Bone for Tuna - Recap

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The episode begins with Nucky having a nightmare. Back at the house, Margaret covers for Nucky, telling the priest that he's busy working. He tells Margaret the plan for the award presentation. The priest says the bishop is too busy. Margaret suggests that the bishop is trying to avoid them. The priest says he'll handle it. Nucky visits Rosetti in Tabor Heights with a police escort. Nucky acknowledges that he obviously offended Rosetti in some way, but he's not sure how. Rosetti tells Nucky that he's jeopardized his livelihood by not selling to him anymore.

Rosetti suggests that Nucky is going to have a hard time moving his supply from Atlantic City to New York through Tabor Heights, and Nucky decides it'd be easier to make a temporary deal. Meyer and Lucky set a kid up with heroin in his hat. He's given directions on making the deal. If anything at all goes wrong, he's supposed to walk away. After the kid leaves, Meyer tells Lucky they need to think about cutting Masseria in on their heroin operation because some of it is spreading onto his turf. Lucky isn't happy about it, but Meyer says that if they approach Masseria with terms, they'll look like gentlemen. Margaret visits the hospital to see Dr. Landau. Dr. Mason is with him and Margaret tells Dr. Landau she has met the younger doctor. Margaret asks Dr. Landau if he'll be attending Nucky's award ceremony.

He says he appreciates the invitation and that there are no hard feelings about their argument at the party over Margaret's suggestion that the hospital was giving inadequate prenatal care. At the warehouse, Mickey has a disagreement with a driver over how much money he brought back from a delivery. The guy tells Mickey he had a different deal with Manny Horvitz. Mickey tells him to take it up with Manny, but the guy accurately notes that Manny is dead. Mickey tells the guy, "How do you think he got that way? By arguing with me". Mickey flashes his gun, and the guy coughs up more cash. Nucky waits for Rosetti to show up. Rosetti shows up.

Nucky tells Rosetti that if he's "hot to trot" Atlantic City has plenty to offer. Rosetti says Gillian Darmody's place is his preference. Rosetti knows Nucky knows her. Meyer sends his delivery kid out to make another deal, but the kid doesn't get halfway down the block before he's attacked by a couple of Joe Masseria's men. Meyer shoots one of them on the spot, but the other gets away after jumping onto a car passing by. The kid flips out, shooting several times as the car speeds away, shouting, "You're dead! I'll kill you!" Rosetti and Nucky are parked outside Gillian's place. Rosetti sees Gillian from afar and says her red hair gives him an ache "right here," pointing at his chest.

Rosetti leaves and Gillian welcomes him at the door. She looks back toward the car he came out of and exchanges glares with Nucky. The delivery kid arrives at Gillian's place with the whiskey and gives the bottles to Richard Harrow. Rosetti is greeted in the background. The kid mentions Manny Horvitz and Harrow says, "I heard his luck ran out". The kid tells Harrow that Manny's luck ran out "and Mickey Doyle's ran in". Harrow asks what he means, and the kid tells Harrow that Mickey shot Manny; he heard it from Mickey himself. Harrow who actually shot Manny says nothing after the kid says that Mickey is not to be messed with. Rosetti asks Gillian if they can talk alone.

Rosetti soon brings up Gillian's business partner, knowing its Lucky. He also mentions that Nucky is "worried". She says that she tends to her affairs and Nucky to his, but Rosetti mentions that she has to pay Nucky to operate. Rosetti starts to get upset about it, and he asks, "What do I do? What is my choice?" Gillian cooly responds, "You take care of yourself". Rosetti tells Gillian he didn't like the way Nucky treated her when he was dropped off. She says she's "heard things." Among them, that Nucky's own brother tried to have him killed. Rosetti says, "Well, lose your own flesh and blood, what do you have?" Gillian seems a little shaken by this and responds, "You don't have anything".

Nucky is uncomfortable in his suit at the church. He and Margaret whisper to each other about it. They walk toward the altar. Nucky sits down and sees the boy from his dream singing in the choir, looking at him, with a bullet hole under his eye and blood slowly dripping from it. Nucky is called up by the bishop and while he's given the title of "Knight Commander of the Order of St. Gregory," he looks over and still sees the boy with bullet hole on his cheekbone. Following Nuky's award ceremony, Nucky is focused on the boy from the choir. He's distracted when Margaret and Cornelia talk to him. He leaves to use the restroom, but instead makes a call to the operator, again trying to reach Billie Kent.

Margaret introduces the bishop to Dr. Landau. The bishop gives them his blessing and after he leaves Margaret turns to Dr. Landau and says, "I'm afraid you've finally trapped me. We'll sponsor the clinic as you wish". Dr. Landau is speechless. At the warehouse, Rosetti shows up asking for Nucky. Slater tells him Nucky isn't there. Eli shows up and tells Rosetti he's all loaded up. Rosetti recognizes Eli as the little brother, and says he's heard a lot about him. Eli doesn't respond to this. When Rosetti prepares to leave, Slater tells him Nucky had a message for him. Slater reads off his notes, which we see say, "Bone Fortuna" meaning good luck in Italian.

Van Alden is out with his co-workers and looks mighty uncomfortable. One of the guys comes back from the bar and tells Van Alden, "They're all out of sarsaparilla they had a Boy Scout troop in here earlier and they cleaned 'em ou.." Van Alden asks for a near beer and even one of the women mocks him. She drunkenly walks toward him and spills her drink on him. He's upset, saying, "This was just cleaned and pressed!" He starts to walk out and a raid conducted by the U.S. Treasury and announces that everyone there is under arrest. Mickey Doyle gets home with a woman and they're laughing it up and having a good time until the lights come on. The woman screams and leaves.

Mickey is standing in his boxers and his pants are at his ankles when he sees Harrow sitting in a chair and pointing a gun at him. Harrow tells Mickey to get his hat and pull his pants up. He then ushers him out the door. The Treasury agent asks Van Alden for his name and ID. Van Alden presents himself as George Mueller. When asked, he tells the agent it's his first time at the place. The agent looks at Van Alden and says, "Why do I know you?" Van Alden says he gets that a lot and just has "one of those faces". The agent tells Van Alden that if he pays the fine directly to him, they'll leave it at that. Van Alden hands his wallet over and the guy takes the cash, saying he must be a pitiful salesman if that's all he's got on him.

"Don't let me see you here again," the agent says, sending Van Alden on his way. Rosetti is being driven out of town and tells his driver that Nucky's "real cute" for wishing him good luck in Italian. He thinks Nucky is trying to push him off a cliff while wishing him good luck. Nucky sits with his ear on the phone. There's still no answer. Eddie reads him congratulatory letters from Mayor Frank Hague and Senator Walter Edge, but Nucky's not interested. He tells Eddie to pull the car around, and Eddie is surprised to learn they're going out. Eddie leaves, and in comes Harrow holding his gun to Mickey Doyle's back while marching into Nucky's office.

Mickey is crying, "I didn't mean nothing by it. It was just a rib, a joke." Harrow holds the gun to Mickey's head while Mickey pleas for forgiveness, crying, "I didn't do it. I didn't do it." Nucky has no idea what's going on. "I didn't kill Manny Horvitz!" Mickey cries. Nucky asks who said he did, and Harrow chimes in, "He did." Mickey says he was just joking, claiming he never went near Manny. Harrow says, "He's telling the truth". Nucky asks Harrow, "How do you know?" "How do you think?" Harrow replies. Mickey asks Nucky to ask Harrow to put the gun away. Nucky does. Harrow does. Mickey stands up and excuses himself, asking both men if they're "good on this". Mickey leaves and Harrow stays.

Harrow explains, "I waited outside his house. I used a shotgun very close". "May I ask why?" Nucky says. "Angela Darmody," Harrow says. Nucky is surprised, asking, "Not her husband?" Harrow says, "Jimmy was a soldier. He fought. He lost". Nucky asks Harrow if he and his family are safe. Harrow assures Nucky that he and Margaret were good to him and "have nothing to fear". Nucky asks Harrow how many people he's killed, and Harrow replies, "63". Rosetti stands at his gas station when the Tabor Heights sheriff shows up. The sheriff tells Rosetti he heard from Slater that he'd be headed back to New York. The sheriff starts to walk away and says, "Good luck to you." This rubs Rosetti very wrong.

Rosetti calls to the sheriff, picks up a gas pump and says he's going to stick around a while. He sprays the sheriff with gas; flips open his lighter, and tosses it, immediately engulfing the sheriff in flames. Nucky shows up at Billie's apartment, which is dark. He takes off his jacket, sits on the couch and waits. He immediately falls asleep. The next morning, he wakes to the sound of cooking. He gets up and walks to the kitchen to find Billie frying bacon. She tells Nucky she got home a little while ago and didn't want to wake him. Nucky then rests his head on her back. The episode ends at this point.