Second Chances - Recap

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The scene opens with a woman being drug by someone or something. A person comes up to her and she asks for help. Meanwhile, Megan quizes Lacey on her Latin words, but Lacey doesn’t seem thrilled about it. Todd comes by and picks Lacey up and Lacey says that this weekend she is going to Boston with Todd and Kate. Later, Megan and Peter arrive at the woman from earlier and Bud comes up and says that he likes Megan’s choice in tennis shoes then her normal heals. He says that Dookie, a Meth Head that was caught taking money from the woman, probably killed her. However, Megan says that she doesn’t look like a user. Megan tells Peter that Kate and Todd are taking Lacey to Boston with them. Kate comes up and asks for an update. Megan tells that she doesn’t know yet and Kate says that she will consult with her on this case. At the station, Bud interviews Dookie, the Meth Head. He tells him that he didn’t kill the girl and says that she was dead already.

At the Medical Center, Megan, Ethan and Curtis examine the woman’s body. Megan sees that the girl has four horses tattooed on her. Ethan thinks that they are the four horses of the apocalypse. Megan reads the numbers PA-1302. Megan says that there is glitter on her lips and white powder in her nails. Peter comes in and says that the blood found on the woman besides her own belongs to Zoe Brandt, an inmate at a prison. Bud and Megan meet with Zoe and show her the picture of the woman who was found dead. Zoe says that her name was Brin Walker. She ran a program where prisoners could take care of horses. They ask Zoe about the blood on Brin’s clothing. Zoe says that she was kicked in the head by a horse and Brin helped her. She tells them that Brin was training her to be a Veterinarian assistant and trying to get her mother to allow her to see her daughter. Zoe shows attitude when Megan tries to ask what her daughter’s name is. Bud points out that he saw the line marks on Zoe’s arms and Megan says that people can change.

Megan goes back to the Medical Center and Peter says that Brin was a champion horseback rider. He says that the tattoo is a tattoo that represents her brother when he was in prison. The number is the guy’s Prison ID. Peter also says that Brin wasn’t high and has no history. Megan realizes that Brin got her foot caught in the stirrups and got dragged by a horse. Megan and Bud go to the stables where Brin rode and taught the inmates. They meet Will Brookes, the owner of the place. He doesn’t believe that Brin would have fallen off the horse and says that Brin only rode one horse. However, when they get up to the horse, it is scared. Megan says that the horse hasn’t been ridden in a long time. Bud says that he will make some calls and see if anyone is missing a horse. Megan calls up Lacey and asks what she is doing. Meanwhile, Kate volunteers herself for extra work when the work that Ethan was supposed to get done. Curtis is confused about Kate’s behavior and asks what is going on. She tells that she and Todd is taking Lacey to Boston. Kate finds a substance in the lungs of Brin. Ethan and Peter go through the forest to see if there were any horses with Brin to confirm their theory that Brin was drug by a horse. Ethan hates horses and finds manure at the crime scene. He bags it up and tells that they should get out of there now. Peter finds the horse that Brin was possibly riding.

Meanwhile, Megan has Lacey look at vests that are meant to keep you from falling off the horse. She is not interested in it and says that she doesn’t want to go to Boston with Kate and Todd and that she wants to go to the party instead. Megan brings the topic on horse riding and says that she needs to get the vest and Lacey says that it is impossible to get your foot caught in the stirrups. She shows that the sidebar detaches and the foot comes out. Megan and Lacey go to the horse ranch and Megan tells that it may seem that Brin rode more then one horse. Brookes says that she must have ridden the horse that she uses for the criminals. Lacey tries to show that the safety stirrups are on the saddle, but it has been tampered with. There are tool marks on it. Brin’s boyfriend, James Savage, comes up and tells Bud that they can’t get into Brin’s stable and Brookes tells him that she is dead. Peter and Megan talk to him and he says that Brookes is the one they should be looking at because he has already made passes at her and was denied.

Bud goes in the shed and Lacey comes in. She sees the ribbons and says that they have to take control and Peter comes in and tells Lacey that Megan is looking for her. Peter says that Brookes wanted more then the key to Brin’s shed. Lacey says that she doesn’t get how a champion rider fell off her horse. Megan gets into the Medical Center and Kate says that she found a piece of broccoli in Brin’s lungs. Megan asks why she is going to Boston with Lacey. She tells that she isn’t, but Todd is. Megan asks for another TOX Screen on the victim again and says that she must have been drugged. They find the entry wound. They walk out and Todd comes up to Megan and asks her why Lacey went to the crime scene with her. Megan says that Lacey is in her office doing homework and Todd says that he is taking her home now. Megan says that Lacey wants to go to a party this weekend and Todd says that says that she can’t go to the party because it is the brother of a friend who is chaperoning the night. Peter comes up and says that James’s horse was disqualified for having too much Bute in its system. They bring in James and he admits that he Buted his horse. Bud doesn’t know why Bute is on Brin’s hand.

The lab comes back with drugs that were in Brin’s system. It came back as the same drugs that would put down a horse. Immediately, Bud suspects Zoe and Megan says that can’t be true. Bud says that all roads lead to her. He goes up to Zoe and she says that Brin was calling Zoe’s mother and tried to get her mother to have her daughter come in. She says that she as asked to get the medicine because Brin was trying to stop someone put down a white horse. At the station, Bud talks to Zoe’s mother and daughter. Back at the Medical Center, Ethan says that the horse ate something metal and says that it was being taken care of. Peter comes in and looks at the x-rays of the horse that is at the stables and can’t believe that the horse was going to compete. Later, Kate walks with Todd and tells him that Lacey doesn’t need to go with them. Kate gets into the Medical Center and Megan says that Brin stopped someone from putting a horse to sleep. Megan sees that the horse’s teeth are shaped and that Brookes had signs that he was “bishoping” his horses and Brin found out about it. They get to the stable and found that Brookes was the one who did the drugging. However at the station, he says that he was set up.

Todd comes into the Medical Center and tells Megan that he has decided to allow Lacey to stay with her during the weekend and Megan wants to take Lacey for more then she is now. Todd says that they need to talk to Lacey about that. Megan gets a call from Lacey telling her to tell Todd to pick her up. Megan goes up to Kate and thanks her for the time that she took to tell Todd that Megan didn’t like the Boston thing. She tells Megan that she is on her side. Afterward, Megan realizes that the glitter on Brin’s face is from another person when Ethan comes by and says that the manure is from another horse. She tells that James has the same type of glitter in his horse’s coat wax. They arrive and take James into custody. He tells that Brin cheated on him and Megan says that Brin was helping stopping a horse being held down. Later, Megan and Peter talk and Megan says that she found out that the horses are a proverb of Buddha. They represents the type of worker they are. She asks what if she messes up and Peter says that she won’t.

Bud goes into the prison and says that they caught Brin Walker’s killer and says that the program is going to continue and that Zoe is going to have a job. He says that there is one thing too. He shows that he got Zoe’s daughter for her to see. It is a happy reunion. At Todd’s place, Megan and Todd ask Lacey if she is going to be alright for her to stay with Megan and she says that she wants to. She asks if she can go to the party and Megan offers a movie instead with her. She agrees and runs off to check Showtime’s. Todd laughs and Megan says that she is learning.