Mob Mentality - Recap

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The episode begins with Megan, Tommy, and Adam arriving at a crime scene. The victim was shot twice in his chest and, in his pocket, Megan finds a blue packet containing heroin. She then pulls out an ID and declares that the victim’s name is Nicholas Russo. Tommy knows the victim’s father, Daniel Russo. He says that he runs the largest organized crime family in NY. Shots are fired and Adam is hit, but his vest saves him. The shooter runs away. Megan pulls the bullet from the vest and tells Tommy that they could match the bullet with the ones that killed the victim, and see if it is the same person.

At the lab, Ethan and Megan are examining Nick’s body. Megan finds a chalky white substance in Nick’s head. She wants Ethan to sample it. She also notes that there are no track marks on Nick’s hand. Daniel storms into the autopsy room. Megan stops him and tells him that he is hindering their investigation. She assures him that they will find the killer. He tells her that the next body on her table will be the person who killed his son. Tommy tells Kate and Megan that they need to be very careful how they handle this case, because he knows that Russo will do his best to get inside. Adam arrives and tells Megan that the bullet that hit him is too damaged to give them any information. The only thing ballistics could figure out was that it is from a 9mm. Tommy asks Adam to cover the autopsy because he has an appointment, which he forgot about.

Tommy goes to meet Russo. His wife, Evelyn, is present as well. Megan was right; Tommy and Russo have a history together. Tommy asks Russo why Nick was in Philly and whether he did drugs. He threatens Russo that, if he laid a finger on any of his suspects, he would put him in an eight feet cell and make arrangements for a six feet box. Russo is not threatened and tells Tommy that he has never been able to arrest him before. Tommy leaves. In the autopsy, Megan finds granules in Nick’s lungs and infers that he had some sort of an infection or he inhaled some serious irritant. She pulls out the bullet and confirms that it is a 9mm. So, the person who killed Nick also shot Adam.

Curtis arrives to meet Kate, and shows her a video that was recently uploaded on YouTube. The guy who shot Adam recorded the shooting and uploaded it on the internet, so that he could boast about shooting the cops. Later, when the guy is in custody, Adam and Tommy interrogate him. He says he was high and that he had no idea what he was doing. He tells them that he did not kill anybody. He says he was on the roof, doing drugs, when he heard two shots before he heard a car speeding away. He is sure that he heard the car hit something on its way out of the alley. By the time he came to the edge of the roof, the car was gone and Nick was dead. He says that he was too stoned, and did not realize what he was doing or thinking when he shot Adam.

Megan arrives and tells Tommy that the substance found in Nick’s hair was magnesium carbonate, which is used in fire proofing and laxatives. Martin Davis, Russo’s lawyer, arrives. He asks for the name of the suspect, but Tommy does not tell him anything. Davis warns Tommy to stay away from Russo, or else he would face legal action. Jackson, the suspect, is being led to his car by the cops. Just then, a grey sedan arrives and a masked man fatally shoots Jackson.

Davis and Russo are in the interrogation room with Adam and Tommy. Russo tells Adam that Tommy was sent away from NY, on grounds of moral issues. Adam defends his partner. We then learn that Martin Davis is Adam’s father.

Megan arrives, and loses her cool on Russo. They are not able to hold Russo for long and they let him go. Adam finds a lead on the car paint found in the alley. It belongs to Michael Avery, who runs some boxing gym with his former gang members. Tommy and Adam go to meet Michael. Michael tells him that Nick had come to him for help because he wanted to get out of the family business. Nick got his number through a mutual friend. Michael tells them he did not think that Nick could get clean. He tells them that he was at the gym last night, and so was his car. He hands over the keys to them. The car does not look like it hit anything. Tommy arrives and tells Megan that Michael is clean.

Tommy asks Megan out for dinner, but she refuses. He comments that Megan has changed a lot and that she is not spontaneous, as she used to be. Megan agrees to the dinner but, at the restaurant, she learns that it was a set up and she leaves. The next day, Kate tells Megan that the granules in Nick’s lungs were due to military grade electrical insulation. Kate says that she found that only one company is allowed to transport that grade of beryllium, Caine Air Freight, and the CEO died six months in prison with Nick Russo. Caine was in for tax fraud, and Nick was in for armed robbery.

Adam, Megan, and Tommy arrive at the company and Adam finds a black Escalade, which seems to have been in some sort of an accident. They arrest Caine. Caine tells them that Nick has been bleeding him dry and, two nights ago, Nick shows up at his doorstep with a new partnership proposal. Nick wanted to use the air freight company to smuggle heroin into the country. Caine tells them that he refused. Nick then beat him up and took him to collect a package from the alley. Caine says that he had no options. He continues to say that they were waiting for the package, when a car arrived from behind. The headlights were too bright, so he could not see anything. Nick got out of the car to collect the package, but he was shot twice.

Caine says that he was scared, so he fled the scene. Adam arrives with the murder weapon that was found, behind Caine’s company, in the dumpster. Caine says that he did not kill Nick. Tommy and Megan decide that they need to keep Caine safe, or else Russo would kill him.

Adam meets Davis, at a bar, and tells him that he doesn’t like Davis working for a mobster. Davis says everyone needs a lawyer. Adam leaves the table for a while and leaves his phone. Tommy sends Adam the address to the safe house, and Davis reads the message. Next, we learn that this was bait, set out to trap Russo. The entire team awaits Russo’s arrival at the safe house. Russo arrives and walks to the door. The team surrounds him. Russo tells them that somebody slipped a note under his door, saying that someone at this address had the name of his son’s killer. Tommy tells him that there was no such note. Russo says he could press entrapment charges.

At the lab, Curtis tells Megan that there was blood on the gun that was found in the dumpster. It is a match to Nick’s. Megan looks at the report and tells Curtis that the blood was cooked, which means it was on the gun before the gun was fired. She says there are no wound marks on Nick’s body, other than the two bullet wounds. She adds that a match so similar could be that of a first degree relative, and infers that Daniel Russo is the killer. Megan is sure that Russo was really grieving over his son’s death. She wonders why a father would kill his son.

Adam arrives and tells them that Nick was trying to betray his father, and start his own business. Russo went to the alley to confront his son, but Nick pulled out his gun. Russo tried to take the gun and, in the process, cut his hand. He shot Nick with his own gun and dumped it behind Caine’s company. They arrest Russo, and Megan swabs him for DNA. She notices that he has a wound on his palm. Tommy arrives, and tells Megan that Adam did find the note Russo was talking about. This means Russo wasn’t lying. Tommy has an idea of what might have happened. He and Megan go to meet Michael. He knows that a lot of dirty cops come to his gym, and one of them informed Michael about the safe house.

They found the little blue packet of heroin in the gym, and realize that Nick was conspiring with Michael. Michael slipped Russo the note, knowing that Russo would show up at the safe house, and would get shot by the cops. Then Michael could take Russo’s place. Michael denies the accusations, and he knows that they have no proof against him. Tommy gets a message saying that Russo was killed in prison. Tommy tells Michael that he will now be chasing him. Adam arrives at the bar and he has a drink with his father. Davis looks happy. The episode ends.