Two Imposters - Recap

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The episode begins with a worker going through the wreckage of Nucky's home. Eddie reports to Nucky that everything is taken care of. Eddie confirms that Margaret is gone and the kids are gone, as well. Nucky asks Eddie if he knew about Margaret and Slater. Eddie says he tends only to Nucky. Nucky asks Eddie to make some calls to Eli, Mickey Doyle and Chalky White but the phone line is dead. Suddenly, men with guns burst into the hotel and Nucky and Eddie are nowhere to be found. Nucky isn't hiding long, though. He shoots three men dead as they come through the office looking for him. Nucky and Eddie steal a young man's car, offering him money. But when the guy sees dead bodies, he tosses them the keys and takes off.

Nucky tells Eddie to head to Lolly's and says they're going to need cash. Nicky realizes that whichever men are left can't be trusted. Nucky says he is going to have to tap Chalky for help. Just then, Eddie, who is driving, swerves into oncoming traffic. He's passing out. He was shot and is bleeding out. Gyp wants to know where Nucky is. He wants Nucky "on his knees or on a slab". Nucky has to drop Eddie off at the hospital. He tries to talk to Dr. Landau but is forced to drive away when some men with guns head toward him and start shooting. Eddie is muttering incoherently as he and Nucky pull up to Chalky's place. Purnsley pulls a shotgun on him but lowers it when he sees it's Nucky. He brings Nucky in to see Chalky.

Chalky says word is going around that Nucky is dead. Nucky asks Chalky how many guns he has and Chalky says "enough for me and mine." Chalky is ready to turn the tables on Nucky, who admits he’s, come to Chalky for help. Chalky tells Nucky he's safe there, for now. Gyp shows up at Gillian's brothel. He's brought with him Nucky's desk from the Ritz, saying Nucky won't need it anymore. Gillian tells Gyp they'll do everything they can to make sure Gyp and his men are comfortable. As she walks out, she tells Harrow that Tommy is not to come downstairs and that he should be locked in his room. Nucky is having trouble reaching Johnny Torio. He then asks for someone to have his brother Eli call back. Eli is supposed to be in Chicago. Chalky calls in his son-in-law-to-be Samuel to look at Eddie. He says he doesn't know what to do. He says he can clean the wound and try to control the bleeding.

The rest, he says, he doesn't know. Samuel says this could ruin him. Chalky says they all look after each other. Samuel gets to work. Lucky is trying to talk Lansky into taking the $15,000. Lucky is worried about what they owe Masseria but Lansky reminds Lucky that "everything connects," and they need to stop and think it all through. He's referring to the killing of Slater after Nucky went after Masseria. Samuel is working on Eddie, who is still talking gibberish. Samuel prepares to cut into Eddie and tells Nucky and Chalky to hold him down. Eddie screams in pain while Samuel makes the cut. While Samuel is cutting, a car pulls up. It's Gyp calling out for Chalky. Chalky prepares to go outside and tells Samuel and Nucky to keep Eddie quiet. Chalky leaves and Nucky tells Samuel to keep cutting while Nucky covers Eddie's mouth.

Gyp and Chalky talk while their men point guns at each other. Gyp tells Chalky he's "going to be running things" and that he's come to pay his respects because people tell him Chalky is the man to see on "this side of the fence." Samuel, has gotten the bullet out of Eddie's stomach. Outside, Gyp tells Chalky he isn't looking to take Chalky's money. Gyp tells Chalky he's going to treat him "good," and better that he's ever been treated before. They shake on that, but Gyp makes Chalky one more offer: $25,000 to let him walk into Chalky's place and drag Nucky out. But Chalky says he hasn't seen Nucky in three weeks. Gyp says he'll pay the money anyway, just for a chance to check things out for himself.

Chalky tells Gyp, who is now approaching the door, that he has "something private" going on and wants to keep it private. Gyp turns around and shouts the offer "$25,000, Nucky Thompson". He turns back back to Chalky and says, "I really want us to get along". Nucky hears cars drive away. Chalky comes back inside and reports to Nucky that there is $25,000 on the line to give Nucky up, adding, "that's a whole lot of money on the north side". Nucky offers to pay but Chalky says he isn't talking about himself. Nucky asks Chalky if he trusts his men and Chalky says he doesn't trust anyone. Nucky asks Chalky to get him out and he can name his price.

Chalky says he already named it; he wants the club on the boardwalk. Nucky says he can't give what he doesn't own anymore. Chalky asks about Eddie and whether he has any family. Nucky doesn't know. Things are getting out of hand at the brothel as Gillian finds one of Gyp's men having sex with one of the girls in the salon. She says she's going to tell Gyp. Gillian finds Harrow getting Tommy dressed for "a walk around the grounds. Tommy admits that they're going to Julia's. Gillian mocks Harrow a bit, saying Julia who she saw in a picture "doesn't look blind". Harrow tells her his private life is none of her business. Gillian turns back to Tommy and tells him to take his jacket off.

She then calls two of Gyp's men into the room and asks them to remove Harrow, saying "Mr. Rossetti wants this man gone". She turns back to Harrow and says, "You lied to me, Richard. That's what hurts the most". Eddie regains consciousness and asks Nucky if he should bring the car around. He doesn't realize how hurt he is and Nucky tells him he can have the evening off. Nucky asks Eddie if he has any family. Eddie says he has a wife and two boys. He starts to trail off into something else. Chalky comes and asks Nucky if he's ready to go. He says he can put Eddie up in an apartment block he has. Lucky meets the men from Buffalo on a rooftop. One of them hands over the cash.

Lucky then pulls the five pounds worth of heroin out and puts it in a bag for the men. As soon as that's done, a few men sneak up on him in what looks like a robbery but turns out to be an arrest. Chalky puts Nucky into the back of a wagon and tells him its best he doesn't come out until he's told. The drive off and Nucky tries to sleep but the wagon comes to a sudden stop. Two men ask Chalky if he knows Nucky Thompson and mention the $25,000 bounty. The other man finally says they should check the back of the truck. Nucky hears this and is hiding with his gun in hand. Purnsley pauses as he's about to open the back of the truck, then, opening it in one smooth move, he shoots one of the men, Chalky shoots another and Nucky apparently shoots the third.

Chalky tells Nucky he's probably worth more than $25,000 now, and Nucky tells Chalky and Purnsley they're probably worth more than that now, too. Chalky tells Nucky that if he's looking to get out of town. This would be the time. But Nucky says he's staying. Harrow dramatically pulls out all his weapons. Nucky, Chalky and Purnsley, pull up to an abandoned place where Eli's oldest son gives them some day-old bread and coffee. Nucky says it's the best thing he's ever tasted. Chalky tells Nucky all it takes is to go without to find out what you really need. Nucky asks Willie to leave and privately tells Chalky that if he gets Atlantic City back he can have his club. "And if you don't?" Chalky asks.

Nucky says he'll have to make new friends. Chalky says he's too old for that. They agree they're stuck with each other. Nucky hears a car outside and goes out to see what is happening. Nucky stands out in front while the cars pull up, carrying several armed men. Eli leads the group. He's surprised that Nucky pulled Willie into this. Eli reports that he cut a deal, not with Torio, but with Al Capone, who walks up. Al says he's been on the road for 18 hours. He needs a bath and some chow. "Then you and me sit down," Al tells Nucky, "and we talk about who dies”. The episode ends at this point.