Cold Blooded - Recap

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At Sallenas Restaurant, while a waitress does her chores, she gets a shock from a live wire sitting on a metallic table. She gets jolted to the ground. When she raises her head, she finds a heavily blood-stained dead body, and screams. When Megan and Pete arrive, he tells her he used to know the victim – Joe Sallenas. He would dine there with his friends quite often, and Joe would even have a nickname for him. When they get to the crime scene, they find the body inside a freezer. When Pete wonders why the killer left the body there – since cold helps preserve evidence, Megan explains it ruptures evidence that may be found inside the body. Megan points out that the frost bites suggest the body is frozen to the core, and they will need to take the body into a cool area, because if it is taken out into normal temperature, it might decompose faster than normal.

Ethan and Curtis get the body into a special enclosure. When they are cold, Megan lets on this is a ‘balmy’ 38 degrees compared to the restaurant freezer. When Kate arrives, she is quick to point out by looking at the wound in the head, that the killer used an industrial sized kitchen material. Meanwhile, Bud finds something similar – a meat tenderizer, but the good news is that it has been through the dishwasher. Pete gets back into the restaurant, and checks out for blood traces. After he tells Bud to hit the lights, and sprays onto the floor, it becomes evident that someone mopped up blood outside the freezer area. Before long, they even discover a foot step. They follow it and reach a flight of steps behind the restaurant. It leads into a room with an ajar door. Before long, they have a middle aged man cleaning blood off his shoes.

When brought to interrogation, Henry doesn’t understand why he is there. Bud asks why he was cleaning blood off his shoes. Blood? He thought it was tomato sauce. It must have dropped on the kitchen floor. What was he doing in the kitchen? He is the owner of the restaurant, with his brother-in-law Joe Sallenas. When he hears Joe is dead, his expression changes. Then he goes on to say it must have been the bunch of teenagers who waved guns at their faces and threatened them for money. Henry tells them to ask Joe, when Bud starts laughing at his face. However, Megan seems to understand the problem. When she asks if he has been diagnosed of Alzheimer’s or the like, he yells he is alright. And, doctors are always wrong!

Later, Megan tries to explain to Bud why Henry could be honestly confused. He may not even remember committing the murder. His mental disease could be skewing his sense of time as well – which is why he was there almost two days after Joe was murdered. Later, Ethan points out something intruiging from Joe’s body. While his shirt is drenched in blood, there is just one drop of blood on his trousers. That might just belong to the killer. Meanwhile, Danny discovers the Families Reunited envelope on Peter’s desk. He lets on he his biological father has been discovered to live only two blocks away. Danny is happy he is going to meet his real father. She always wanted it. When Megan visits Joe’s wife, she lets on about her brother Henry’s condition. He was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, but Joe kept him at the restaurant to make him feel useful. Besides, Joe always thought about others feelings. She would like to see her husband, but it is not possible. Megan tells her it won’t take too long before they can show her Joe. However, when word comes up about the possibility of Henry having killed Joe, she has nothing to say.

Henry’s son Anthony, and his wife Karen are at the police station when Bud and Peter are interviewing them. They came back from LA for an event at the organic farm. Anthony insists his father may be sick, but he would never hurt Uncle Joe. Before long, he is frustrated and leaves the room. Karen sits there, and explains to Pete that this has really been hard on Anthony. Pete asks her if she has ever seen Henry violent. It turns out he once threw a chair at Anthony for refusing to give the car keys. Pete points out Alzheimer patients can be frustrated. However, Anthony is still looking for his father. Karen claims he has been taken away by Alzheimer’s.

Later that night, Pete calls up his father. Meanwhile, as Megan is about to leave, Curtis reports he has found out that the blood drop on the victim’s trouser belongs probably to an African female. Before long, Bud and Pete arrive at Sallenas and interview the waitress. She explains by showing a wounded finger that she cut herself on a cheese slicer. When asked about Anthony, she explains they were cool with each other, but he never wanted to come back from LA. He hated the place. Before long the detectives have a probable hit on Annabel. It turns out she did offer to buy up Sallenas with a couple of million dollars, but Joe turned her down. She also has a money laundering record, for which she served a two-year stint. However, the fact the Joe is dead is news to her. She calls her lawyer.

Back at the morgue, Kate and Megan take a closer look at Joe’s eyes, and deduce that asphyxiation may be the cause of death, although he was hit on the head, and was in the freezer for a long time. Besides, marks around his mouth suggest someone was holding his mouth. Although cause of death is still a mystery, Joe was surely fighting hard to breathe. When Peter meets his biological father in a bar, he lets on his mother was dead after giving him birth. They were high school lovers, and his father have him up because he wanted him to have an opportunity. Such news is too much for Pete to handle, and he leaves. On his way out, he receives a picture of her mother holding him after birth. Later, when Kate, Ethan and Curtis act out the way the killer may have handled the murder in the freezer, they realize one thing – may be the killer was hiding from Henry – who arrived at the kitchen, but was outside the freezer.

When Henry is brought back to interrogation, he tells Megan and a frustrated Bud, that apart from blood, he may have seen sausage on the floor. However, he cannot remember if it was such a thing as that. Besides, it turns out he saw his dead wife Alice run out of the kitchen’s back door, which is what they discover when they meet her sister (Joe’s wife), and after she explains Alice died years back from cancer. When Henry leaves with his Joe’s wife, Megan notices an unusual limp in his step. Before long, it turns out that black marks on Joe’s palm indicate that he had contact with a black ink – the one which Ethan has been able to trace to Annabel’s office. Before long, Bud and Megan approach her in her office, where she claims she gave the specs to Anthony – not Joe – someone who was willing to look at her offer. Besides, she was out clubbing with her friends on the night of the murder. Next, Bud interrogates Anthony. He claims he may have hated the family business, had different plans about it, but never wanted to hurt Joe. He loved him. When Bud points out he had enough motive, he is not saying another word.

Megan has discovered that Henry’s limp is not an Alzheimer’s symptom. She points out when arguing with Kate about using Henry as a witness. Besides, Megan thinks she can have a real good witness if Henry is diagnosed correctly, and possibly cured. When Megan and Pete approach Joe’s wife with the proposal, they let on they want Henry to testify if the murderer was Anthony. That gets her livid, and she is not consenting to treatment in any way. She asks the investigators to leave. Before long, it turns out that the asphyxiation was caused by a piece of food. By now, it has caught bacteria, which can help them get closer to the victim. Ethan is told to take it to the lab. Kate lays into Megan – Henry has overdosed on his Alzheimer’s pills because he thought he can remember something about Joe’s murder. Now he is in the emergency room. Kate warns Megan from visiting the Sallenas, but she does. Before long, the doctors at the hospital diagnose a different disease. Megan already knows it – she has seen the typical symptoms. And the good news is that he could be treated – it will take not more than 45 minutes.

Meanwhile, Ethan has discovered a trail from the bacteria on the food on which Joe choked. It leads them to Karen – someone who had been at the organic farm for much longer than the rest of the family. It doesn’t take her long to crack. Joe told her she will never be considered family as far as the business was concerned. Then angry, she pounded his head with a meat tenderizer. It is news that Joe did not die there until later, when she managed to escape the scene. Later, Pete goes to his dad’s place. Megan and Kate are waiting for Henry’s treatment to finish, when Megan talks about her memories of the song Rocket Man – the song that was playing in their car when she was enjoying with her dad for the last time. A week later he died, and the song always takes her back to 12. Later, Henry is cured, and is able to recognize everybody in the room. He thanks Megan for not giving it up on him. It was never an option, replies Megan with a smile. The episode ends.