Dead Man Walking - Recap

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The scene opens with a man stumbling and another man following right behind. The man gets dizzy and calls out for help. Later, Megan arrives at the crime scene with Peter and they ask Samantha what is going on. She tells that the victim has nothing bad enough to kill him. They find out that the victim is Ted Harbison. Megan sees a stain on the bag and smells it. She tells that it is cheese steak cheese. Samantha goes to a restaurant and talks to the owner. She asks if anyone with the description of the man that was following Ted and the manger calls out Carl, but when he sees Samantha and the officer, he runs. Meanwhile, Ethan and Curtis have a victim of a blood clot named Jessica Archer and Ethan wants to know how she got that in the first place.

Sam takes Carl Anders, the guy that ran away from them, to the station and asks why he had Ted’s credit cards on him. Carl tells that he saw a bag and he took it. Megan examines Ted’s body and asks what they found in his bag. Peter tells that they found flight routes and things that a pilot would have. They also found post-surgery medication. Megan opens up Ted’s shirt and sees the holes and stitches that are evidence of a surgery. Dr. Mark Chandler is the doctor that is listed and Megan opens up Ted’s body, but finds that it is filled with blood. She tells that Carl didn’t kill Ted, his surgeon did. Megan and Peter talk with Ted’s wife, Mindy. Megan asks her why she didn’t go with Ted and she tells that he told her that he would be fine. Peter mentions the flight routes and asks about that. Mindy tells that Ted was only playing with the idea. Meanwhile, Ethan and Curtis are still trying to figure out the reason to Jessica’s death and Ethan suggests that she died in the hotel room after getting off the airplane.

Megan and Peter go to the Medical Center that Megan used to work at and Megan tells Peter that they are going to meet with Gwen Baldwin, the new head of the hospital. They go to her office and Gwen tells them to hold on a second because she is trimming a bonsai tree. Megan tells that one of her surgeons may have killed a patient after a surgery. She tells that there are procedures. Megan asks to talk to Gwen alone and tells her that she was a surgeon too once and that they used to friends. Gwen tells that her son overdosed at a Frat party during the initiation. Megan apologizes and consoles her. They go up to Dr. Chandler and Megan tells that Ted Harbison was operated and he bled internally. She tells that Chandler only clipped on artery. He tells her to check the video and Megan asks for it. Gwen tells her to talk to their council. Peter tells that Megan is in trouble with the Chief for making accusations without evidence. Nancy Follett, a nurse at the hospital, stops them and tells that Chandler is an accident waiting to happen and that he is horrible at cutting corners.

Ethan comes out to the lobby and meets Karen Archer, Jessica’s identical twin sister. Megan gets back to the office and Peter asks how Chandler is still practicing medicine if he is a disaster waiting to happen. Megan sees that it was clipped, but no clips. Megan searches the blood and finds the two clips. They meet with Samantha and the Chief and Megan says that either it was malpractice or murder. Peter suggests that there is something to do with Dr. Chandler and Ted. The Chief tells Megan that she needs to have all the evidence. Megan asks for the Chief’s help and tells that they need the video and instruments used. Meanwhile, Karen comes in to identify Jessica’s body and Ethan tells that it was possible Deep Vein Thrombosis. He asks if she wants to go somewhere else to talk. Karen tells that Jessica didn’t fly anywhere and says that Jessica was staying at the hotel because her house was being painted. She tells that she has to go through her apartment and asks Ethan to come with her. He hesitates for a moment, but she insists. She gives Ethan her number and sets up a date. Meanwhile, Samantha meets with Mindy and she tells that there was no connection to Ted or the doctor. Samantha sees a cheese steak wrapper in the trash and she asks if Ted had a life insurance policy. The Chief meets with Gwen and the hospital council. Gwen tells that there is no video. The Chief tells that she has but to call the Mayor and she can get what she wants. The lawyer tells that they are not lying and they give files on all their employees that worked that night. The Chief also asks to see their hazardous waste.

Later, Curtis and Ethan enter into the hazardous waste containment garage and Curtis asks how come he is there. Ethan says that Megan offered to help with their case if they did this. Curtis gets fed up with it and starts to leave and trips over the medical equipment they are looking for. At the medical office, Megan is thinking of Dr. Chandler and how he is hiding behind the malpractice lawyers. She tells that she could have done that, but decided that it wasn’t ethical. Ethan and Curtis come in and show the medical supplies. Megan sees that one of the staple guns has been tampered with. Meanwhile, Samantha talks to Carl again and tells that Mindy paid him. Carl denies it. The manager says that he recognizes Mindy and says that she was with Nancy Follett, the nurse. Back at the medical office, Curtis tells Megan that he tested the equipment and he found spores from something. Meanwhile, Ethan helps out Karen with getting her sister’s things out and tells that he understands why she is upset and hugs her. The Chief gets in and tells that there is no video and Samantha tells that Mindy had lunch with Nancy and the Chief tells that Nancy has been written up for many things and they theorize that Nancy tampered the gun. Ethan gets back and Curtis tells that Jessica was positive for a blood clot hereditary disease.

Peter and Megan meet with Mindy and she tells that she was only meeting Nancy so that she could warn them about Dr. Chandler. She tells that Ted wasn’t even scheduled for the surgery and Chandler squeezed him in. Samantha interviews Nancy and Megan interrupts and asks Nancy if Dr. Chandler had any other surgery and Megan says that they need to get to the hospital. The Chief goes in and tells that she is shutting down the hospital and Dr. Chandler comes out that he has an open appendix. They get an address of the other surgery patient. Meanwhile, Ethan is trying to call Karen and tell her that she has the same thing that Jessica has and can’t get a hold of her. Curtis tells him to go and find her. Megan and Peter find the house and see George in the middle of the kitchen. They get in and Megan feels that he is still alive. However, she has to do the surgery to save his life because the ambulance will take too long. It is a success and Megan sees that he has Dexter Fraternity sticker on the back of his phone. She puts two and two together and go to Gwen’s office. She tells that the fungal that was retrieved from the staple guns was from the Bonsai tree. She tells that she is her friend and she is not going to turn her in. However, she tells Gwen that she is going to turn herself in. Gwen looks shocked as Megan leaves.

Ethan goes to Karen’s place and tells that he was trying to call her all day. She asks what is wrong and Ethan tells that she has exactly what Jessica had and if she gets on a plane, she could die. Meanwhile, Megan visits Dr. Chandler and tells him that he better watch out because he can kill someone someday and that could be trouble for him. He ignores her and tells that he is not going to listen to her because she already killed someone on the operating table. At the medical office, Curtis and Ethan tell Karen that she needs to see a doctor and get on medication for this. She walks over to Ethan and kisses him on the cheek. She tells that when he wants, he can call her. Ethan asks Curtis how long is ethical to wait and he tells that he has to wait two months. Later, Megan is looking over the bridge when the Chief walks up. She tells that Megan saved more than one life today. She shows a file of a boy who was scheduled to be using the same staple gun and she feels good that she got to save a life as well.