Dark City - Recap

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The episode begins with a gunman opening fire on an airplane. The bullet shatters a window. Elsewhere, Megan and Stafford are having dinner. Stafford asks her about her story with Tommy. She tells him that they dated a while back, but now it is over. Stafford is glad to hear that. He wants Megan to spend the night with him. Megan agrees. At that moment, they see a plane crashing, and seconds later the power goes out. Megan and Stafford rush to the crash site. Tommy is surprised to see them together. One of the officers tells them that the crash hit the power grid, and now half the city has blacked out.

The in charge tells Stafford that there are four paramedics team on the site, the rest are busy dealing with the blackout all over the city. Stafford orders the medical team to set up a make shift morgue on the site. Chief Martin tells the team that there was an US Marshall John Davis on the flight. Tommy thinks that Davis could be the gunman. Later, a reporter arrives at the site and asks Kate for the details. Kate tells her that she wouldn’t be able to reveal the information to her at the moment. The reporter tells her that DA Russell sent her, and he wants her to give some heroic interview which would make her look good. One of the passengers identifies the gunman. Tommy was right, the Marshall is their gunman. Martin wonders why a trained Air Marshall would bring down a jet he was supposed to protect.

Megan examines the body and tells martin that Davis had an anti-mortem seizure before the crash. At home, Joan and Lacey decide to have some ice-cream. Joan tells her that she has never been in a blackout since ’91. The topic then shifts to the fight between Joan and Megan. Megan tells Joan that she knows the reason. Joan tells her that she does not want to discuss it with her. Kate tells the reporter that 52 people died in the crash. Adam arrives and tells Kate that there are 7 survivors in the waiting room. Mandy Wells, the reporter, wants to interview the survivors. Adam asks Megan if she heard from Tommy. She says no. Elsewhere, Tommy and Riley are looking for a lead on the missing tail section of the plane and they meet with a terrible accident. At the morgue, the team is having a tough time performing the autopsies because of the power fluctuation.

Megan tells Stafford that it looks like Davis was high on something; he was intentionally drugged. She doesn’t see any signs that indicate that Davis was an addict. She senses a foul play. She thinks that since Davis was an undercover Air Marshall, someone could have wanted him dead. Adam questions one of the survivors, Franco. He tells him that he remembers a child running right into Davis and Davis did not even blink. Another survivor tells Adam that the gunman was a very polite man, and he was good to women. Tanner tells Adam that the gunman was talking about “flying rats”. Tanner also tells him that Carla, the woman sitting next to him was airsick. She was wearing a blue scarf. He also learns that the gunman was fixated on her. Megan tells the team that they need to find her.

She feels that she could have been drugged as well because the people on the flight saw her go to the bathroom a lot. Megan checks her cell phone and hears Tommy’s message. They also hear the crash. Megan is worried and in tears. Adam tells her that he will find Tommy. At the accident site, Tommy and Riley regain consciousness. Tommy sees blood on the window and thinks that they hit someone. They get out of the car, and find a woman, the stewardess, lying on the road. There is an object sticking out of her stomach. She asks them to help “them”. Tommy and Riley find the tail section of the plane. In the morgue, the power goes out and Ethan tells them that the backup generator is not working.

Megan and Stafford go to the store room to get the emergency lanterns. On their way, they find out that Carla’s dead body is missing. Megan looks at the blue scarf lying on the floor, and tells Stafford that the body was stolen. Curtis and Ethan go to check the generators. They find out that somebody deliberately cut the wires. Adam and Kate are stuck in the elevator, and Adam loses his patience. Tommy checks the tail section of the plane and manages to rescue Max, the child, who was hiding in the bathroom. The rest of the passengers are dead. He goes back to the stewardess, Pam, and tells her that she will be fine. At the center, Megan and Stafford go to the waiting room, and tell the relatives and the survivors about the missing body.

Franco and the others say that they saw Tanner in the back section of the plane, talking to the gunman. He tells her that he was hitting on the stewardess. Pam’s husband gets pissed and gets into a fight with Tanner. Megan and Stafford break up the fight. Adam and Kate try to get out of the elevator by removing the ceiling panel. Adam successfully manages to open it, but they are shocked when they see a dead body dangling from the outer section of the ceiling. It is Carla’s dead body. Kate and Adam arrive with Carla’s body. Megan examines the body and declares that Carla had swallowed at least 80 bags of cocaine. She was a drug mule.

Megan theorizes that Davis must have figured out that Carla was carrying drugs and he flipped out, causing the plane to crash. Carla died in the crash, but her accomplice, maybe Tanner, the Sikh guy or Franco, stole the body, cut open her stomach and took out the drugs to cover their tracks. Stafford tells Megan that they have interrogated these three men, but they got nothing. Adam decides to interrogate the three men. He finds narcotics on Franco. Curtis manages to fix the generator, and the power is back. The next morning, Tommy manages to get Pam’s cell phone and video calls Megan.

Pam’s husband is glad to see that she is alive. At that moment, Pam starts to shake. Her husband tells Megan that Pam is has a heart condition and she is carries medication in her purse. Tommy checks her purse and takes out the pills, but he is unable to make her swallow the pills because Pam is choking on her blood. Megan tells him to perform an emergency tracheotomy. She instructs him, and Tommy successfully manages to save Pam. Everyone is relieved. Later, Stafford examines Davis’s blood and tells Megan that Davis was drugged with Digoxin. Megan is shocked because this is the same drug that Pam took for her heart condition.

She realizes that Pam drugged the Marshall. Megan is pissed that she saved the life of the person who brought down the plane. Later, Megan tells Adam and Stafford that Pam was the drug runner and Carla was her mule. So, when Davis figured out about Carla, he informed the flight attendant and asked her to call the cops, not realizing that she was in on it. Pam drugs Davis and Davis goes crazy with violent hallucinations. Stafford wonders if Franco was Pam’s handler. Megan tells them that Pam’s husband told her that Pam wanted to quit two years ago, but he made her fly again. She thinks that he could be her accomplice, and he framed Franco by placing a bag of cocaine in his pocket.

They confront the husband, who tries to escape. They arrest Pam’s husband. At the accident site, Pam tells Tommy that she didn’t mean to kill anyone. Tommy cuffs her to the stretcher and puts her in the ambulance. At the center, Stafford figures out that Megan is not over Tommy. He hands over her father’s exhumation order. She thanks him and rushes to meet Tommy. When she arrives at the precinct, she sees Tommy leaving with Riley. Megan quietly leaves. The episode ends.