ritz, he used to run this city. He tells his lawyer to “Get the F*** out” and he fires him. Nucky looks at the paper and sees the Black Sox are on trial. In the Commodores parlor the older men, Eli and the Commodore are trying to figure out what to do about their situation. Jimmy wants to negotiate with the strikers, the men want to strong arm and beat them up until they go back to work. The Commodore tries to speak and Jimmy tells the men to leave. The Commodore continues to mumble “Jimmy.” Eli suggests “50 guys with billy clubs.” Jimmy doesn’t want to start a riot. Eli finds out Hallaren talked to Ester. The Commodore finally gets his sentence out. “Why don’t you just show em…your C***, you heard me…Why don’t you just life up your dress and let yourself get F***ed.”

Margaret tucks Teddy in and they pray for Emily to get better. She kisses him goodnight when he calls out to her and tells him he can’t move his legs. Margaret panics and runs over to him. She starts checking his legs and when she reaches his feet she tickles him and he begins to laugh. She realizes he was lying to her and she cocks her hand back and smacks him right across his face. Teddy begins to cry, when Margaret runs back to her and Nucky’s room. Nucky comforts her and explains that he just wants attention. He will take Teddy with him to New York the next day. He has to go and hire a new lawyer.

A group of men with bats approach the striking workers. Dunn sees them coming and screams “Hold the line.” The two groups clash as Hallaren and the other officers he’s with watch. The officers see somebody coming for Hallaren and they back off and let him get beaten up. Kicked and batted in the face and back. Nucky walks into his new lawyers office with A.R. and Teddy. The man asks Teddy if he likes baseball and gives him a Ty Cobb autographed baseball. Arnold tells Nucky that “There’s nothing a gambler likes better than a longshot.” “Once you get past Mr. Fallon’s charm…I think you’ll find him quite effective.” Mr. Fallon is very good with Juries and can easily make friends with Judges. Hallaren is sitting in his bed, badly beaten. He is bruised and bandaged, his arm placed into a sling; When Eli walks in. He warns him not to talk to Ester again and reminds him that he was told not to talk to her in the first place. Eli does not know that Hallaren did not say anything. He gives him a bag of peaches and leaves. Margaret sits in Church praying. The Priest walks up to her and asks what is wrong. His collection plate in hand he sits down and tells Margaret that “god is with you, my child.” She has nowhere else to turn

Jimmy and Richard wait for Chalky in Chalky’s meeting room. They both understand that Jimmy is the one in charge now. Jimmy wants the strike to end. He and Dunn don’t like the men with bats they had sent after them. Jimmy tells Chalky that he can make his murder charge go away. Chalky wants $3,000 a piece for the families of the men that had been shot, he also wants the people that did the shooting. Jimmy cannot just hand these people over. Chalky stands up if Jimmy wants to deal he will have to give up the shooters, and deliver them to Chalky. In Nucky’s hotel room Teddy is calling Margaret to say good night, he tells her he had gotten a signed baseball from Ty Cobb. Nucky tells Teddy about his kid sister and how he and Eli had longed for attention from his Mother. His sister was sick and they soon understood that their mother loved them all the same. Teddy then asks Nucky if he is in trouble. He reminds him that he was paying attention and had seen things that he shouldn’t have. Anything that he had seen he would keep as their secrets. He promised Nucky. Nucky told Teddy that what he had seen was an accident and Teddy assures him that he will not tell.

In Jimmy warehouse the gang is meeting up to discuss how much they had gotten rid of but they could not have gotten rid of anything because Nucky had already flooded the town. They had to sell it outside of A.C. Nelson is now being questioned by Esther, she asks him if he thinks Nucky had murdered Hans Schroeder. Nelson tells Esther and Clifford that he has no doubt in his mind. They break for lunch. A knock at Manny’s door, Micky stands there waiting for Manny to open it. He does and Micky walks in. Manny pats him down and invites him in to sit and talk. Micky tells Manny that he had to protect his interests. Manny doesn’t want any of Jimmy’s piss water. The shot gun hole in his arm was motivation enough to want…Need revenge. He’ll take the pay back but he still wants to find Jimmy. Micky is reluctant to give up any information. Manny puts his hands on Mickey’s shoulders. He grabs the brace around his neck and begins to shake Micky painfully back and forth. He wants to know how to find Jimmy. Where to go.

After talking to Agent Van Alden Esther goes to the jail that Eli is being held in, she tells him he is a murder suspect. She then tells him that Raymond Hallaren had a lot to say about Hans Schroeder. She tells him that if he has anything to say about it then he had better have his lawyer get in touch with her. At the Thompson house Margaret gathers her jewels and the money that she had been putting away in her jewelry box. The priest sits in his den sleeping listening to a record. He is disturbed when his house maid tells him that Margaret is at the door. He had mentioned to her before that to truly get the help of god, one must show true devotion, a great act of charity or a token. She offers him all of her money and jewelry. The priest accepts and they begin to pray together.

Jimmy looks through his beach side window. He watches a man enjoy the beach. The man lounges in the sun without a care in the world. Jimmy turns to Angela and talks to her about the man. He then tells her he is leaving town that night for a few days. She doesn’t ask any questions; he wonders why. He tells her he knows she is not happy but he plans to change that. As soon as he gets back home they would begin to start again. He wants to “be the person, she wants him to be.” Angela looks out the window and replies; “I heard a good joke today.” She asks if he wants to hear it. He says sure and listens to the crappy joke she heard in the bakery. Jimmy humors her and she puts her arms around him to kiss him. She asks if he’s sure he had to leave right away. “I’m not sure of anything he replies.” As she leads him away. Margaret and Nucky are now sitting in Doctor Holt’s office. He is telling them that the paralysis may be permanent. Margaret asks if his daughter had prayed the night before. The doctor is sure she had. “Bless her soul.” Margaret replies. Nucky wants to know what’s next and the doctor explains braces to them. Teddy still at home in his room. He takes out a picture of his mother and father and replaces it with the baseball in what appears to be a memory box he has hidden under his bed.

Angela lays in bed waiting for a person to get out of the shower. A figure walks by her window and quietly opens her and Jimmy’s front door. Manny steps in with a gun in hand. He looks to the left before walking forward towards the bedroom. He opens a door when he hears a shower behind it. He enters Jimmy’s bedroom where Angela is sleeping. The shower turns off and Manny puts his hand on Angela’s mouth. He picks her up and quiets her as he waits for the person to get out of the shower. As soon as the bathroom door opens he shoots the person coming out. It is Angela’s female lover. She is now dead on the floor and Angela kneels over her. Manny asks where Jimmy is and Angela doesn’t know. She begs and tells Manny she has a child. She asks him if he wants money and tells him Jimmy can get it. She cries and pleads. Manny tells her “The most important thing in life darling…you have…your husband did this to you.” He then shoots her in the head. He examines the dead girls on the floor for a moment and shoots them 3 more times. The music starts playing and Jimmy drives down a dark street. Alone, he passes by a sign “Entering Princeton.” He continues driving down the desolate street until he can no longer be seen.