Spaghetti and Coffee - Recap

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The episode begins in New York City, where Eli has been released from prison. Mickey Doyle is sent to pick him up. Mickey tells Eli "things have changed" and that Nucky is a hard man to get to these days. Mickey also reports on the killing of Manny Horvitz. Mickey tells Eli that Nucky now wants Eli to work for Mickey. Rosetti is back in Tabor Heights, plotting his next move. He talks up a gas station attendant. Margaret relays the story of the woman at the hospital who died because she didn't have proper prenatal care to another woman, Mrs. Predock. An aspiring doctor looking to take the hand of Maybelle, Chalky's daughter, in marriage pays Chalky a visit.

Chalky asks him to "doctor" him. Purnsley watches curiously while the young man examines Chalky. He looks at Chalky's hands and tells him he has a mineral deficiency, suggesting he eat more vegetables. Chalky directs Purnsley to have a big plate of greens cooked up, then welcomes to young man to the family. Nucky walks into an empty room. There's a fish bowl with a $100 dollar inside and a voice from another room tells him to "put the money in the bowl" through a closed door. Nucky refuses, saying he won't give $40,000 to someone without knowing who he's giving it to. The man says, "It's the entire essence of the system".

Nucky says he's leaving, but he hears the man move in the open the door to his room and turns back to enter. Nucky meets Gaston Bullock Means, special investigator from the U.S. Department of Justice. Nucky asks where Jess Smith is, and Means tells him Jess is "conspicuously absent". Nucky wants to know what's going on between Smith and Harry Daugherty. Means says his understanding is that they're no more than close friends. Means suggests Nucky could get his answers in a different conversation, in a difference room. Nucky asks how much that would cost him, and Means asks Nucky how much he would trust a man he could buy within five minutes of meeting him. Nucky says he wouldn't, and Means says they face a paradox.

Nucky hands over the money and just as he's about to leave, another "customer" walks into the empty room, sees and hears nothing but the fishbowl, and puts a stack of cash into it. It's George Remus, and Means allows Nucky to take a look through the peephole. At the hospital, Margaret visits Dr. Mason, the doctor who first told her about the poor prenatal care at the hospital. Mason is short with Margaret again, saying he's frustrated. Margaret wonders why he seems to be blaming her for his problems. She leaves angrily, but sees Dr. Landau in the hall and comes back and gives Dr. Mason a speech. She asks him whether he has a real proposal for how to treat pregnant women. He casually says, "It's a Catholic hospital," to which she reminds him he knew that when he spoke to her last time.

He asks how she proposes to persuade Dr. Landau, and she tells him he may not ask. Chalky tells Maybelle she's marrying Samuel, although she doesn’t seem too crazy about the idea. Mickey drops Eli off at his house and tells him to be ready the next morning at 8. Rosetti shows up inside a diner and tells the sheriff that he and his partner are staying in town, and the sheriff tells him Asbury Park and Atlantic City is "where the action is". He suggests Rosetti "head back to New York" if those two options are too far. Rosetti asks how he knows they're from New York. "Call it a hunch," the sheriff says. Nucky meets with Rothstein and they chat about Means. Nucky asks Rothstein about getting mixed up in Daugherty's issues, and Rothstein says the protection is good and the cost is insignificant.

He also thinks the precautions, like collecting money in a fishbowl, are worthwhile, "considering the ongoing volatility in the marketplace". Nucky thinks Rothstein is poking around for info about Manny Horvitz's killing, and he says Waxy Gordon comes to mind. Rothstein agrees, but Nucky says it's not Waxy, because he would've had to clear it with Rothstein, who would have said no, because he's in business with Nucky. Rothstein suggests maybe that's what he wants Nucky to think. Nucky says if that were the case, Rothstein wouldn't be so obvious about it. Rothstein then reminds Nucky to be paying attention to their business arrangements, and notes that a shipment scheduled for that day was going to come the next day a day late.

Slater lays out the agenda for the shipment, which will make exactly two stops: One at the gas station in Tabor Heights and the next at the final destination in Brooklyn. Slater says hello to Eli and tells him he'll report to Nucky that he's settled in. He offers Eli an extra $50 for the trip to New York. Eli says he doesn't need a handout, and adds that he doesn't have a gun. Slater hands him one. At an underground dance, Samuel is upset because Maybelle doesn't want to marry him, but won't come out and say it. A man bumps their table and Samuel yells at the man to watch it. The man pulls a knife and slashes Samuel's face, and suddenly Purnsley steps out and beats the knife-wielding man senseless. Chalky tells the band to keep playing, and then asks Maybelle what the hell she's doing there.

Chalky hands Samuel a handkerchief and tells him to walk and to take Maybelle with him. Samuel goes to tend to the beaten man. Chalky, meanwhile, tells Maybelle to look at him and asks, "Am I interesting now?" Maybelle tears up and says nothing. Slater and Eli pull up to the gas station, which is dark. The pumps are locked. Slater goes to break into the gas station office and look for a key to the pumps. Just as he breaks the glass, the sheriff walks up and asks what's in the trucks. "Same as always," Slater says. "If it's liquor, there's a problem," the sheriff says. "Since when?" Mickey wonders. "Since he read the Constitution," says a new voice Rosetti, who emerges from the shadows. Rosetti breaks the news that he now owns the gas station.

Slater says they'll gas up, pay him and move on, flashing his gun a bit. Rosetti pulls his own, and a bunch of other men emerge from the darkness with guns drawn. Rosetti pulls a gas pump and starts letting the fuel flow to the ground, telling Slater and Mickey that they aren't going to get to New York tonight. There's no gas. Rosetti tells Slater to tell Nucky "Old Pop Collingsworth says hello," referring to the name of the previous owner of the gas station whose name still graces the business. Nucky cooks for Billie that night. Her phone rings and Nucky asks her not to answer. He tells her he wants people to be honest about what they want. He tells her he wants everything to run by itself, so he can stay there forever. She laughs and tells him he knows he can't. He wants to know who's calling. "I said I'd never tell," she says.

"And you said you'd never ask." The phone rings again. Slater is then shown hanging up a phone from inside the home of some neighbors. Slater comes back and asks Eli how many men he counted. Eli says 12, maybe more. Slater asks if he trusts the men in a gunfight, and Eli says, "Not for a second". Mickey tells Eli and Slater that Rothstein expects to get what he pays for, but Slater says, "He won't be getting it tonight". Eli and Slater get in their car, and Eli looks back at Mickey and asks, "What's your pleasure, boss?" Mickey calls out to everyone to turn the trucks around and head back to Atlantic City. The episode ends at this point.