Resignation - Recap

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Van Alden delivers flowers for Mr. O'Banion to various houses. At one house he punches a man out and says Mr. O'Banion wants the money he is owed. The man says he will pay but Van Alden reaches into the man's pocket, takes some money, and says it is better not to vow than to vow and not pay.

Richard Harrow's sister Emma says that their dog Samson ran away. They discuss their father's death. Harrow says he must go to Milwaukee for the day and he tells Emma that he reads everything that she send him. Emma is happy to see Richard again but says that if he doesn't return this time, then don't come back at all. She hands him a book and leaves to look for Samson. Inside the book, Richard finds a past due bill for over $10,000.

Eddie pours coffee for Nucky but shakes an extreme amount and ends up dropping his cane, which knocks over a cup. He apologizes about that and the food but Nucky waves it off. Nucky suggests hiring someone else but Eddie insists that he can do the work.

In the greenhouse, Van Alden gives the money to O'Banion. He offers Van Alden some higher paying work with Capone. At first he isn't interested, but O'Banion wants someone who can think on their feet, he has a dozen men who can collect money while Van Alden is gone. O'Banion says to keep close to Al and Frank and keep him informed.

At the Onyx Club, Chalky White shows off the renovated club to his family and his son-in-law's family. Dunn Purnsley tells Chalky that the woman still hasn't been found. Dunn says she is gone but Chalky says he can't be too sure.

Nucky pays a visit to Edward Bader at a special groundbreaking ceremony. Nucky is upset about having to come to Edward. Bader promises that he will have it tomorrow morning and Nucky says they will get started on the next one after that.

Richard Harrow hides in a man's office and holds him at gunpoint when the man enters. Richard asks if the man knows Carl Billings. The man does and Richard says that Carl hired him to kill the man. The man says he will pay more than Carl but when he makes a move for a gun Richard stops him and asks about his family. The man says he has a wife and two girls. Richard lowers his gun and says that when the man sees his family tonight to remember that he didn't cost him anything.

Eli helps prepare Nucky for his trip to Florida. Before he leaves, he meets with Warren Knox, the man who is the new head of the prohibitionist office. He says he will take the job very seriously but then tells Nucky that he's joking. Nucky says that he won't see the man again and all business will be conducted through Eli.

Van Alden's wife surprises him with a davenport couch. She has bought a lot of furniture and spent way more than what he has. He insists that it all be sent back but she says that while it is a house, it's not yet a home suitable for their children.

Chalky inspects everything behind the scenes at the Onyx Club and finds it ready to go. He enters the main room and is greeted by an old friend. The man rubs Chalky's head for luck and Chalky does his best to contain his anger. He heads upstairs where he finds a man and a woman in his office. The man is a doctor and the woman is the one Dunn has been looking for. The doctor relied upon Dickey and he doesn't know what he will do now that Dunn has killed him. Chalky doesn't give him any information though and says to ask around Newark. The doctor and woman leave but not before the doctor says that he saw, in reference to Chalky in the main hall, a servant pretending to be a king.

Eddie pours Nucky's coffee without any hand shakes and gives Nucky a package of money from Bader. Eddie also hands Nucky his resignation letter. Nucky apologizes for all of the mess that he has been a part of but Eddie doesn't feel appreciated. All that Eddie wants is a demonstration of Eddie's respect. Nucky doesn't know if Eddie is quitting or asking for a promotion and Eddie says that is for Nucky to decide.

At Emma's, Richard fixes a tractor when she asks for his help. Their dog Samson is dying and can't move. Richard greets the dog and tries to comfort him and asks Emma what she wants to do. Emma says for Richard to use his pistol but he says he doesn't have one. She says that she saw him hide it and take it with him when he left for the veterans bureau. She asks that he please put down Samson quickly. Richard can't bring himself to kill the do and Emma takes the gun from him. He tells Emma that he doesn't want any more of it and she puts down Samson herself.

Al Capone tells his men the plan to convince voters to vote Republican. Al recognizes Van Alden and asks what he is doing there. Van Alden tells Capone that O'Banion is hoping to take Chicago if Capone takes Cicero. Al gets mad at Van Alden for not coming to him sooner, but Frank tells him to relax because Van Alden doesn't know anything.

Chalky tells Dunn about the man and woman who visited him earlier in his office. Dunn suggests that he kill them both but Chalky doesn't want that. Their conversation is interrupted when Chalky notices that the band isn't playing downstairs. The bandleaders come upstairs and say they aren't allowed to play because the doctor from earlier, Dr. Narcisse, owns a part of each of them.

Pflaum's rally is broken up by Capone and his men. They begin beating everyone who is there with metal pipes. Van Alden rescues one of his team right before a man hits him in the face with a chair. Frank Capone helps Van Alden to his feet and hands him his hat.

Dickey's girl recounts to Dr. Narcisse, Nucky, and Chalky the night she had sex with Dunn. She claims that he raped her and that Dickey was just trying to help her when Dunn killed him. Nucky asks how Dr. Narcisse knew what hotel they are at. There is no proof of the rape but Dr. Narcisse says that a white woman against a Libyan will have an easy victory in court. Dr. Narcisse says that it is up to Nucky how much his relationship with Chalky is worth. This will determine how much Dr. Narcisse will be paid to allow the acts to perform. Nucky offers the doctor 10% of the club's earnings and he accepts the offer.

J. Edgar Hoover questions Fred Elliot about his dealings with Enoch Thompson. Agent Knox enters the room and places a package of cash down and says that he was given it by Elliot yesterday. Elliot refuses to admit his guilt though.

In a car, Dickey's woman thanks Dr. Narcisse for his help. He says that Dickey was a great loss and agrees to her demands to have Dunn killed. The driver pulls over and tells the doctor he needs to check the tires. The driver and passenger get out and Dr. Narcisse asks how Dickey knew what hotel to find her in. She insists she was raped and Dr. Narcisse says he has heard this tale one time too many. The driver puts opens her door and puts a rope around her neck. He drags her out the door and away from the car. The man returns to the car and they drive off.

Nucky tells Eddie to get a safety deposit box and tells him to put the money from Bader in it. He says to make it under his name and that there will be more money to come.

Richard answers the phone and a man asks for Emma Harrow. He is calling from the office of the man that Harrow killed to inform him of the back taxes that are due on their house.

Bader arrives at his construction site and finds a crowd gathered around. There is an unidentified woman's body there. It is the woman that Dr. Narcisse had killed.