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Lazarus Man - Recap

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The scene opens with a man running and falling down dead. A woman drives a van fast and opens the back, she takes out a body bag. She is the new Medical Examiner’s Office Driver, Dani. She takes in the body and Ethan is there. He asks if she knows how to do this. Alex Grant is the body and Dani leaves. Ethan is shocked about how attractive Dani is. Ethan takes the boots off the boots and sees a bullet hole in the body. Peter gets into Megan’s office and says that he saw Megan talking to Kate. Ethan says that the body has a gunshot wound. Megan goes inside to where the body is and the body is gone. Megan finds Alex in the break room asleep. He says that the problem is a carburetor. Bud and Sam get there and the EMTs escort Alex and Sam asks who shot him. Alex says that his roommate, Paul, shot him. Bud and Sam get to the apartment to find it empty. Sam says that Paul is on the move. They track his cell phone to a garbage truck. Bud gets in and looks in the back and finds Paul. He is dead and buried amongst the trash.

Peter tells about Paul’s credentials and says that he was a staffer to a Congresswoman. Megan doesn’t believe that Alex and Paul were friends and Peter says that he had a lot of roommates in college. Megan says that it is not their “thing” to know about Peter’s personal life. He laughs and says that they will know more about what Paul and Alex were when Alex gets out of surgery. Bud and Sam come in and Megan says that he was killed during the night and she gives Bud some evidence they found. Peter tests Paul for gunshot residue and it is a positive. Later, Kate, Bud and Sam meet with Congresswoman Bennett and she tells that Paul was a nice guy. She says that she will help in any way she can. Meanwhile, Dani comes up to Ethan and asks what he is doing. Dani says that she got drug into Curtis’ office and Curtis comes in and tells Dani to change her look. Curtis tells Dani to double check if the body is dead. Ethan looks at Dani with lust in his mind and Curtis says that he would be broken in half.

Bud and Sam get to Alex and Paul’s apartment and Bud says that Alex is the trouble maker, but it is Paul who has the gun. Back at the Medical Center, Peter’s sisters come to see him and Megan runs up to find that they are there to tell him that Peter’s ex-girlfriend, the one who got away, is there. Megan is happy about the dirt on Peter, but they are interrupted when Ethan comes up and says that the grass found was from sod. Megan says that this is not over. They go to a field where they are building a new school and find blood in a dumpster. They see a sign with Congresswoman Bennett’s face on it and say that she has a lot to explain. Kate, Bud and Sam get to Bennet’s office and her Chief of Staff, Emily Barrows, comes up and says that they don’t have all the evidence and says that they need to avoid any press involvement and says that there was a man who was talking to Paul. They look at the video surveillance and Sam recognizes the man as Mike Ranage, a loan shark.

Peter asks what Ethan has about the progress and Megan asks if Peter called Lizzy, Peter’s lost love. Ethan tells him that he needs to call her. They get a call from the hospital and Bud and Sam go in the room with Megan and wake Alex up. He says that all he remembers is that he got shot. They show a picture of Ranage and Alex tells them that he doesn’t want to talk to them. Bud and Sam go up to Ranage’s mother and he says that she doesn’t know anything about the business that her son was in. Ranage’s mother says that she knows Sam and asks about her brother. Peter is in the break room and Megan says that there has to be a connection with Alex and Paul. The lab is back with a verdict and Alex’s blood is in the dumpster too. The next day, Bud and Sam put cuffs on Alex and tell him that Paul was killed by Alex.

A press conference is taking place and Kate walks up. Emily comes up and says that they have to stay ahead of this. Kate is upset that Bennett is making claims. Emily says that it is just politics. Bennett says that they have the DNA and that Alex is guilty. Back at the Medical Center, Curtis tells Peter that he needs to avoid calling Lizzy. He says that he needs to keep the memories. Megan says that Paul had an organ transplant and that Alex was the one who donated Bone Marrow to Paul. They go to the hospital and Megan tells Alex that she knows what he did for Paul. Alex says that he took advantage of Paul and says that he would never kill Paul.

Later, Bud and Sam go on stakeout to wait for Rangage to go to his mother. Sam tells Bud about how her brother was killed walking home one night. She says that they caught the bad guy, but never knew why. Bud goes around front and Sam closelines him around back. They put Ranage on the patrol car and tell that they have video of Ranage yelling at Paul. Ranage makes a comment about Sam’s brother and Sam tries to get at him, but Bud slams him on the hood. He says that he has an alibi and Sam thanks Bud. She says that she is sorry that she never told him about her brother. Dani goes up to Ethan and asks if he wants any help preparing Paul’s body and she accidentally sprays cleaner on Paul’s body. Curtis comes in and sees the reaction of the chemical and sees that Paul has something on his hand.

Alex gets to the apartment and says that Paul had a hiding place where he kept things. They find survey reports of the school grounds and another from another place. The reports are the same. They get to the Medical Center and Megan says that Hexing and Acetone, a chemical that cancer patients have. Peter, Kate and Megan get to the school site and test the soil. It is a positive. The next day, Bud and Sam talk to Congresswoman Bennett and tell her that she put herself in a bind. Megan, Kate and Emily are watching. Emily takes off her jacket and Megan smells Acetone and Hexing on Emily’s jacket. Emily walks out and sees a contractor being brought in. Emily is arrested for the murder of Paul. Emily tells Bennett that she did it for her and she walks out without looking. Alex looks at Paul’s body and says that he was the only good thing that happened to him. Later at a bar, a guy comes up to Megan and she says that she is enjoying drinking by herself. Peter comes over and says that he had a date with Lizzy, but it is not the same. He says that he is waiting for a new possibility and Megan says that they have always had a “thing”. The episode ends.