Doubting Tommy - Recap

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The episode begins with a man entering a room with a baseball bat. He follows a trail of blood and reaches a man sitting against the wall. His leg is crudely tied up to stop the bleeding and there is blood all over his face. The mysterious man beats up the wounded guy to death. In the court room, Megan is on the stand and DA Russell cross examines her. The victim is Jason and the DNA found on the bat belongs to Steve Owen, Jason’s business partner. Tommy is called to the stand and he tells the room that he has his doubts about Steve being the killer; despite the fact that the forensic reports prove that Steve is guilty. This doesn’t sit well with Megan.

Tommy realizes that Megan is angry at him and tells her that they should talk it out over a drink. She agrees. At the bar, Tommy talks about the earlier days where they had some amazing sex. Tommy thinks that they should try it again. Megan declines the offer and leaves. Later, she changes her mind and goes back to the bar. She spots Tommy sitting at the bar, with a blonde leaning against him and saying something in his ears. Megan is upset and leaves. The next day, Megan gets called to examine the latest victim, Skylar Greene. Adam tells Megan that he is unable to reach Tommy. Megan thinks that Tommy had a “busy” night.

They enter the house and Megan is shocked to see that the victim is the same blonde she saw at the bar with Tommy. Megan declares that the COD is strangulation. She tells Adam that she saw the victim with Tommy last night. Adam is worried and he tries Tommy’s number once again. They hear the phone ring behind the bushes. They see that Tommy is lying in the bushes and his nose is bleeding. They wake him up and ask him what happened. He tells them that he doesn’t remember. He tells them that he had met Skylar during the Steve Owen case and she felt that he is innocent. He tells them that everything is a blur.

He also says that Skylar called him a lot of times, but he never answered her calls and hasn’t spoken to her for two months. Megan tells Adam that Skylar’s murder has got something to do with the Steve Owen case. Adam goes to meet Steve, who has been under house arrest since January. Adam tells him that Skylar was looking for proof to prove that he is innocent. Steve tells him that he knows nothing about it. He tells Adam that Skylar was infatuated to Tommy and she found him as a challenge because Tommy wasn’t interested in her. At the medical center, Ethan and Curtis tell Megan that the hair strand found on Skylar’s bed is Tommy’s. Also, the finger nail polish particle that was found on Tommy’s neck belonged to Skylar.

They point out to the abrasions on Skylar’s neck and they tell Megan that she was strangulated with a man’s belt. At the precinct, The Chief tells Tommy that his lack of recollection of last night’s events can be very damaging. Adam and Megan check the surveillance footage from the bar and they have also called a woman who is a professional lip reader. She reads Skylar’s lips and it becomes clear that Skylar was stalking Tommy. Tommy’s last words were: You will regret this. At the center, Ethan and Curtis tell Megan that they have found the belt and it contains Tommy’s epithelial. There is some trace evidence that was found. They have sent it to the lab for analysis.

At the precinct, Tommy is placed under arrest because all the evidences are against him. Megan and Adam interrogate Tommy and tell him that his blood work is clean. This means that he wasn’t drugged. Tommy loses it and says that he did not kill Skylar Greene. They ask him if there is any other lead he can think of and he says no. At the center, The Chief tells Megan and Adam that they have received a complaint from a bar called the Red Light. It seems that Tommy and Skylar went to that bar and got into a fight with the bouncer. According to the bouncer, the attack was unprovoked.

Adam states that the Red Light is Steve Owen’s bar. The Chief also shows them some confidential reports on Tommy which prove that Tommy has a pathological problem of lack of control. Kate pulls Megan and Adam off the case because they are closely associated with Tommy. Later, Megan comes up with an idea that could possibly prove Tommy’s innocence. She calls Adam and they go to the bar where the fight took place. The bouncer, who got into the fight with Tommy, leads them to the spot where the fight took place. Megan finds dried blood on the carpet and cuts out the piece.

The bouncer confirms that it is Tommy’s blood. Megan analyzes the blood and finds high levels of Zolpidem in the sample. She explains to Adam that the blood dropped on the floor was from the night Tommy was drugged, and the blood sample they collected from Tommy was around ten hours later. This time window is sufficient to metabolize the drug present in the system. They talk to the Chief and Kate and tell them that this calls for reasonable doubt. The Chief says that if Tommy can bail himself, she is fine with it, but she cannot do anything more.

Adam tells her that the bail is set at 2 million and Tommy doesn’t have that money. The Chief says she cannot do anything and leaves. The next day, Tommy is released. Megan bailed him out. She put up her condo on collateral and everything else she had. She tells him that Tommy he too went out of his way to save her and Lacey. She wants to know what happened in NY. He tells her that his sister was killed in a hit and run, and the guy got away. Tommy says that he lost control and he ended up breaking some rules and bones. Megan and Tommy arrive at the club. Tommy recollects something. He says that Skylar was trying to give him some photo.

Megan calls Adam and they go to Skylar’s house. They take a printout of the picture and find that Steve Owen was at the club when he was accused of killing Jason. The killer did not want this picture to get out and so he killed Skylar. Tommy recollects chasing a guy and also that the guy jumped the fence. He says that he was too weak to follow him. Megan checks the fence and finds a material that was also found on the belt. Next, Tommy goes to meet Steve’s lawyer and hands over the evidence. He tells him that they need any evidence that was found in the Jason murder case. The lawyer tells him that he will have to pull up the files. He leaves. At the center, the team processes the fragment Megan found on the fence and finds out that the killer wore gloves that is specifically used for construction.

Adam thinks that they have got a problem. At the construction site, Tommy is going through some files and the lawyer attacks Tommy with a baseball bat. A fight ensues and Tommy manages to render the lawyer unconscious. He too is badly hurt. Adam and Megan arrive at the site. In the interrogation room, Adam tells the lawyer that he has been skimming money off Steve Owen and when Jason found out about this, he killed Jason and framed Steve for the murder. He suppressed all evidence that would prove him innocent. When Skylar called him about the photograph, he killed her too. They also found gloves in car and it matches to the material found on the fence.

The lawyer, lawyers up. Case Closed. Next, in the courtroom, the DA drops all charges against Steve Owen. Tommy thanks Adam and Megan for their help. Once again, Tommy asks Megan out for drinks and she agrees. The episode ends.