To the Lost - Recap

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A beautiful day, birds are chirping. Two masked men drive a pickup truck down a nice wooded road. They slow as they approach a Klu Klux Klan convoy stopped at the end of the road. Jimmy’s hair pokes out of his mask, waving as the wind blows through it. He steps out of the truck, holds his gun behind his leg and walks up to the men loading and unloading. Jimmy shows his gun and continues to approach the group of men. A man in a full robe and hood asks Jimmy what he is doing. Jimmy immediately shoots the man in his head. He then demands them to give up the men that had killed Chalky’s men. Nobody says anything, Richard standing next to Jimmy, pulls the trigger of his shotgun shooting another hooded man, blowing his stomach to bits. A man in a hat; tells Jimmy the names of 2 of the men. The man’s eyes then dart to the man to his left. A moment later the same man begins to run, Richard quickly catches him and hits him in the back of his head with his gun. Knocking the man to the ground.

In Philadelphia, Manny sits hiding in a synagogue. He is meeting Nucky and Micky. He tells them about “The middle man” and how he is never full. “The middle man” is always hungry, because as “The middle man” sees it, it is easier to fall down then to climb up.” While the big crook does nothing. “Everybody tips their hat.” He must protect his family, live like a beggar. Manny then tells Nucky that Waxy is working with Jimmy. Manny’s offer to Nucky: “You give me Waxy, I give you Darmody, and we make business together.” Nucky reminds Manny of his position in the basement of a synagogue. Nucky feels he’s too important to be seen with Manny. In the eyes of the Federal Government. Nucky tells Manny he will consider his proposition puts his hat back onto his head and he leaves. “I’m sure Mickey knows how to get in touch.” He says as he leaves. Back in Atlantic City Dunn Purnsley, Chalky and a group of Chalky’s men sit waiting in Chalky’s warehouse. A car approaches, the men open up the warehouse doors. Richard waits outside as Jimmy drives in exits the truck. He hands Chalky $25,000. $5,000 a family. “I only asked for 3,” Chalky tells Jimmy. “I know.” Jimmy says as he begins to walk out of the warehouse. He pauses and tells Chalky he wants to meet with Nucky. Chalky agrees and Jimmy gets into the truck with Richard. Richard starts driving, you know, however you try to fix this it won’t work, he tells him. Jimmy takes a breath and tells Richard where they should go to eat.

At the Thompson house Emily is trying to walk to Katy, Katy knelt down holding her doll, encouraging her, “C’mon Emily, you can do it.” Emily takes a step, “good girl.” Emily is afraid she is going to fall. The front door opens, Nucky and Owen walk in. “Daddy!” Emily exclaims. He greets her and the girls. They ask him how Philadelphia was, he disregards their question and asks where Margaret was. The girls tell him that she had left a little while ago, and had not said where she was going. Owen and Nucky walk upstairs. Margaret and the Priest sit in Esther Randolph’s office. Father Brennan tells Ester he is there for “moral support.” He continues to talk. Ester and Margaret both tell him to stop talking, he excuses himself and goes to buy some stamps. Margaret tells Ester that her husband had beaten her, was a drunkard and a philanderer. Her feelings about Nucky were very complicated. Margaret does not want to take the stand. Ester tells her that they could force her. She then leans in and asks what he has given Margaret besides money. “He has never been cruel to me” Ester then asks if Margaret’s children’s welfare is more important than other people’s. She explains why Nucky has to go to jail and she tries to tell her how cruel Nucky is. “Set yourself free, Mrs. Schroder, you’ll be amazed at how much better you’ll feel.” In Nuckys office he pours a drink and asks Fallon “How do you order someone to commit murder? If I ordered them to step in front of a train would they do that too?” “If they would your troubles would be over.” Fallon responds with a laugh. Nucky then yells for Eddie, his bottle is empty and it needs to be re-filled. Nucky hands Fallon his drink, Fallon then starts the business. “We should talk about your brother. If you can talk to him…” He’s in protective custody Nucky cannot talk to him. Margaret…Margaret is the problem. If she testifies… Eddie interrupts “Chalky White is on the line.”

At Jimmy’s house on the beach, Jimmy sits in his back door’s threshold, smoking a cigarette. He is deep in thought as the wind chimes and birds fade into the distance. A car approaches his house and brings him from his daze. Nucky’s blue car parks and Owen and Nucky walk up to and into Jimmy’s house. Jimmy cocks his gun and walks downstairs. He meets them and Nucky introduces Owen, Jimmy puts his gun down hard on the table and tells Owen he can wait outside. Nucky apologizes for Angela; Jimmy tells Nucky that Manny had done it. Nucky responds telling Jimmy he has never heard of him but if he hears anything… Jimmy tells Nucky that the Commodore is also dead. “I should have killed him the moment he suggested betraying you, I thought about it since I was a kid…Killin him, and I don’t know what stopped me.” “I know there’s nothing I can say Nuck. Maybe there’s something I can do.” “You can start by telling me the truth.” Nucky says. “The shooting, I never meant for it to happen.” Jimmy says “Then why did it?” Nucky asks. Jimmy turns to the window and looks out for a moment. “It was Eli.” Margaret sits in their kitchen knitting when Nucky comes from behind. “A scarf, in this weather? I need to talk to you.” He sits at the kitchen table with her; She tells Nucky that he had lost his faith. He explains what he believes faith is. “I know you’re in pain, and I know how hard it’s been; but it will get better you’ll see, we just need to stick together. I adore you Margaret, I adore our family. My entire universe, it’s within these walls.” He then tells Margaret that he needs her to marry him. “Need?” She asks, he explains that he wants her to marry him, but he needs her to marry him so she does not have to take the stand. He then tells her he is afraid, he does not want to die, or spend the rest of his life in jail.

At the Commodores house Leander is explaining the Commodores estate to Gillian and Jimmy. He shows them the Commodores will, it had not been revised since 1914. He hands the will to Jimmy and Gillian. He explains that the bulk of his estate had been left to Luanne Pratt, his servant who tried to poison him. Jimmy asks Leander if there was no will, would the estate would go to him and to his son after he dies?” Leander tells him ”Yes.” Jimmy takes the will from his mother’s hands and tears it up and throws it on the floor. His guests are announced and Gillian tells Jimmy to “Be firm.” He stops his mother and tells her “No more advice.” He then tells his guest which are the witnesses in Nuckys trial to recant their statements and to blame everything on Eli.” They all disagree. Mumbles can be heard in the background from the men as they have every reason in the world to “Stay the course.” As Jimmy comes back into reality the last thing he hears is, “besides…I like being treasurer.” Jimmy just looks at the men, his eyes glassy. Margaret lays in bed at home her window open, the breeze blowing through her sheer curtains. She can hear Nucky cheering Emily on, outside. “Are you the strongest girl in the world?” “Yes” she responds. Margaret hears them and begins to awaken. “Can you walk to daddy?” Margaret gets up and walks to the window to see Nucky and Teddy cheering for her as she slowly walks towards them. Nucky is sitting on the porch reading the newspaper when Margaret walks up and asks him to come with her. “Owen will drive us to the church where I will make a full confession. Then, after I’ve made my peace with god; Father Brennan will marry us.” He speechlessly thanks her; she asks Katy to join them and tells the children that they will be back later.

Ester practices in her room, while Margaret gives her confession. Jimmy and Richard pull up and park out front of the Atlantic County Municipal Building. They get out of their car and walk in. Margaret in her bridal veil walks up and takes her soon to be husband’s hands. Jimmy and Richard walk through the Municipal Building. Father Brennen reads for Nucky and Margaret as he is about to marry them. Ester carefully buttons her skirt continuing to practice what she is going to say when they get into court. Father Brennen continues to read the Thompsons marriage rites. The Treasurer in his office in the Municipal building is having sex with a secretary when Jimmy and Richard walk in, Jimmy’s gun drawn pointing at the Treasurer. He turns around to the sound of the door opening, Jimmy starts; “Look at me…” He tells the secretary to take a coffee break and not to come back. Father Brennan asks Margaret if she will take Nucky’s hand. She says “I do.” Jimmy and Richard stand above the Treasurer instructing him on what is to be typed into his confession, he is to blame everything on Elias Thompson. Richard holds his gun to the back of his head as he types. Nucky takes Margaret as his wife and Jimmy quickly pulls the paper out of the typewriter. He lays it in front of the treasurer and tells him to sign it. “Very nice boys, a confession signed at gun point…” “Not just a confession” Jimmy says as Richard grabs the man and puts his gun into his mouth and pulls the trigger. “It’s a suicide note.” Richard tells him as he splatters his blood all over the wall behind him. Ester turns and looks at Clifford and finishes her speech with “Guilty!” Clifford starts clapping. As screams are heard from the Municipal Building. A group of people have entered the Treasurer’s office. The Judge bangs his gavel calling for “Order! Order!”

Esther accuses Nucky of obvious witness tampering, the Judge calls Fallon and Ester to the bench, he asks Ester if; since she had lost her Murder charge and her main witness on the other charges; if she would want to “Get all her ducks in a row” otherwise she would lose the case and never be able to Try Nucky again. She agrees to “Get all of her ducks in a row” and Nucky’s case is thrown out as a Mistrial. Dismissed, Eli’s lawyer quickly approaches the bench and asks for Eli to be let go. The Judge agrees, Halloran’s lawyer tries to do the same but Halloran’s plea bargain was only valid if Eli’s case went to trial. It didn’t go to trial; so Halloran was remanded to custody of the state.

Jimmy and his son pet a horse on the beach, A man hands Tommy an apple to feed the pony, he then puts a saddle on the horse for Tommy, Jimmy tells him how he used to pretend he was Robinson Caruso. He then picks up Tommy and puts him on the horse. The man walks back with two hats and asks Tommy; “Cowboy or Soldier?” Tommy says “Soldier” and the man puts the hat on Tommy’s head, he tells Jimmy to pay him afterwards. He then takes the reigns and walks Tommy and the horse down towards the water. Nucky walks into his bedroom and sees Margaret awake; “Good, your awake,” he stops “and I’m drunk.” He was out celebrating with Fallon. He tells Margaret that he had nothing to do with Neri’s suicide. He could not tell her he wasn’t happy about it but it did benefit him. He shows Margaret the newspaper and tells her Congress has approved the Highway Appropriations Act, the land that Nucky held would be worth a mass amount. A good day for the state; “and a good day for us; that land will make us a fortune Mrs. Thompson.” “I’ll need you to sign the deed over as soon as you have a chance.” He then asks if he is sleeping in their room again. “We are married” She says lovingly looking up at Nucky. “Who knows, maybe you are right. Maybe god is giving me another chance.”

Eli sits on his porch as his kids run around. Nucky pulls up, Owen lets him out and Brian and Dermott say hello as he walks up to Eli. Eli offers him a drink. “A little early isn’t it?” Eli makes his rules now. They chit chat for a moment before Nucky asks Eli if he was also trying to stab him in the back. Eli tells him that he had nothing to do with the shooting. He tells Nucky that Jimmy will lie about everything. He claims he tried to stop them, they threatened him. Eli had come to Nucky asking for help, Eli reminds him. Nucky then tells Eli that he will plead “Guilty” to everything, before they bring on more charges. His wife and kids will be very well taken care of for the 2 years the Eli will be going to jail. A.R. looks down at Lucky’s heroin, “I thought it was brown…” “Some of it is, Lucky tells him.” “Should be gold, ya ask me.” A.R., Waxy and Lucky all sit discussing it. The phone rings A.R’s, assistant tells him Nucky’s calling. Nucky asks if he has any opinion about Manny Horowitz, A.R. says he doesn’t have an opinion one way or another. He then tells Nucky to flip a coin, when the coin is in the air he’ll know what to do.

Agent Van Alden, his child and Nanny are now being led into an apartment. They are being shown around. Nelson pays the first 2 months in advance. The woman thanks them for their patronage. “Mr. and Mrs. Mueller, Welcome to Cicero.” Nelson looks at the Nanny as big band music begins to play in the background. Gillian and Tommy are playing in the Commodore’s den, while Richard and Jimmy tend to business in the office. Jimmy is telling Richard a story while he pours him a drink. Richard tells Jimmy about his time in the trenches. He felt they were meant to be there, and they were still there. He promises Jimmy he’s gonna try to feel like he’s at home when the phone rings. Jimmy answers and says “Hello”, Nucky tells Jimmy to meet him at the Memorial, he had Manny. Jimmy tells Richard to stay there, he looks at Gillian and Tommy playing and avoids them, walking out the back door. Richard tells Gillian that Jimmy had to go out, there was something “he has to do.” Gillian takes Tommy to bed telling him that he will be a big man in the city one day, “just like his father.” Heavy rain falls on the beach as Jimmy pulls up to the memorial. Owen steps out and opens the door for Manny and Nucky. Nucky walks a few steps forward. “James” he says, Manny tells him, “So now you will have your revenge boychick.” Eli steps behind Jimmy and cocks his shot gun, Owen walks over and begins to pat Jimmy down. Jimmy isn’t armed. “This is the only way it could have ended, isn’t it?” “This is your choice James.” Nucky says. Jimmy replies, “I died in the trenches” He then asks who’s going to do it. Nucky says. “I am.” Jimmy starts telling Nucky about his first time killing somebody. He then tells him it’s not so hard. The hard part was when there was no one left to keep him company. Nucky then shoots Jimmy in the cheek. Jimmy falls and Nucky stands over him. “You don’t know me James, you never did.” He points the gun to Jimmy’s head. “I. Am. Not. Seeking. Forgiveness!” He pulls the trigger one more time and end’s Jimmy’s life.

Jimmy stands in the trench, his helmet strapped to his head, resting upon his bayonette. He stares forward. Booming and crashing heard in the distance, people scared and talking filled the air around him, while they await the signal to begin fighting. The earth explodes around them, Jimmy’s eyes determined as the whistle sounds and the men begin climbing up and out of the trenches. Jimmy looks up and climbs out and the light becomes too bright to see. Angles sing for him.

Margaret explains to the children that last night’s thunder was just the “Angels bowling. In heaven, It was nothing to be afraid of.” Margaret asks Nucky where he was last night, He tells her he had run into Jimmy, everything was fine and they “Cleared the air.” He tells her it turns out he was re-enlisting and he had already left. He then tells Margaret he will be home for dinner before he turns puts on his hat and leaves. Margaret goes to her study and takes the deed out and places it on the desk. Nucky pulls up to a car in the middle of a field. The men exclaim that they were standing in the middle of a highway. Margaret takes a pen and signs the deed, transferring it from herself to the church! She then seals the envelope and gives it to Katy to give to Father Brennan. Still in the field Nucky toasts “To the future gentlemen.”