Acres of Diamonds - Recap

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Nucky is in Florida to meet with Bill McCoy. Bill welcomes him to Tampa and complains about three of his ships carrying whiskey that were taken. Bill wants to broker a deal with Nucky and Tucker. Tucker is very excited to meet Nucky, and Nucky says that most people are excited to meet him until they actually do.

Richard Harrow holds and examines his pistol. He then places it in a hole he has dug and buries it.

In Harlem, Dr. Narcisse preaches about educated Libyans. His meeting is interrupted so that he can talk to Arnold Rothstein and Madden. Arnold is there to discuss heroin trade with Narcisse. Arnold tells him that he is to dispatch payment to a Mr. Diamond. Arnold leaves their meeting and Narcisse tells Madden that he is interested in hiring a performer.

At the Harrow house, a man named Hugh drones on about something that doesn't interest Richard. Emma is interested in marrying him but Richard doesn't know how he feels about Hugh. Richard leaves money on the table and tells Emma to pay the taxes. She says she has already paid them and refuses to pay a second time.

Nucky sits at a table and overhears a conversation at a table over. He greets Skeeter Walsh, who is selling swampland lots. Skeeter says he takes 10% of the property price and business is booming. Nucky looks interested in this opportunity.

A recording plays for a room full of college kids. Willie Thompson stands near some other students who want to party but have no booze. Willie tells them that he can get some and they all agree to have a party in the basement.

Gillian shows another house to Roy Phillips, who is still looking for a place to buy. Roy asks if Gillian would be willing to attend a dinner with him. He is supposed to meet a man and his wife for dinner. Roy asks Gillian to pretend to be his wife so that Roy's deal can go through.

At the Onyx Club, Chalky greets Narcisse, who enters with Daughter Maitland. Chalky tells Dunn to set the tables and proceeds to talk with Narcisse. Daughter is a proficient singer and she will be singing at the club for the week. Narcisse points out that the girl is a star if he will have her. Narcisse thought that Dunn was the one who managed the staff but Chalky says he does what he is told.

Willie drives with his friend to a warehouse where he believes he can buy some booze. He tries to talk to Mickey Doyle but he doesn't recognize him and refuses to sell him booze. On his way out, Willie tries to steal a box of booze but is caught. Mickey slaps him and threatens to call his father. Mickey allows Willie to go if he agrees to not say a word. As Willie leaves, Mickey allows him to take the booze.

Richard Harrow cleans out the shed and finds some old childhood toys and possessions. He stands in the corner, takes his face mask off, and looks to the sky. He puts the mask back on and Carl Billings enters the shed. His bodyguard points a gun at Richard. Carl reminds him about the job that he was hired to do and says the man was left alive so this has him concerned about the conversation they had on the train last year. Richard hasn't touched the money Carl gave him, but Carl says that just makes him stupid. Richard stabs the bodyguard but Carl grabs the gun before him. Richard's mask has fallen off and Carl says he is doing a favor by killing Richard. However, before he can pull the trigger, Emma shoots him with a shotgun. Emma sits down and stares in disbelief.

Nucky enters a speakeasy to meet with Tucker and Bill. Tucker asks Nucky if he is ready to get rich but Nucky says he already is. Nucky also says the land is worthless because the entire area is being developed into a town. Tucker is upset because Bill promised that he would join them in the deal. Nucky prepares to leave and Tucker says he doesn't like having his time wasted. In response, Nucky says that he isn't the one that drove all the way to Florida.

Daughter performs at the Onyx Club. Gillian is also there with her pretend husband Roy. The two flirt together and even manage to convince Roy's colleague to have a drink. Gillian leaves for the bathroom to powder her nose with the colleague's wife. Narcisse asks Chalky what he thinks of Daughter. Chalky says that the white people seem to like her and Narcisse says yes that would be very important to him.

At the party in the basement, everyone thanks Willie for all of the booze. Willie sees Doris being harassed by Henry. He steps in when she tries to get away and offers to walk her out. Doris has something in the library to show Willie. When they get there they make out.

Bill owes Tucker a lot of money: the ship of whiskey that was stolen belonged to Tucker. Nucky says the deal is shit and that Bill should have just asked for money. Tucker apologizes to Nucky for all of the sales talk and desperation.

After the dinner, Gillian hangs out at a restaurant with Roy. He says that they make a pretty good team. A man comes up to them and says he recognizes Gillian. He is Roger's friend and says that he disappeared after being seen with her. Roy forces the man to leave because he makes Gillian feel awkward. She excuses herself to the bathroom and injects heroin.

In the library, Willie continues to make out with Doris. They are interrupted by Henry and some other people singing. Willie knocks Henry down but he gets back up and embarrasses Willie in front of everyone.

Nucky returns to the speakeasy alone and chats with the waitress. He says he was happy as a crooked politician until Prohibition happened and being rich wasn't enough. Tomorrow is his son Teddy's birthday and he thinks the best gift may be to let him forget about his father. The waitress, Sally, laughs that the best gift just happens to be the one that requires the least amount of work. Sally tells Nucky that while Tucker could be dangerous, he isn't very smart.

Narcisse confronts Dunn in the Onyx Club after everyone is gone. He is in town on new business and wants to talk about Chalky. Narcisse wants to learn how Dunn feels towards Chalky and shows Dunn heroin. He says it can also be freedom and power over men like Chalky. Narcisse offers to go with Dunn, wherever he wants to.

Bill, drunk in his room, answers the door and lets Tucker in. Tucker chokes him and says he will soon learn what will happen to him for not succeeding with the deal.

Hugh confesses to Richard that Emma seems like she is under ice. He states that she thinks the world of Richard. Hugh says that their house is no place for Emma to raise a baby by herself. Richard tells Emma that during the war, when he was afraid he would think about home and her. Emma asks him to send her an address if he wants her to know where he is. Emma calls Richard onto the porch and they hug. She tells him that he needs to call himself to account.

Nucky opens a box to find a toy alligator with a note from Sally that says "For Teddy." He calls Bill and says that he is in on the deal. He will send someone in a few days with the money. Bill acts strange on the phone and it's because he has just murdered Tucker.