Abducted (1) - Recap

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The episode begins with Megan making the Y shaped incision on the body lying on the table. She then examines the abdominal cavity and she looks shocked. Just then her phone rings; it is Lacey. She answers the call, only to hear a man’s voice telling her that she has stuck her nose into unwanted business and so now he has Lacey with him. And he wants Megan to do what she is told to. Cut to two days earlier, Megan is getting ready to go back to work; the three months she was home was a torture. At the medical center, Gross and Curtis are interviewing Charlotte, and Megan arrives. They are glad to see her back at work.

Charlotte introduces herself as the new medical legal investigator. Megan walks into her office and she is reminded of the incident that killed Peter. Kate arrives to meet her and tells her that she needs to see a grief counselor; but Megan doesn’t want to. Kate then gives her the case of a dead alcoholic; she wants Megan to start slowly. She also tells Megan that she will be working with a new homicide team and requests her to start off on a right note. Next, Megan and Charlotte arrive at the crime scene. Charlotte talks too much and Megan leaves her to park the car and she hurries off to check the dead body.

But she is shocked to find out that Tommy is on the case as well. She wants to know why he is here and he tells her that there was an opening and so he took it up. Tommy tells her that they should behave like adults and be professional. Megan then notices some maggots and she gets a weird smell. She wants to check the back of the building. Tommy and Adam accompany her. They enter the building and the stench is becomes unbearable. Megan opens a door and sees a heap of rotting dead bodies infested with maggots and other insects. Next, Tommy and his partner, Adam, arrive at the medical center. Adam figures out that Tommy and Megan have some history together.

But Tommy doesn’t talk about it. The five dead bodies are on the table and Megan tells Kate that the five dead men are veterans. Megan points out that all the men are of the same height and weight and they were killed sequentially. So, she suggests that Tommy and Adam should check with the VA and try to figure out who the next victim would be. She then checks the five bodies and sees that they all have had their spleens removed. She states that spleen is an organ which is not usually transplanted. Adam tells them that the building has been abandoned for over a year. Tommy gets a call that the building owner has been found. Megan finds a small fragment of suture and asks Charlotte to identify the fragment.

But Charlotte is unable to and Megan tells her that she has not learned a thing at the teaching hospital and she wants Charlotte to really think over if she is ready to work. Megan deduces that behind all this violence is a surgeon! Tommy and Adam are interrogating the building owner, Foster. Foster tells them that the last time he visited the building was two months ago. Megan arrives and pulls Tommy out of the interrogation. She tells them that Foster is not their killer. She tells them that the spleens were surgically removed and the knife wounds were made to disguise the surgery. She points out that the kind of suture technique used on the dead men is commonly used by plastic surgeons. So, Megan thinks that unless Foster has had ten years of medical training, he is not the killer!

Next, we see that a man is tied to the table and his hands and feet are tied. The killer arrives and injects him with some drug and cuts him open. Curtis tells Megan that there is a 48 hours gap between each murder and that the killer is killing them at lunch time. Gross tells Megan that he has a lead on the drug eluting suture. It is proprietary and there is just one center that uses it. Kate tells Megan that Charlotte quit. She tells her that she was supposed to be Charlotte’s mentor. Megan tells her that she has a lead on their killer and leaves. Next, Tommy, Adam and Megan go to the cosmetic surgery center. She tells Tommy that she could catch the killer by identifying his handy work. She says that the surgeon is left handed and also that he uses a distinctive knot; it is more like a signature.

She then goes and examines the sutures of the patients. Later, they walk into the office of Dr. Harvey Wallace. They also take Yvonne, his chief nurse, for interrogation. Wallace tells them that there are markets where these sutures are available and anyone could have used them. We also learn that Wallace had visited Afghanistan and there he operated on disfigured children who were the victims of American bombings. Yvonne also doesn’t believe the fact that Wallace could kill people. Yvonne says her husband was killed in Afghanistan and that is why she had assisted him on his trips to Afghanistan. She believes that Wallace is a kind man. Tommy lets them go because he has nothing to hold them back. Adam gets a call.

He tells Tommy that, two weeks ago, somebody ordered a list of men from the VA who had the same height and weight. This is exactly the kind of list Megan wanted from the VA to figure out who their next victim could be. Adam tells Tommy that there were 10 on the list. Curtis tells Megan that he has found a bug on the victims and he has never seen this kind before. Lacey arrives at to meet Megan; she wants her to sign the permission letter for a field trip. Next, Tommy and Adam go to meet Karl Simmons and tell him that his name is on the list that the serial killer is targeting. Simmons tells them that they should use him as bait and he would be more than happy to show the serial killer as to what a war vet is capable of.

Later, Simmons is buying some take away and Tommy and Adam keep a watch on him. Simmons then walks towards the car. Just then a truck passes in front of him and Tommy and Adam see that Simmons is gone. Tommy is pissed with himself because he feels that he served Simmons to the killer on a silver platter. Curtis finds out more about the mysterious bug; it is the khapra beetle and it is native to India. He also learns that the shipments that come from India are subject to quarantine. Curtis figures out where they could find their killer. Next, Tommy, Megan and Adam arrive at the Port of Philadelphia.

Megan tells Tommy that Curtis told her that there was a shipment that arrived from India two weeks ago and the quarantine container is on berth 23. Tommy and Adam go inside and Megan follows them. They find the two vets; one of them is dead and Karl is still alive. Megan decides to close Karl up and she needs help. But Adam calls out to Tommy; they chase Wallace, who is trying to escape. But we then see that Wallace holds Adam at gun point and tells Tommy that “they” made him do it. He did not have a choice. But that does not convince Tommy; he takes his shot and shoots Wallace in the head. We see that someone is watching all this from a distance.

Tommy is glad that they solved the case; but Megan doesn’t look convinced. She shows him the surgical mesh that she found at the scene. She tells him that the mesh is used for organ repair; not organ removal. She feels that there is something that Wallace was trying to hide. Tommy thinks that Megan is thinking too much. Next, Yvonne abducts Lacey and knocks her unconscious. Megan arrives at the center and tells Gross about the mesh. Gross wonders why someone would use a mesh and have the potassium levels spiked up. Megan then goes to Kate (who is about to make a statement to the press) and tells her that they haven’t solved the case yet.

Kate is too eager to get in front of the cameras. Megan realizes that Kate is running for office. Megan decides to check what Wallace had sown to the walls of the victims’ abdomens. She cuts open the last victim. And she is shocked to find a bomb stitched to the walls of the abdomen and it is wrapped up with the mesh. Before she could react her phone rings. It is Yvonne. She is using some software to mask her voice; she sounds like a man. She tells Megan that she has Lacey. To be continued.