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Talking Heads - Recap

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The scene opens with a homeless man walking when he stumbles onto a body that is buried. Meanwhile, Megan drops off Lacey at school and Lacey asks if she can come by her work for a class project of going to their parent's place of work. Megan is happy that Lacey picked her, but tries to tell her that it is not a good idea. Lacey tells that she will have her dad drop her off later. Megan gets a call and reports to the field where the dead body was found. Samantha Baker is on her own because Bud has a court date. The team get ready to dig, but Megan stops them. She grabs the hand sticking out and sees that it is severed from a the body. The foot that is sticking out too has been severed too. Peter tells everyone that the victim has been dismembered and that they are going to have to search around the entire area.

Later, Megan walks down the hall holding the foot in a container when the Chief comes up and asks what they know. She tells that the Mayor wants to know if it is one body or multiple pieces of different bodies. Megan says that she doesn't know yet and the Chief tells that they are going to find out together. They pull out a board and start to get to know the victim based on the foot and hand found. Peter and Samantha come in and Megan tells them that they are looking at an older man who was a construction site welder and that he arthritis. Samantha is surprised that they can get all of that from looking at the hand. Megan sees a stamp on the victim's hand and the Chief recognizes it from the Winner's Lounge in the Canyon Creek Casino. She admits that she plays Texas Hold'em rather well. Megan says that they are going to have to look at their security footage and Samantha laughs at that idea. However, the Chief says that she can get them a meeting because she knows the General Manager.

The Chief and Samantha meet with the General Manager and watch the tape from the night that the victim was at the casino. The Chief points out an elderly man and says that is the victim. The manager recognizes him as Cal. He says that he won $25,000 that night. There is a woman holding his arm and the manager says that her name is Wendy. Back at the medical office, Curtis finds a white substance on Cal's foot and Megan comes in and tells Ethan and Curtis that Lacey is going to be coming in and gives them a list of questions that Lacey is going to ask. Curtis looks at the substance found and says that it looks like yogurt. Peter smalls it and finds out that it is Cilantro and says that there is a Greek restaurant near the crime scene.

Samantha meets with Wendy and asks where she went after they left and she says that Cal wanted to leave and says that the last time she saw him was when he got into a black sports car with a mystery man. Meanwhile, Megan, Ethan and Peter walk around the alley looking in dumpsters and Ethan stops a dog with a bag. Inside he finds two more body parts. At the medical office, Curtis says that the scars on the knee and the thigh that they found and Ethan says that it was knee replacement surgery and Megan sends Ethan to the dump to search for more body parts. Lacey comes in and she tries to get footage of a dead body. Megan takes Lacey to her office and gives the rules of the office and gives the questions to ask. She is not too happy of it.

Peter comes in and says that the serial number of the knee replacement was registered to a Callam Shane O'Donnell. He says that all billing information was sent to a Dean Avery, son-in-law to Cal and husband to his daughter Jenny. They go to her home and tell her the bad news. She is heartbroken and Dean is sitting back unaffected. Jenny says that Dean and Cal never got along and Dean says that they had to send him money all the time. Back at the medical office, Lacey begins her interviews with the staff and starts with the Chief. She sticks to the questions, despite what Lacey says and tells that Megan is a great worker. Meanwhile, Peter and Sam go to Cal's home and meet with the owner of the building, Mike Walsh, and he asks what happened to him. They ask why he thinks that and Mike tells that Cal calls him everyday with something. Back at the medical office, the Chief asks Megan how things are going and Megan says that Call’s body parts were frozen. She calls Peter and tells him to check the freezer. They find the rest of Cal’s body. Megan arrives and Peter says that they are missing the head. Mike comes in and asks who would do this and Samantha tells that they need a list of tenants. They go in the bathroom and see where Cal was chopped up.

They talk to the neighbors and the Ling family and Mr. Ling is a little anxious. He tells that a man was just killed next door and tells them to get the killer. Outside, A woman is trying to get access to the building and tells Megan and Samantha that she is Jasmina, the nanny for the Ling Family. They tell what happened and Jasmina says that Mr. Ling is a big smoker and that he has to go out to smoke. Later, Ethan gets to the office and Lacey is there to interview him. He is nervous and accidentally tells that he was at the dump looking for the rest of the body and Lacey seems interested. Meanwhile, Megan, the Chief and Curtis find a small smudge on Cal’s hand and speculate who could have left the smudge. At the apartment, Samantha says that they have gone through the house and still couldn’t find the money. Peter shows that they found a blue contact and Peter sees that Jenny’s eyes are a different color in a picture. They get to the house and hear Dean yelling. They storm inside and see the $25,000 on the table. They take them to the station and Jenny says that Cal called and told that he wanted to give her money and Samantha doesn’t really believe her. Meanwhile, Peter asks Dean about the cash and he is upset that he had the money and that if he would have known about it, but he stops. Jenny tells that Cal gave her money to pursue her Art School. Peter suggests to Samantha that they are probably in it together.

Megan gets into the medical office to find Lacey and Ethan talking. She asks how things are going and Lacey asks about the body that they found. She asks who told her that and Ethan is busted. Ethan talks back and says that Megan is hiding things from Lacey just like she does in her personal life. Ethan tells that he will get back to work and finds a material of something. Meanwhile, Curtis is getting interviewed by Lacey and she gives up. Curtis shows her the slide of the residue that was found on the hand and Megan walks in and asks what Curtis is doing. He shows that he was only showing the substance. She tells Lacey to come with her. Samantha meets with Mr. Ling and says that he lied to her and he says that he was having a little guy time and says that it is hard with the baby. Samantha asks how hard is raising a baby with a full-time nanny, but Mr. Ling is confused. At the medical office, Megan takes Lacey in and has her videotape her talking about what they have and what she does as a Medical Examiner. She tells that they have only a fraction of evidence and have to find the life of the victim. Megan goes up to the team and tells them that the fragment that Ethan found was brain tissue. Samantha comes in and tells Megan that Jasmina doesn’t exist and the Ling Family doesn’t have a nanny.

They question Irina Toslava, Jasmina’s real name and Samantha says that they found the hack saw in the back of her car. She won’t say anything. Megan asks to have a run at her and she tells that she didn’t kill Cal and says that he was a good man who promised to bring her son to America. She says that she found him in the bathtub and that he had to still write the letter to get her son to her, but he was dead. If anyone would have found the body, she wouldn’t get her son. She chopped up his body to hide him, but still says that she didn’t kill him. Megan asks her to show them where the head is and they can prove that she didn’t do it. They get the head and Megan says that there were two hits to the head. The substance that was found in the head was Rockwell, a substance used in sound proofing. They talk to Mike Walsh again and tell that they know that he killed Cal because he was the only tenant standing in his way into turning it into luxury apartments. He tries to deny it, but they have the proof.

Later, Megan and Samantha go to Jenny and tell that they go her father’s killer and she says that she is going to do what her father wanted and she is leaving Dean and pursuing Art School. Megan is still working and Peter tells that she better go home soon. A video pops up on Megan’s computer. It is Megan’s video project and it is really well done. She smiles and the episode ends.