Buried Secrets - Recap

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The scene opens with a woman driving down the road. She starts to doze off when she hits something in the road. The next day, Megan meets with her mother for breakfast, but is too occupied looking at her phone rather than talking to her mother. She gets a text from Peter saying that they have another dead body to look at. She leaves and meets up with Peter says that the victim is Joe Salerno, an 18 year veteran of the police force. Megan tests Joe’s blood and says that the time-line of his death is off. At the station, Bud and Sam start getting the lists of the crazies calling in. An officer tells them that they have the driver of the car that hit Joe. Megan gets to the medical office and tells Ethan to run a blood test. Curtis stops her and says that there is no need for unnecessary tests. However, Megan says that it is necessary. Bud and Sam come in and say that a woman turned herself in.

They get to Joe’s body and Sam gets personal with her emotions and says that they came out of the academy together. Ethan comes in and says that they have a piece of paper with a green smudge on it. Megan says that Joe was already dead when Erica ran him over. Peter tells Sam that they don’t have much to go off of. Megan says that Ethan is going to have to run another blood test. Bud comes in and asks if Sam knew that Joe was on the desk because a drug dealer filed assault charges on him. Sam can’t believe it because Joe wasn’t that type of person. Sam suggests that she go and get the drug dealer, but Bud tells that she should go notify Helen, Joe’s wife. Sam asks Megan to go with her and Peter goes with Bud. They meet with Chuck Foster, the drug dealer. He tells about his story and Peter is the one that loses his cool and grabs Chuck. Meanwhile, Megan and Sam meet with Helen and she says that Joe and she have not been together on things and that she feels separated from him. Megan talks to Becky Joe and Helen’s daughter. She says that Joe used to make Origami.

Back at the station, Sam says that Helen thought that Joe was working on a case. Bud says that he was working on a cold case with a lacrosse student, Lizzy Adler, who was found murdered. Megan looks at Joe’s heart and finds a piece of a capsule inside. Megan drops her scalpel and Peter asks what is wrong. She says that she had to meet her mother. She recognizes the drug and says that it was homemade. Bud and Sam visit Chuck again and find the same drug on him. They take him to the station and he says that he was at the party and Lizzy was hitting on him, but then her coach came in. He says that he doesn’t know. They go to the coach Hal Davis, and Heather Clayton says that Lizzy was seeing someone who they couldn’t tell about and they tell that it was a professor. Back at the medical office, Peter says that he can’t find Lizzy Adler’s file and Curtis is instructed to go get them.

Sam comes in and asks for the results that they have and he says that Warfarin was found in Joe’s system and he was poisoned throughout the course of several days. Curtis comes in and shows Megan Lizzy’s file and Megan sees that there is a mark on her neck that wasn’t in the original autopsy. She says that they need to inform the family to take out her body from the grave. Peter asks if the Chief knows and she says that she doesn’t. Ethan tells that he told Sam about the Warfarin and Megan says that he needs to keep her up to date with the case. Peter tells Ethan to call the parents of Lizzy and tell them that they are going to dig up their daughter. Kate is watching the news and asks where they are in the case. Megan says that they are going to get Lizzy’s body out of the ground, but Kate says no. However, this doesn’t stop Megan. She goes to her mother and gets a court order to dig up Lizzy. At the grave site, they find an old ball inside Lizzy’s casket. Megan walks over to the grave of her father and says that he died from suicide, but it is clear that she is not convinced.

Bud and Sam go to the professor that Lizzy was having an affair with and he denies it. However, he finally says that Lizzy didn’t want to break it off. He says that he was out of town the night she was murdered and they were supposed to go out to dinner when he got back. Curtis says that Lizzy’s body was moved and that the mud that was found is not their site. Curtis pulls out something from her nose and suddenly Kate comes in and says that they broke the law. She yells at Curtis and Megan says that they have a court order and Kate asks if they notified the family and Kate says that she hopes that they won’t file charges. Ethan apologizes, but Megan doesn’t care.

Sam comes in and Ethan tells that he didn’t have any friends growing up, but he had a guinea pig. He says that he lost his guinea pig and he cried for weeks. He tells that the really crime scene is a tennis court. Ethan says that he is sorry about Joe. Megan, Peter, Bud and Sam get to the real crime scene and Megan wants to know why Joe stopped socializing and says that she has to get to the lab. Once there, Curtis says that he loaded the brain results of Joe and she tells him to run tests. She gets to where Joe is and sees Kate. She says that they got permission from the Adler’s. They look at Lizzy’s body and see that there is a hand print on Lizzy’s back. They show Bud and Sam and say that the person who killed her was wearing an anti-fungal agent and also the killer had a splint from a broken finger. The player that had splint was Heather.

They go to the court and Peter and Megan see that the field is infested with Hantavirus. Megan tells Peter to hit the coach. He is shocked and refuses so Megan hits him. Megan tells that Heather accidentally killed Lizzy by suffocating her. However, the coach is the one that covered it up. Peter says that Warfarin is around the field and Megan gets Heather to break under the pressure and confesses that it is true. She shows that there is a capillaries are fracturing and he is going to die. Sam tells that they have 72 hours to be able to hold him. In the station, the coach asks for help and says that he tricked Joe for energy supplements. Bud gives cranberry juice to him to get rid of the poison. Megan goes to her mom’s office and asks to dig up her father and she says no. Megan says that she wants answers, but she won’t allow it. Later, Megan realizes that the paper that Joe had was origami. Curtis gives her the tests back. She goes with Sam and tells Helen that Joe was suffering from a brain disease and that is why he was acting like he did. Sam tells that Joe was a hero. Megan goes to Becky and shows the piece of Origami. She smiles and the episode ends.