Daddy Issues - Recap

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Megan gets out of bed to find her Father on the couch smoking his pipe. He puts a gun to his head and pulls the trigger in front of her. She wakes up from her nightmare.

Dr. Murphy arrives at a crime scene. Ethan asks where Megan is and Dr. Murphy replies that she isn’t returning any calls. Ethan sobers and bends to the body which has been split into pieces and is missing a multitude of flesh. Ethan says with the animal activity he’s been out in the field they are in for at least 2-3 days. According to the blood splatter, the victim was not killed there. It’s a body dump site.

At Megan’s, Tommy calls and says he heard the exhumation of her Father was granted. She sees that Kate is calling again and hits ignore. At the cemetery, Megan and Tommy watch as her Father’s casket is lifted out of the ground. She tells him she needs to do this and gives nod for it to be opened. The worker opens the lid to reveal nothing inside. The casket is empty. Megan confronts her angry Mother. She explains the casket was empty. When Joan asks why anyone would do that, Megan says it was done to hide the fact that his death was not a suicide.

At the courthouse, Tommy gets called into Lorraine’s office. He’s in trouble for tying up resources on an off the record case of Megan’s father. When he explains the casket was empty and the theory behind someone hiding the cause of death, she okays it. Later, Tommy and Megan walk through a file room. They happen on the box they need only to realize that it too, is empty.

Dr. Murphy examines the John Doe. With his hands missing and his face mangled, they cannot identify him. Dr. Murphy says she will see what she can do about reconstructing something on the face they can match with a person. On the street, Megan is stopped at a Cigar store by Trent. She calls him a sociopath and he asks her not to boil him down to that. She tells him he got away with murder. And while she understands, she doesn’t like it. She leans in to whisper that people disappoint and that is why she doesn’t trust. She says as far as her “Daddy Issues” go, she’s taking care of them her way.

Later that evening, Megan is going thru some of her father’s things. She stumbles across a recorder and hits play. The recording is her and her father playing around. She sets it aside and pulls out a lighter. When she realizes it doesn’t work, she pulls out the flint only to a false bottom with a key hidden underneath. She takes it, and Tommy, down to her Father’s study. While looking over the now empty space, Tommy asks her about the voicemail she left that had gotten cut off.

Her flashlight on the wall, she pushes past him to find a secret lock. She inserts the key and opens the compartment. She pulls out one of the missing medical files.

Back at her office, she’s looking through the file they found. Tommy tells her the girl in the file was killed a day before Megan’s Father did. As it happens, Mr. Brown, her killer, is still very much alive and in prison. Tommy and Megan pay him a visit. He asks which victim they want to hear about. As he starts to run through the names of all of them and stumbles on Ms. Pratt. When he gives a false detail, Megan calls him on it. He says he didn’t actually kill her and he is upset that the court records credit him with it. They suggest he’s lying and he explains he isn’t get out in three lifetimes; he has no reason to lie. In order to investigate, Tommy and Megan pay a visit to Detective Fitz who was lead detective on the Brown case. They go through the case and Detective Fitz explains she had the same victim profile right down to the postage stamp on her tongue.

Megan arrives back at the office and snaps at Dr. Murphy. Murphy says she understands and for her to take as much time as she needs to deal with her Father’s death. As she looks through the old medical files Tommy walks in and she explains they were all alike, except for the form of asphyxiation. Lindsey Pratt was strangled in a manner different from the other 4 victims. It is reminiscent of a police choke hold. Because of the fact that the postage stamp wasn’t leaked to the press, it suggests that a police officer was the actual killer who covered up by making it look like the Mr. Brown’s handiwork. Tommy and Megan debate the possibility of the real killer being Detective Fitz. Tommy seeks out Lorraine and explains the situation. He adds that this information is probably what got Megan’s Father killed.

Back in the lab, Dr. Murphy has a smile on her face as she works on the reconstruction of the victims face. Having told Megan to let him handle it, Tommy faces off with Detective Fitz in the interrogation room. He brings up the autopsy and the differences between Lindsey and the other victims. When Fitz says that any other questions should be handled through his attorney, Megan busts in. She angers him and he threatens her. Tommy drags her out of the room and tells she just let Fitz in on their whole case. He says he has a call in to Fitz’s ex partner.

In the parking structure, Megan comes face to face with Trent once more. He informs her that it is not a coincidence. He asks about her comment earlier on doing things her own way. He asks if she has found the person she thinks is responsible for her Father’s death. Megan remains silent. He goes on to tell her that there is only one just punishment for someone who robbed her of her Father’s life. She says it won’t bring him back. She asks if killing the one responsible mended the crack in his heart. He says it did. She shakes her head and walks away saying she has to do this the legal way.

Detective Fitz arrives home only to be shot on his way to the mailbox by someone he can’t see. At her office, Megan sorts through the photo’s. When she can’t connect it, she sees Dr. Murphy walk past with a sketch of their John Doe. Megan takes the sketch and compares it to photo’s from the Brown case. Realizing that John Doe is Fitz’s old partner, she goes looking for Tommy. She runs into Lorraine and drags her with to explain the situation, including the death of Fitz’s old partner. Lorraine pulls a gun on her and forces her to her Father’s study.

Lorraine tells her she killed Pratt and her father. She puts the gun to Megan’s head and hears the shot. Only the shot comes from her Trent’s hand and Lorraine falls to the floor. When Megan turns to look, Trent is gone again. He police try to track him down at his office but he’s long gone having left only a book called “Silent Anguish: Survivor’s of Suicide” and a note
that says you’re welcome.

Back at her house, Megan comes face to face with her Mother who is waiting for her. They hug before she heads to Tommy’s. When he lets her in she says thank you for everything he had done. When she says she has spent her life living through the past and that is now over, he comforts her and they kiss.