Disappearing Act - Recap

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The episode begins in front of the court house, where a reporter reports about the ongoing trial against Gerry Roberts, a fund manager, who has duped his investors of a billion dollars. There are hundreds of protesters outside the courtroom. Gerry arrives in the courtroom and it is seen that Adam and Tommy are on his security detail. Gerry is on the stand and he says that he did not steal any money. He invested the money in the market, and the market turned. He also states that the people who invested with him, signed papers saying that they understood the risks. He thinks that if people did not want to take the risk, they shouldn’t have invested.

The people are outraged and the cops quickly take him out of that place. They take the stairs towards the exit, but they find that the door is locked. Adam is surprised because he had checked it. Tommy realizes that something is not right. At that moment, a can of tear gas rolls towards them. Two men, wearing gas masks arrive and abduct Gerry. On their way out, the abductors run over a protester outside the courthouse. Later, Megan and Ethan arrive at the crime scene. Ethan takes a look at the dead body and tells Megan that the victim’s name is Jennifer Sanchez and she is from Florida.

The man, who performed CPR on Jennifer, is John Anderson. Later, at the precinct, an officer walks up to Tommy and Adam and shows them a video that was posted online, where the abductors shoot Gerry in the head. Tommy and Adam show the video to Chief Angela Martin. She is pissed. There is a billion dollars missing, and the only person who knows where that is, is now dead. Tommy tells her that someone knew about their exit route. The Chief is under a lot of pressure and she tells the duo to find the leak. She also wants them to find the people who killed Gerry.

At the center, Ethan finds traces of car paint on Jennifer’s jacket. At the precinct, Tommy tells Adam that they need to find the leak as soon as possible. Megan arrives, but she doesn’t have any information that could help them. Tommy has a theory. He thinks that Gerry faked his own death, and that is why his body has not yet been found. He thinks that they should go to the FBI tech team, who can go through the footage and analyze it. He feels that there is no point in killing Gerry if people want their money back. Adam leaves to meet the FBI techie. Megan thinks that the theory is a good one.

Adam is with the FBI tech team and they figure out that the location where Gerry was shot. The location is next to a rail yard which has a church and the highway in the same vicinity. They arrive at the yard and find a burnt down car. They find some teeth and a bone fragment in the car. Ethan finds a dental implant and Adam pulls out a watch. The watch belongs to Gerry. This means that it wasn’t a fake video. Gerry Roberts is dead. At the center, Megan tells Tommy and Adam that Gerry had dentures and the DNA from the bones and teeth is a match to the hair strand they collected from Gerry’s house. Curtis and Ethan arrive and tell the team that the tire treads found on Jennifer’s pants has a peculiar kind of moss on it which is native to the East coast of China. It is prevalent around the port cities, something to do with salt water.

It seems that out of the billion dollars, 250 million came from the Chinese Government’s private investment fund. The paint trace found on Jennifer’s body, proves that the car belonged to someone who worked for the Chinese Government. Later, they meet the Chinese ambassador and tell him that Gerry was kidnapped in an SUV that belonged to the Chinese Consulate. The ambassador tells them that it was a stolen SUV and they did not report it because they like to take care of all these matters internally. He feels that someone is trying to make the Chinese government look bad. Adam asks for the records of the stolen SUV.

Megan obviously is not buying that story and Kate handles the situation very delicately. Kate and Megan go back to the bodies, and Tommy and Adam pursue a lead. At the center, Megan finds it weird that the dentures they found in the car are loose. She says that over a period of time, the dentures fuse with the jaw bone. It is called osteo-integration. She thinks that Gerry’s root teeth were taken and implanted in the jaw of another man. The piece of the fibula that they found, could be easily replaced. She concludes that the guys in the video helped Gerry fake his death. Tommy, Adam and Megan present their theory to Kate. It appears that Gerry had a good strike force, probably ex-military, who managed to steal a Consulate SUV. He also had help from a forensic expert, who helped him with two surgical procedures.

Kate points out that Gerry was under house arrest since the time the charges were filed. So it is impossible to get these surgeries done. Chief Martin barges into Kate’s office and loses her cool on the detectives and the MEs. She tells them that the Chinese Government has lodged an official complaint against the department. She feels that it was wrong to accuse the Chinese Government without solid evidence. Kate tells the rest of them to leave, while she has a word with the Chief. Joan is in Megan’s office and she is shocked to learn that Megan opened an investigation about her father’s suicide. She leaves.

Officer Riley Dunn arrives at the center and delivers the file on the stolen SUV. The SUV was stolen from a supermarket and there has been no trace of it since then. She also wants Tommy to accompany her to a game on Friday night. Tommy tells her that he is busy hosting a poker game. Tommy and Adam are going through the footage from the lobby of Gerry’s apartment. Tommy notices that the guy who gave CPR to Jennifer, John Anderson, is in the lobby. Later, they tell Megan that the man is a suspect because the name, address, phone number he gave to the police, are all bogus. Megan tells them that they can find this guy’s real identity because his DNA would be on Jennifer’s lips since he gave her CPR.

Ethan processes the swab and tells Megan that the guy’s real name is Collin Olson and he is a forensic pathologist. He also shows the record that states that Olson was declared dead five years ago. They find out that Olson has a wife and Megan thinks that the wife could be in on this entire thing. She tells Tommy that she will talk to the wife. Later, Megan talks to Ruth Olson, the wife, and learns that Olson had a gambling problem and that is why he resorted to illegal means to repay the debt. She tells Megan that she lost her husband to Megan tells Tommy that the wife had nothing to do with her husband’s death. Megan is sure that if Olson was a gambling addict, it wouldn’t be easy for him to change his habit.

Adam goes to the FBI analysts and they hack into the gambling website. Based on the pattern of Olson’s spending habits, they find out that Olson is gambling under a different name. They track down the IP address and manage to locate the hotel Olson is staying in. Tommy and Adam go to the hotel and they arrest him. They interrogate Olson and find out that the man they torched in the car, was a cadaver from a medical school. Olson tells them that he figured out that there are a lot of people willing to pay to fake their own death and he simply made use of an opportunity.

The detectives tell him that if he doesn’t tell them Gerry’s location, they will toss him in front of the public, who Gerry duped. Next, the team arrests Gerry, who was about to get some facial reconstruction done. Case Closed. At the precinct, Megan tells Ruth that her husband is alive. Tommy and Adam bring in Olson. Ruth is furious and slaps him. At home, Megan waits for Tommy to show up with the analysis on her father’s suicide note. Tommy arrives and tells her that there is a foreign fingerprint found on the letter, which does not belong to her mother or father. Megan is positive that the print belongs to her father’s killer. The episode ends.