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Episode discussion for: 03x09 | Disappearing Act (Apr 16, 2013)

4-16-13 "Disappearing Act" 3.09 Yes it seems that Megan has mellowed. I believe her only burst was when Chief Angela Martin was upset Tommy and Adam lost Jerry Roberts and wanted to discontinue the association with the MEs office. Kate had to step in and talk to the Chief three times. That was nice. Now if they still had Peter or a replacement they could go a episode separated until the PPD needed their help. Chief seems to have it in for Tommy and Adam. If I remember right I know Tommy transferred in from NYC, as we saw in the last episode. But Adam hasn't he been there awhile??? In the past I don't remember the PD as being so down on Bud and Sam like this. Kate must still think her Political chances are good. Glad she turned down the Chief's endorsement.

I do believe Megan has to have those moments where she still thinks of Peter. Doesn't have to be every episode. But more then just the first one.

I did wonder if Jerry Roberts was in on his own kidnapping. Didn't think about bystander John Anderson who gave the hit and run victim Jennifer Sanchez CPR, being in on it. Not sure what the shooting video would gain if the kidnappers went to all that trouble to take Jerry Roberts to just shoot him in some desolate location. I would think they would just hope he is convicted. Instead of take the chance of arrest or being shot by Police. If he does get a "get out of jail free card" then make plans to make him pay. So it looked more like a ploy after that.

So the Chief wanted them to find and plug up the leak, did they? How did Jerry Roberts associates know his route?

I agree that Adam working with Julie and Sarah, the 2 FBI annalists was nice. He should take them out for drinks for their help. Hope we see them again. And Psst, Sam works for the FBI ! I know she is a field agent in a different town.

Nice that Officer Riley Dunn invited Tommy to a Sixers game as pay back to his Flyers tickets. A 2nd date but he backed out. Adam questioned him why? He thinks things are moving along with Megan. He should keep those options open. Adam thinks Tommy is wrong.

Mom Joan was upset Megan told Police about suicide note. Is she worried about how it will look? The finger print found on the note that isn't her dads could be the killers. This could be a good story starting to unfold.
Joanna Cassidy(Joan) is also playing Seeley Booth's mother on "Bones". Not sure how often that will be.

Thought it was cute when Megan asked Kate what she was doing there, and Kate replied, "Complimenting you, don't get used to it!" was cute.

Nice slap from Ruth Olsson at end when Hubby is brought in. She blamed herself for his "death". Glad she has closure.

Also need more of Curtis and Ethan.

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