New York Sour - Recap

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At a small bar in Warsaw, two men sit at the bar and one of the men asks the bartender if the radio is on. It's a weak signal and the only station they get. The man asks if there is anything to see in Warsaw but there isn't. They pay their bill and leave. The second man asks why he tipped so well if they were supposed to be laying low. Their car won't start so the second man checks the engine. He remains silent after he lifts the hood. The man in the car gets out to see what he is doing. He finds his friend with a slit throat. He turns around and Richard Harrow shoots him in the head. Richard takes an envelope from the man's jacket and leaves.

Chalky White and Dunn Pursley sit with Dickey while they audition a pair of tap dancers. Dickey wants $1,000 a week for them to perform for Chalky. The woman who is with Dickey asks Dunn to get her another drink. On his way back with the drink she points to his pocket. He stops walking and takes out a napkin with s drawing of sex with a question mark.

Nucky watches the meeting from upstairs when Louis comes in and helps him put on his coat. They go to the next room where a meeting is about to take place. Nucky knows everyone except Mr. Masseria, who refuses to shake hands. Eli says they want to settle things with Rothstein. Nucky outlines his territory but Rothstein and Luciano are still sore about the losses they have suffered. Masseria interrupts Nucky and asks why he should trust him. Nucky orders a man to open a bag of money for Masseria. The money ends any problems the men had between each other. Luciano leaves with Masseria, who he now works for. Rothstein is surprised that Nucky didn't try to kill him.

Gillian is in court trying to gain custody of Tommy from the Sagorskys. They argue and the judges asked what happened in Gillian's house 8 months ago and how the Sagorskys got Tommy but no one wants to tell the truth.

Eli tries to teach his son how to drive but it's rough. Eli gets out to meet with Mickey Doyle, Stan, and Agent Knox. Stan mentions a problem he took care of that was beyond the call of duty, he wants more money from Eli. As Knox listens to Borst talk about a surprise booby trap he has for thieves, he sees Eli hand money to Stan.

In Cicero, Al Capone welcomes a truck load of women to his club. Torrio calls Capone and his men into his office. They talk about a reporter that is writing about a democrat who wants to eliminate crime. It mentions Torrio by name and the crimes he has committed. Al is mad about his name being wrong in the article.

Eddie introduces Nucky to a blonde actress in Atlantic City. Eddie leaves the two together. The woman says that Eddie thinks Nucky is dangerous and they flirt with each other.

Gillian shows her home to a man who she hopes will rejuvenate the place. She leaves the room to let him think about and she injects heroin into her arm. The man wants to know how much the place is and she says 30 and another 10 if he wants her to put it in her mouth.

A woman tells her boss that all he has to do is sign the card for the birthday present she bought. Her boss is in his office talking to someone. He is fearful of whoever it is and pleads for his life. He says he just gets orders from Milwaukee and that's all he knows. He offers money and his silence. Richard Harrow tells the man he will die after he signs the birthday card. The man gives Harrow the address of the man running things but he still kills him.

At a Thompson family dinner, Eli confronts his son about smoking with his friends. Nucky excuses himself from dinner. Billy follows Nucky outside and asks why his father doesn't teach him the family business. Nucky tells him to continue on his way to a degree. Billy admits he smokes and Nucky says he knows, college is where he picked up all his bad habits too.

Al Capone is still angry about his name being wrong in the newspaper. His brothers think it is better if he isn't known but that's not what Al wants. He visits the newspaper office in Cicero and talks to the man who wrote the article that contained his misspelled name. Al writes his name down so the reporter won't forget. He slaps him on the head and leaves.

Dunn pours a drink for himself and the woman who wants to have sex with him. She says the hotel they are in is disgusting and asks for another drink. She warns Dunn that Chalky should be careful because her husband Dickey is a liar. While they are having sex Dickey reveals that he is in the room. His wife says that Dunn forced her to have sex but he tells Dunn to sit down. Dickey holds a gun and spouts some racist talk. He holds the gun to Dunn's head and forces him have sex with his wife while he watches. Dunn grabs a bottle and smashes it over Dickey's head. He stabs him repeatedly with the broken bottle. While this happens the woman escapes out the window.

Stan and Knox talk about how to keep their investigator off their backs. Knox tells Stan about Borst's problem with people stealing his booze.

Chalky is in Dunn's room and is upset about what he has done. Eli and Nucky enter the room and take the sheet off the body. They leave to look for the girl and dispose of Dickey's body. Eli and Chalky give Dunn a hard time as he attempts to bury the body.

Gillian snorts drugs in her home and asks another man if he is interested in buying the house. The man says that he doesn't think Gillian really wants to sell the house. The man is Roy Phillips and he is in town to expand a supermarket franchise. He flirts with her after he says he left his wife. Roy says he has another place to look at and asks Gillian if he will be a knowledgeable companion to him since he doesn't know his way around town.

Over at the Onyx Club, the Onyx girls put on a dance show. Nucky tells Dunn to find the missing woman no matter what. He rejoins the woman that was introduced to him by Eddie. Later on she waits naked for Nucky in his bed. She wants to sleep with him so that she can star on Broadway. Nucky asks for a moment and walks out of the room. Louis walks in and says that Nucky has been called away.

Stan and Knox are at Borst's and they hope to rob him. Knox waits in front while Stan goes around back. Knox doesn't mention the booby trap and Stan is shot. When Borst comes out to investigate Knox shoots him in the head. Knox pours himself a drink outside and walks back to Stan. He is slowly dying and Knox tells him he will call it in as soon as he gets a grip on himself.

Nucky stands on the balcony of the Albatross Hotel and looks over some papers and maps. Louis brings him some coffee and says he wasn't asleep yet.

Richard Harrow walks up to a house covered in snow. He looks in and places his gun in a pile of wood. Richard knocks on the door but turns around when he hears a dog whine. A woman points a gun at him and he says "Emma, I've come home."