Fallen Angel - Recap

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The episode begins with a man (face not shown) receiving a phone call. He gets out of bed, pulls out a gun from the drawer and leaves. Later, we see a woman (hands tied) manages to escape from the trunk of a car, but ends up getting shot. Cut to three hours earlier, Kate and Dan arrive at a high profile party at the Royal Hotel. Dan introduces her to the Governor. Kate is exhausted with all the socializing and she goes to the bar to get a drink. At the bar, she meets a man named Sergei and starts talking to him. She asks him what he does and he tells her, that he is attached to the Ukrainian attaché.

Kate is totally drawn to Sergei and they end up in one of the rooms and have sex. Later, both of them are lying on the bed and Sergei receives a call (the first scene). Kate is asleep, and he quietly wears his clothes, pulls out his gun and leaves. We see Sergei standing over the girl who was shot. Next, Megan arrives at the crime scene. Megan sees that there are two gunshot wounds to the back and there is a Russian tattoo on her forearm. Tommy tells her that there were a lot of Russians at the Royal Hotel. Megan knows that Kate was supposed to be there. Kate receives a call about the murder and gets ready to leave. Sergei walks out of the bathroom and wants her to stay. She says she can’t and leaves.

At the medical center, they examine the body and see a barcode kind of a thinks drawn at the base of the victim’s neck. They also see an abrasion which proves that her chain or necklace was snatched. Ethan finds a letter that was sown to the hem of the victim’s dress. Megan points out to the brutal abdominal wounds and thinks that it could be a crime of passion. Kate thinks they should get a courthouse translator. Dan advises against it. He says that if all this has anything to do with the Russian Ambassador, the Governor will have to let go off his foreign trade bill. Kate then brings in Sergei for translation. Adam and Tommy find out that the victim is a prostitute.

Sergei arrives and tells them that the tattoo is a Ukrainian poem. He then reads the letter and tells them that it was a letter the girl wrote to her mother asking for forgiveness. Sergei gets a call and he leaves. The team thinks that Sergei could be a spy. Megan then checks the dead body where they see a mark across the abdomen. She tells them that the victim was pregnant and someone tried to perform a crude C-section after killing her. Tommy thinks that the father of the baby could be the killer. Megan knows how to id him. Sergei is in Kate’s office and Megan arrives and tells her that the baby’s father is Arco Starkovich. Arco is a Ukrainian-American businessman and is a big name in import-export.

Megan and Tommy go to meet Arco. He tells them that he met Oksana her at pub, and he did not know that she was a prostitute. He says that he broke up with her a while back and he does not know anything about the child. He says that last night he was at the Trade gala. Adam tells Megan that he knows the pub and also the woman who runs it, Tatyana. Megan sends Arco’s picture to Kate, who is “busy” with Sergei. Sergei gets a call and he leaves. Adam, Megan and Tommy go to the pub and Adam introduces them to Tatyana. Tatyana tells them that she has never seen the victim, but she knows about the mark. The mark means that the Ukrainian girls are stolen from some remote village and brought to the United States and sold. Sometimes they are kept in cages. So, this is sex trafficking.

Tatyana tells them that no one in this business will let the girl carry their pregnancy for eight and half months. Megan tells her that the victim’s last meal was black caviar and French fries. Tatyana tells them about the restaurant that serves that meal. Kate is going through the pictures from the trade gala to check Arco’s alibi and is shocked to find Sergei’s pictures with Arco. It looks like they know each other pretty well and Kate remembers that when she received Arco’s picture, Sergei did not mention that he knew him. Kate confronts Sergei and Sergei tells him that he met Arco for the first time at the gala.

He says that he can tell her everything they spoke about. Adam brings pictures of the place that serves caviar and French fries. It looks like some cheesy love nest. Megan looks at the door and figures out that the victim was held prisoner in that place. Sergei is in the shower and Kate is waiting for him to come out so that they could go for lunch. She notices a bag which has a blood stained shirt. Kate is shocked and she quickly stuffs the shirt in her purse. Sergei comes out and she says that she wants to leave; she got a call from work. Kate leaves, but she forgets her phone in Sergei’s room. Tatyana calls Megan and tells her that she has information. She tells her to come to the pub alone.

Megan goes to the pub and two of Tatyana’s girls tell Megan that a man came looking for girls with the mark (the bar code). The girls knew two girls with the mark, so they told them to get in touch with the man and after that they haven’t seen both the girls. Megan tells them to describe the man. She is surprised to learn that the description fits Sergei’s. At the office, Kate runs a DNA match on the blood found on Sergei’s shirt to Oksana’s and it is a match. She is shocked. Sergei arrives to meet her and hands over her phone. She tells him that she will meet him at the hotel. He leaves. Later, Kate tells Megan the whole story. Megan tells her that Sergei might have killed two other women. They go to Tommy for advice and Tommy is shocked to learn that Kate stole a piece of evidence without a warrant.

Kate decides to go back to the hotel and place it back and Tommy can arrive with a warrant and nail Sergei. Tommy wires Kate and tells he the code she needs to use in case of danger. Next, Kate arrives at the hotel and puts the shirt back in the closet. She gets busted by Sergei and he also learns that Kate is wired. Kate says that code and Tommy rushes to the room, but by the time he arrives, he sees that Sergei is gone. They check the closet and find a file on Oksana. They also find a flight number and the flight leaves in two hours. They rush to the airport and manage to arrest Sergei. During the interrogation, Tommy tells Sergei that they know everything about him. He is Ukrainian Special Forces who fought with the Russians, against them. In short, he kills for money. Tommy also states that they found him at the Arrivals, which means he was there to meet his employer.

Sergei doesn’t say anything. Kate barges into the room and asks her why he killed a 16 years old pregnant girl and what he did with the baby. At that moment, Dan arrives and tells Sergei that he is free to go because Sergei has full diplomatic immunity. Everyone is shocked. Dan is pissed that Kate wasn’t discreet about her activities and this could ruin both their careers. Next, they look at the file that Sergei had. They notice that Oksana was wearing a necklace in every picture, but it wasn’t there when she was brought to the center. Megan and Kate both remember seeing that necklace. They bring in Etta Starkovich, Arco’s mother for interrogation. Tommy interrogates Arco. Tommy says that his company is the one that imports sex slaves.

Arco tells him that he loved Oksana and this business was started by his mother and she is the one who killed Oksana. Etta tells Tommy that Arco broke the golden rule “not to touch the merchandise” and so she had no options. She found out that Arco was hiding Oksana in a love nest. She says that she found Oksana and killed her and left the mother and child to bleed to death. Kate wonders how Sergei fits into all this because he had Oksana’s blood all over his shirt. Kate goes to meet Sergei at the Consulate. Kate sees Sergei handing over a new born to a couple and Kate realizes the whole thing.

Sergei tells her that when Oksana went missing, her parents hired him to find her. He followed the trail and went to Tatyana’s club and told the girls to call him if they find Oksana and in return, he will free them from prostitution. He got a call about Oksana’s whereabouts and by the time he reached, she was already in a bad shape and she died in his arms. The baby was Oksana’s life and so he performed a C-section. He says that this wasn’t his story to tell, at least till the time he united the baby and the grandparents. Kate apologizes for misunderstanding him. Sergei says that his work is done and he has to go back. He says good bye and leaves. Kate is in tears. The episode ends.