Love Thy Neighbor - Recap

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The scene opens with a girl getting spooked by her boyfriend when suddenly a car comes crashing through the woods. They dive out of the way just in time. The next day, Todd tells Megan that he will be able to pick up Lacey from school. Kate comes out of the house after Todd and Megan is not surprised to see her. Megan offers to get breakfast with her and she tells that she needs to study. Lacey says that she finds it hard to study at home because the walls are thin. Disgusted, Megan asks what she means and Lacey says that she can hear the television downstairs. Megan gets to the crime scene and meets with Peter. He says that the victim is Daniel Davidson. Peter shows a cell phone inside. Megan’s phone rings and her hand cramps up again. She looks at the body and tells him to call Bud and Sam. They are already there and they see that this was not just a car accident; the man was murdered and then pushed over the edge.

Meanwhile at the Medical Center, Kate says that new equipment is coming in and Curtis says that his budget is going to be depleted. However, Kate says that she has been wining and dining everyone and they are not going to touch his budget. Curtis says that it is nice to see that someone is in bed with the right people. Megan walks in and says that they all have their talents. Kate asks Curtis what she said, but he stays out of it. Megan goes up to Ethan and asks him to stop what he is doing and fix her cell phone. Peter and Megan examine the body and she finds a splinter and red cloth fibers in his nose. Ethan tries to fix her phone, but finds it hard to do. Megan gives him the task to find out about the cloth fibers. Bud, Sam, Megan and Peter visit Andrea Davidson and tell her about the murder. She tells that Daniel was loved by all. She runs in and cries. Afterward, Megan sees a man with a motorcycle. She goes over around the neighborhood and sees that everyone is very suspicious. She tells Peter that she used to live on a street similar to this and nothing is as it seems.

Sam and Bud tell Megan that they need cause of death and Megan sees that Peter is flirting to get information. Megan sees a piece of the fence broken. Ted Banning comes over and asks what he can do. Megan asks if he and Daniel got into it. She mentions the blood on the fence. He says that Daniel poisoned his dog and that they have to put it down. He says that he got into a fight, but wouldn’t ever kill him. Kate comes into the Medical Center and tells Curtis that she needs to talk to Megan immediately. Megan gets in and Cutis relays the message. She ignores it and Curtis warns her. At the police station, Sam tells Bud that there was an unsent text message on Daniel’s phone to a Vicki. She says that she traced it and it is one of Daniel’s neighbors. Kate goes into Lacey’s school to find Lacey in the nurse. She says that she got sick in class. Kate takes her home and Lacey is not happy. Peter gets into the Medical Center and Megan says that Kate is sleeping with her ex-husband and that she is not in the best of moods. She says that she studied Daniel more closely and realizes that he could be HIV positive.

Bud and Sam go to Vicky Hemington, the woman who Daniel was going to text. Bud sees a footprint in the yard. They get inside and Sam asks if she knew Daniel well. Bud looks around when Bill, Vicky’s husband, comes in. Bud is upstairs and puts the key that Daniel had on him and reveals a wardrobe full of bondage toys. They take them into the station and Bud asks if Vicky was having an affair. She tells him that she didn’t have an affair with Daniel, but says that they had sex a lot. The reason is because her husband and she are swingers. Megan tells Bud that she was right about the street and that there is more too. She goes up to Bill and says that it is quite possible that Daniel was HIV positive and Sam suggests that Bill killed Daniel because he knew this. However, Bill is adamant that Daniel was not because they got tested frequently. Ethan is still trying to fix the phone when Curtis comes in and has the bondage toys. He matches them up with the marks on Daniel’s body. Megan gets in and Ethan looks for the phone. Curtis shows a tube of rice and the phone inside.

The next day, Ethan goes up to Megan and tells that Daniel wasn’t HIV positive. Megan wonders how the symptoms got into his body then. Ethan says that the cloth was doused in Blake Fluid Cleaner. She remembers that Kevin Kaiser, Daniel’s neighbor was working on his motorcycle. They get there and Peter says that Kevin lost his wife because of the swingers so it will be sensitive territory. They talk and he says that he had feelings for Andrea, Daniel’s wife, and that his own wife noticed it too. Meanwhile, Bud tells Sam that he and his wife need to get more connected and suggests that they do date night. Megan calls Bud and Sam and tells them that Kevin and Andrea had a thing and it is quite possible that they were in it together. Bud says that would explain the $15,000 and says that Andrea hired a hitman to kill her husband.

At the station, Andrea denies the accusation. She says that she took the money as insurance for her and Daniel. She says that she was going to invest into a Timeshare when Vicki told that she was going to get a property near Bermuda. She says that she gave all the money to her and says that she is going to have a meeting today. Bud says that they can’t get in and Megan says that she doesn’t know her. Megan and Andrea go to the party and Vicki tells everyone to gather around. She says that there is a community in Bermuda that needs investors to own a piece of the property. Megan intervenes and tells that the place doesn’t exist and that Vicki is a fraud. One her way out, Megan sees Peter flirting with the same girl from earlier and he is shocked that he cleared out the place. She says that all of the women are carrying on as nothing happened. Peter tells her that she doesn’t need to get emotional about it. He says that she is crying and she takes a vial of her tears and takes them back to the lab to process. They get the results and it is negative and she doesn’t understand it. However, at closer look, there is acidity in her tears and that would mean that everyone was exposed to something that does that.

Megan looks at Daniel’s brain and says that he was exposed to a chemical. Kate comes into Megan’s office and she asks if it is a bad time. Megan tells her a story of when Lacey was little and how she felt like a hero. However, Kate was Lacey’s hero and Kate fights back and tells that she doesn’t want to be mixed in the drama that is Megan’s life. Curtis comes in and tells that the test results came back. It is a harmful chemical and says that he was exposed to it throughout a period of time. Megan realizes that something is contaminating everyone on the street. They race over and tell the neighbors. Bud and Sam go to Kevin’s and Sam realizes that the chemical that they are looking for is a Meth product. They go around back to find Kevin in a shed. He is the one who is cooking Meth. They take him to the station and he says that he got caught by Daniel and that he killed him. He breaks down and says that he couldn’t have anything else taken form him. Later that evening, Megan goes in to see Lacey. She tells that she is better now. Megan says that she is sorry and she says that it is alright. Lacey says that she ate something wrong, but Megan sees through it. Megan sees Lacey’s drawing and sees that it is amazing. She says that she didn’t want to take her science test because she didn’t want to fail. Megan says that she would never be disappointed with her. The episode ends.