Skin and Bones - Recap

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The episode begins with a girl walking towards her house. She hears some noise and asks who it is. She sees a man hiding behind the walls and she quickly runs to her door and tries to unlock it. The man growls and attacks the girl. Moments later we see blood splatter on to the door. Next, Megan arrives to meet Tommy and asks about the handwriting analysis of her father’s suicide note. Tommy tells her that it is a match and also that it was written under duress. She asks about the forensics and Tommy tells her that he will try to get the results as soon as possible.

As she is about to leave, Tommy asks her out to a hockey game. He tells her that it is not about the game. It is about asking her out. Megan thinks it is a bad idea. At that moment, their phones ring. They arrive at the crime scene. The officer tells them that the victim’s name is Melanie Summers and she was a preschool teacher. The body looks like it was torn apart by and animal. Ethan thinks it could be a zombie. Megan pulls out a nail and declares that it was a human. Tommy thinks the killer was on drugs because the killer did not even realize his fingernails were tearing out. Megan points out to the open window and suggests that the killer could have jumped out of the window.

They check the alley and they find blood. Tommy says that the killer broke his leg and dragged himself. They follow the trail which leads them to a warehouse. They enter and hear some growling sound. They search the place. The killer attacks Tommy and bites him. Tommy fights the man off and before he could attack again, shoots him. Later, the team arrives at the warehouse and the officer tells Megan that the man is the building sweeper, Seth. According to the neighbor, Seth is supposed to be the nicest guy in the world. Ethan thinks Seth is a zombie. Megan points out to the froth around Seth’s mouth and declares that he was suffering from rabies, one of the most fatal viruses in the world. This means that Tommy is getting some shots.

Curtis tells Megan that he examined Seth’s body several times and couldn’t find a bite mark. Megan tells Tommy that rabies is transmitted through bites. Ethan thinks that the virus could have mutated into a more virulent form and passed through common cold. Megan says that there is no evidence of such mutation. Next, another dead body, Norman, is brought to the center and Megan isn’t able to find any bite marks on this body as well.

Charles Stafford from the Health Department arrives at the center. Stafford tells them about a new string of virus that is being passed down by foxes more passively. Officer Riley brings in the police reports on Seth and Norman. She points out that the two of them don’t have anything in common, not even the geographic location. Tommy thinks that there is a patient zero running around. Megan gets jealous when she sees Riley and Tommy together. Stafford says that the virus in these two victims appears to be the standard virus and there are no signs of mutation.

Megan notices that Norman had a cornea transplant and Seth, a skin graft. She explains that skin, veins, cornea etc., are harvested from dead bodies and then used for transplant. This means that they got this virus from their transplants. Ethan tells Tommy that there could be hundreds of transplants where the recipient is unaware that he/she just contracted rabies. Stafford and Megan tell Tommy that the cadaver tissue could have been sent to hundreds of clinics across the country and it is very difficult to track down the harvester. Megan thinks that they could test the DNA of the cornea that was transplanted and check if the DNA exists on codis.

Kate arrives and says that Norman and Seth got their tissue from the same source, a company called Bio-Gen Incorporated. Tommy asks Megan to come along but she decides to stay with Stafford and work. This makes Tommy jealous. Kate agrees to go with him. At Bio-Gen, Clark Wilson tells them that they checked the blood for infectious diseases and found none in the cadaver zero’s samples. Kate tells him that the rabies virus doesn’t show up on blood tests. Wilson hands over the remaining tissues collected from cadaver zero.

Kate asks for a name and address and he tells Kate that he has no idea about who the dead guy is. He says that there are a lot of tissue transplant requests and his Personnel department could not manage to get the identity because the form was incomplete. He says that he outsourced some of his harvesting to sub-contractors who get a few cadavers, harvest them and send him the tissue. He says that the person who harvested cadaver zero is Ken Dobannis. Kate and Tommy go to the address on Ken’s harvesting license and find out that it is a fake. At the center, Curtis tells Megan and Stafford that the DNA from the cornea is a match to a 21 year old college student, Bryan. Bryan is listed on the missing person’s list. It appears that Bryan was abducted off the street three weeks ago and Curtis thinks that Bryan was murdered for body parts.

Next, Tommy questions Bryan’s roommate and he tells Tommy that Bryan was bit by a dog but Bryan did not have the money to go to the doctor. He also says that he and Bryan were walking towards the bar and Bryan noticed a black car following them. Later, Bryan decided to walk down to the bar faster and he was left behind. The roommate says that he heard Bryan screaming out his name and by the time he came around the corner, he saw a black car speeding away and Bryan was gone. Next, Tommy briefs the team. Megan thinks that KEN DOBANNIS is an anagram for SKIN AND BONE.

They all get to work. Megan finds an embalming fluid on Bryan’s bones. This means that the harvester is working out of a funeral home. Tommy finds out that five more college kids were kidnapped from that area. Curtis tells Megan that the fluid that she found on Bryan was banned by the FDA eight years ago and no active funeral home is using this stuff. Curtis has found out that there is just one shut down funeral home in the area and it is a mile away from five college campuses. They go to the funeral home and find a dead body lying on the table and the body is cut open. There is no one else in the home.

In the backyard, the cops discover a number of graves. Tommy thinks that the guy is a serial killer because all the students he killed are of the same height and built, except Bryan. It is clever of him to have found a way to monetize his psychopathy. Riley finds 60k cash inside the funeral home. At the center, Megan tells Tommy and Stafford that the killer strangled the victims multiple times and then slit their throats. Tommy thinks he did that to demonstrate power. Ethan arrives and tells them that he found something. The clean blood sample that was sent to Bio-Gen belonged to a college student who went missing a year back from Arizona.

At that moment, Tommy realizes that Bryan’s roommate, Mason Greary is from Arizona. Elsewhere, Mason hunts down his next victim. Tommy briefs his team about the latest missing student, Shawn Asher. Stafford wonders why Mason chose blond, athletic, college students. Riley tells them that Mason grew up in a foster home, where the biological son of his foster father used to beat the crap out of Mason. He also tortured Mason by strangling him to the point of unconsciousness. The son was a blond, athletic, college student. They say that Bryan must have got a scent of Mason’s activities and that is why Mason killed him. So, now they have to find Shawn.

Megan knows that Mason will require a safe place to first torture his victim and they need to find that place soon. At the precinct, Tommy finds out that Mason had a short term job at a storage facility. He figures out Mason could have taken Shawn to that storage facility. The team raids the facility and rescues Shawn. Tommy shoots Mason. Case closed. Next, Tommy realizes that Megan wouldn’t go out with him. He invites Riley to the game and she agrees. The episode ends.