Mind Games - Recap

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The episode begins and an 18-year-old Niki Shumaker downs multiple shots before laying kisses on a multitude of guys in a college bar; she seems like a rather popular girl, and everyone present seems to be having a good time. A short time later, she's found dead in an alley. The lip-locks as it turns out, were all part of Niki's attempt to pledge a sorority, and thus it was more of a task than her enjoying it. Jack Gordon is a student who caught a kiss from Niki the night she was killed; he seems to remember it vividly. The guy is described as stalker material; and could hence be a probable suspect in the case. In other news, a disturbing x-ray motivates Megan to cut open the victim's skull, to find out more.

What she finds (or doesn't find) is truly disturbing to say the least. Someone has removed Niki Shumaker's brain; much to Megan’s shock and horror. Megan's seen something like this before, and she seems to recollect that. It was three years ago on her very first case; she still seems to remember it like it was yesterday. A serial killer named Wilson Polley is currently serving a life sentence for committing such a crime, so the original suspect in the killings is now back in the picture as a possible copycat killer, from the look of things. Daniel Grubstick wrote a tell-all book to clear his name. He knows all about Polley's modus operandi, and hence might prove to be of significant help. He also recognizes Niki Shumaker as Niki Marshall, the daughter of Wilson Polley's last victim.

Wilson Polley has an online cult following which leads the team to believe the copycat could be part of his posse, as he seems to be clearly inspired by him and his way of working. The guy blames Megan for putting him behind bars. He claims he's innocent; and has been put behind bars despite that. Being locked up has led his daughter to believe that he's truly evil; despite him having done nothing, it seems, and that is why he is more angry at Megan. Still, he'll help Megan out by giving her some letters from his fans; so it could aid her with the investigation, as it seems, he wants to prove his innocence to her. All he wants in return from her is an apology once he's proven innocent; he seems to want nothing more from her. It turns out; Gordon Jackson is a part of Wilson Polley's posse. He claims he tried to protect Niki once he realized her true identity.

He was completely hung up on her to the point where he cut off some of her hair when she kissed him; that was his level of obsession for her, but it was just an obsession and nothing more, he explains. Gordon swears he didn't kill her; and is absolutely innocent. Lab tests suggest that Niki's killer is also the person who killed the three other victims; so it is a serial killer as it turns out. Since Wilson Polley was locked up when this latest victim was murdered, there's a good chance he really is innocent, and was hence possibly telling the truth earlier. Megan has a different theory about it though, and is clearly not convinced about his innocence. Megan in fact believes Wilson Polley convinced Gordon Jackson to kill with his old brain hook so he could obtain a get-out-of-jail free card, as there would be no way anyone could suspect him, if he is in jail.

The guy knows how to get inside a person's head, and has been known to do so many times earlier. He even does so with Megan, from the look of things. As for the case, an Egyptian embalming hook is found at Daniel Grubstick's place though a partial print on it leads them to Wilson Polley's daughter. When the imprisoned man learns the police are going after his kid, he is visibly disturbed, and he goes so far as to make a veiled threat to Megan about her own daughter; hoping to possibly intimidate her. Lacey is MIA for a spell, but Megan eventually tracks her down. Mother and daughter get into heated argument. Lacey's been frustrated by her mom's diligence in caring for her diabetes. Peter advised her to not let the diabetes control her. That's why she didn't answer her cell when her mom called; there was nothing more to it.

This leads to another heated argument between Megan and Peter; as Megan is clearly not happy with the situation. In the meanwhile, further investigations at the crime scene suggest that Wilson Polley actually did kill Niki, as it turns out. Megan believes someone let him out of jail so he could commit the crime, and then let him back in after the killing, so he escapes any sort of suspicion. It's a wild theory at the present moment, but right on the money as it turns out. Wilson kills the prison guard he was in cahoots with to make a daring prison escape. He later calls Megan to congratulate her for foiling his little plan. The frightening thing is that the call comes from inside the building; much to Megan’s shock and horror.

Everyone is at a baby shower for Bud and his wife. Megan is alone in the office when she sees Wilson heading towards her; she is visibly shocked on seeing him. The killer breaks into her office, knocks her out and ties her to a chair. When Megan awakens, Wilson taunts her with the embalming hook. He covers her mouth with duct tape, so she can’t cry for help or alert anyone about her peril. Wilson says he's going to make an exception with his latest prey. For Megan, he intends to rip out her brain while she's still alive; fear is written all over Megan’s face at this point. Suddenly, the elevator door opens. Peter steps out. He sees Megan tied up in her office and is shocked to no end, just then Wilson gets the drop on him. A fierce struggle ensues as Megan works to free herself, while Peter deals with Wilson. Peter is in trouble, it seems for the look of things.

Wilson is beating on him close to the edge of the balcony; it seems he might just be able to get the better of Peter and throw him out the balcony. Then…BANG! Megan shoots Wilson in the shoulder, and immediately the table turn, Wilson is shocked and taken aback. This gives Peter the opening to toss the serial killer over the ledge where he plunges to his death; thus saving the day. Megan sees that her partner is hurt, and not just from the beating as it turns out. The embalmer's hook is jutting out of his gut; much to her absolute shock and horror. He tells Megan that he's okay, but clearly he can’t be with a huge metal hook jutting out of his gut. We're left with the unsettling image of Megan holding her wounded partner in her arms; with him in visible agony. The episode ends at this point.