Eye for an Eye - Recap

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The episode begins with a man being shot in the head in a parking garage. Cut to the scene, where, the team arrives at the crime scene. Tommy tells Megan that the victim is Freddie Delgado. They find some flyers in Freddie’s car with a girl’s picture on it. Adam goes through the crime scene and deduces that the killer was waiting for Freddie. This means it was premeditated. Later, Megan arrives at her office and is surprised to see her mother, Joan, waiting for her. Joan is selling the house and Megan is not too happy about it. She tells Joan that she needs to rethink about selling the house, but Joan seems sure about her decision.

Megan arrives to do the autopsy and tells Tommy about the sale. She then examines the bruises on the dead body and says that Freddie was in a fight 24-48 hours ago. There are a lot of tattoos on his body. Adam arrives and tells them that Freddie had shot and killed a six year old named Emily during a robbery. This is the same girl whose picture was on the flyers. Next, Paul Winters, Emily’s father is brought in for interrogation. Paul admits that he did attack Freddie in court and wished him dead many times, but he says that he did not kill Freddie. He also admits following Freddie everywhere and leaving flyers with his baby girl’s picture on it so that Freddie could never forget what he did to Emily.

Tommy is unable to hold him for long and also Paul’s alibi checked out. Paul is surrounded by the paparazzi on his way back and Paul advocates vigilante justice; “an eye for an eye”. This statement goes viral. Tommy goes to meet Freddie’s widow to learn a bit more about Freddie’s past. The widow tells him that killing that kid tore Freddie up and drove him crazy. She also tells them that Freddie didn’t belong to any of the gangs after their son was born. Later, Adam tells Tommy that he has solid evidence that Paul could not have killed Freddie or hired someone for the same. So, it is a dead end and Tommy thinks that Freddie’s “karma” killed him.

Next, Megan and Lacey arrive at Joan’s and Joan tells her that she can take whatever she wants that is of some sentimental value. Megan goes to the attic and finds a box that belonged to her father. Joan tells her to put it down. Megan is pissed that after her father shot himself, Joan just erased him from their lives and never spoke about him. At that moment, Megan’s phone rings and she gets called to a new crime scene. The victim is a 34 year old woman, Lorie Kaizer and she has been in the warehouse for three weeks after she got out of prison. She did five years for throwing acid on her boyfriend’s face and killing him after he got married to someone else, and now she has acid thrown on her face! It looks like they have got another vigilante murder on their hands. So, the COD is respiratory malfunction due to inhalation of acid fumes.

They go to interrogate Suzan Hart, the wife of the dead husband. Suzan is with her shrink, Trent Marsh. Megan talks to Trent and Adam and Tommy interrogate Suzan. Suzan says that Jeff’s murder broke her down completely and her job, her new marriage are nothing but distractions to get over Jeff. She tells them that Lorie was a disturbed woman, but she would never kill her. They see burn marks on Suzan’s hand and she tells them that she burned her hand while cooking breakfast. Trent talks to Megan and tells her that he specializes in grief counseling and his book “Survivors of Suicide” talks a lot about the same. He figures out that Megan lost a loved one to suicide and tries to talk to her about it. Megan doesn’t talk. Trent gives her the copy of the book and she leaves. He hands her his card and tell her that she could drop by whenever she wants.

At home, Joan arrives to meet Megan and gives her the box. She tells him that it was a suicide and that she doesn’t know why her father killed himself. Megan is shocked to learn that Joan hid her father’s suicide note from the cops. She says that she will never stop trying to find out why her father killed himself. The next day, Curtis tells Megan that Lorie was killed with HCL and Suzan’s burns are from cooking oil. So, another dead end! Lacey is waiting for Megan in her office and they are supposed to go for lunch. During lunch, Lacey tells Megan that she should see a therapist and it might just help her. Megan goes to see Trent Marsh and she begins talking about what she remembers about the day her father died. She stops midway and leaves.

On her way out, she sees Paul Winters awaiting his turn. Megan tells Tommy and Adam that this cannot be coincidence and maybe the two murders are linked. It is possible that Suzan and Paul killed for each other. They were seeing the same therapist and bonded over their grief; something like “Strangers on the Train”. Adam says that they are trying to link the sunflower seeds from the first crime scene to Suzan. He then says that CSU found a bottle with HCL in it and are running it for prints. Later, Adam tells them that the DNA found at both crime scenes aren’t a match to Paul or Suzan, but they belong to the same person. Tommy deduces that the only thing these two crimes is the therapist Trent Marsh.

Tommy tells Megan about Trent’s background. He says that, ten years ago, Trent’s wife was killed in their house and the police had their eyes on an ex-con, Nathan Jarvis, who had done time for sexual assault. Nathan was let go because of lack of evidence. Tommy says that they need to match Trent’s DNA from the wife’s crime scene to the DNA found at the recent scenes. Next, Trent is brought in for interrogation and he denies all accusations. He tells them that he is angry about the fact that his wife’s murderer wasn’t found, but he also says that he is not a killer.

Adam arrives and tells Tommy that Trent’s DNA does not match with the ones found at the recent scene. In fact, they are a match to Nathan Jarvis. It appears that Nathan disappeared a year ago. Megan has a theory. She feels that Trent might have killed Nathan and then all he had to do was bring the sunflower seeds and acid bottle in contact with Nathan’s DNA. There is no way they can prove this. They are forced to let Trent Marsh walk away.

Later, Megan goes to meet Trent to return his book. She tells him that she doesn’t want it. She knows that Trent killed those two people and she asks them what if the victims’ relatives come after him seeking revenge. Trent doesn’t seem to be bothered by this and tells Megan that when his time comes, he will face it. Megan leaves. At the precinct, Megan hands over her father’s suicide note to Tommy. She wants him to run prints, DNA, everything. She believes that her father did not kill himself. The episode ends.