Season 14

416 :14x01 - Forever (1)

Joe marries Alice Harper, but all is not bliss when a couple of men come to retrieve some money that Alice's brother owes.
Guest Stars: Ivan Bonar as Minister | Roy Jenson as Mr. Hanley | James Jeter as Male Storekeeper | John J. Fox as Jack | William Challee as Jake | Robert Doyle as Sloan | Don Haggerty (1) as Bartender | Luana Anders as Julie | Andrew J. Robinson as John Harper | Helen Kleeb as Miss Grayson | Jay D. Jones as Carver | Joan Lemmo as Gloria | Lee De Broux as Krater | Bonnie Bedelia as Alice Harper
Director: Michael Landon

417 :14x02 - Forever (2)

When the men arrive to retrieve the money owed to them, Alice is shot and killed in the ruckus. Joe begins a search for his wife's killers to bring them to justice.
Guest Stars: Ivan Bonar as Minister | Roy Jenson as Mr. Hanley | James Jeter as Male Storekeeper | John J. Fox as Jack | William Challee as Jake | Robert Doyle as Sloan | Helen Kleeb as Female Storekeeper | Don Haggerty (1) as Bartender | Luana Anders as Julie | Andrew J. Robinson as John Harper | Lee De Broux as Krater | Bonnie Bedelia as Alice Harper | Toby Anderson as Hotel Clerk | Larry Golden as Damien
Director: Michael Landon

418 :14x03 - Heritage of Anger

John Dundee, an ex-con is helped by Ben to readjust his life in the world. But things are complicated because of the men who framed him, his former business partners, failed to help out his wife as they had promised.
Guest Stars: Len Lesser as Fancher | Henry Oliver as Telegrapher | Roydon Clark as Bartlett | Warren J. Kemmerling as Sheriff Garth | Fionnula Flanagan as Elizabeth Dundee | Robert Lansing as John Dundee | Ed Long as Anders | Harry Harvey as Sangster
Writer: Don Ingalls

419 :14x04 - The Initiation

A boy is accidentally killed while performing an initiation in a secret club, and one of Jamie's friends is blamed for his death.
Guest Stars: Ivan Bonar as Preacher | Ron Howard as Ted Hoag | Pitt Herbert as Mr. Cropin | William Bramley (1) as Lumis | William Challee as Stableman | Sean Kelly (1) as Josh Adams | Harry Basch as Prosecutor | James Van Patten as Corky Sibley | Sam Jarvis as Bailiff | John Zaremba as Judge | Biff Elliot as Harley Lewis | James Chandler as George Adams | Nicolas Beauvy as Ron Lewis | Alfred Barker Jr. as Billy Newton | Ed Bakey as Lummis | Phyllis Love as Miss Griggs | Jeff Smart as Sonny Mueller
Director: Alf Kjellin

420 :14x05 - Riot

Ben is taken as a hostage while inspecting conditions at a Nevada State Prison, as requested by the governor.
Guest Stars: Gregory Walcott as Will Cooper | William Bryant as Governor | Tim Matheson as Griff King | Barney Phillips as Asa Calhoun | Biff Manard as Scoggins | Bob Delegall as Willie Noon | Boyd "Red" Morgan as Kelly | Denver Pyle as Warden | Nolan Leary as Old Charlie | Noble Willingham as Mr. Kirby | Charles Wagenheim as Donovan | William Paterson (2) as Mr. Vannerman | Morton Lewis as Idaho | Marco St. John as Johnny Plank | Aldo Ray as Heiser
Director: Lewis Allen

421 :14x06 - New Man

A parolee is left in Ben's care and brought to the Ponderosa. Griff King has a hard time adjusting as a free man after being hired by Ben as a ranch hand.
Guest Stars: Charles Dierkop as Shorty | Ronny Cox as Lucas | Chuck Hayward as Guard | Bill Clark (1) as Man | Jeff Morris as Tulsa | Jac Flanders as Clerk | Carol Vogel as Amy
Director: Leo Penn

422 :14x07 - Ambush at Rio Lobo

Outlaws await to rob a stage coach which contains Ben and a pregnant young woman on board.
Guest Stars: Murray MacLeod as Zachariah | Albert Salmi as Stretch | Sian Barbara Allen as Teresa Burnside | Douglas Dirkson as Gabe | James Olson as Vance Burnside
Writer: Joel Murcott

423 :14x08 - The Twenty-Sixth Grave

When Samuel Clemens (AKA Mark Twain) comes nosing around town investigating a the mysterious death of miners, he starts an uprising with accusations of claim jumping and murder.
Guest Stars: Wayne Heffley as Bert | Walter Burke as Campbell | Richard Bull as Mr. Goodman | Dana Elcar as Mr. Merrick | Harlan Warde as Solicitor George Osgood | Sean Kelly (1) as Petey | Britt Leach as Postal Clerk | Owen Bush as Station Agent | Curt Conway as Caldwell | Ken Howard as Samuel Clemens/Mark Twain | Arthur Peterson as Martin | Stacy Keach, Sr. as Prentiss | Victor Izay as Foreman | Staats Cotsworth as Judge Hale | Philip Kenneally as McNabb

424 :14x09 - Stallion

Ben purchases a beautiful black stallion for Joe's birthday. This present would bring him both joy and sorrow as the horse is stolen and retrieved, yet tragedy will soon ensue.
Guest Stars: Clu Gulager as Billy Brenner | Michael Greene (1) as Travis | Wallace Chadwell as Doctor | Mitzi Hoag as Alice Brenner | Lew Brown as Seth
Director: E.W. Swackhamer

425 :14x10 - The Hidden Enemy

A new doctor in Virginia City is secretly fighting the demons of drug addiction, morphine to be precise.
Guest Stars: David Huddleston as Myles Johnson | Mel Gallagher as Smitty | Russell Thorson as Judge Phelps | Melissa Murphy as Nancy Agar | Gary Busey as Henry Johnson | Mike Farrell as Dr. Will Agar | Ayn Ruymen as Nurse Evie Parker | Mons Kjellin as Chris Agar | Harry Holcombe as Dr. Martin | Jason Wingreen as Graham | Clifford David as Mr. Evans
Director: Alf Kjellin

426 :14x11 - The Sound of Sadness

A lonely old man wants to adopt a pair of orphans, but he will need to get past the bureaucrats first, who may just shoot down his plans.
Guest Stars: Penelope Gillette as Mrs. Farmer | Dan Ferrone as Mr. Holcombe | John Randolph as Mr. Dawson | Jack Albertson as Jonathon May | Timothy Marshall as Robbie | Marty McCall as Tim | Harry Holcombe as Dr. Martin | Irene Tedrow as Mrs. Caines | Carol Locatell as Mrs. Holcombe
Director: Michael Landon

427 :14x12 - The Bucket Dog

The life of a dog is put on trial when Jamie falls in love with an Irish Setter, but his rightful owner would rather have him destroyed than live at the Ponderosa.
Guest Stars: Ivan Bonar as Minister | Don Knight as Tim Riley | Carl Pitti as George Spencer | William Sylvester (1) as Horace Kingston | John Zaremba as Judge Wilcox
Writer: John Hawkins

428 :14x13 - First Love

Jamie falls in love with the abused wife of a highly unpopular schoolmaster of Virginia City.
Guest Stars: Lisa Eilbacher as Eloise | Steve Benedict as Henry | David Doremus as Gene | Eileen Ryan as Emily | Dennis Robertson as Harve | Jordan Rhodes as Dan Edwards | Pamela Franklin as Kelly Edwards | Michael F. Blake as Lew | Brenda Smith as Mary
Director: Leo Penn

429 :14x14 - The Witness

Candy is arrested after a man posses as him while robbing an old woman, causing her to suffer a heart attack. His fate is in the hands of a confident, yet inexperienced attorney.
Guest Stars: Ross Elliott as Harvey Walters | Mark Allen (1) as Barnes | Stephen Nathan as Oscar Hammer | Shirley O'Hara as Ella Peterson | Byron Mabe as Louis Gardner | David McLean (1) as Sheriff Touhy | Larry Finley as Sam | Sally Kemp as Kate Fallon/Kathryn Gardner | Sam Jarvis as Buford | William Wintersole as Frank Schulte | Dick Ryal as Will Reilly
Director: Lewis Allen

430 :14x15 - The Marriage of Theodora Duffy

Griff posses as Theodora Duffy, the "wife" of a government agent in order to nab a group of wanted war criminals.
Guest Stars: Richard Eastham as Stanton | Willard Sage as Marshal Taylor | Rayford Barnes as Shaw | Robert Yuro as Dody Henderickson | Jerry Gatlin as Barnes | Karen Carlson as Theodora Duffy | Ramon Bieri as Jonas Holt
Writer: Ward Hawkins

431 :14x16 - The Hunter

Bill Tanner, posing as a soldier he had killer earlier, is searching like a predator with Joe and his wagon stocked with goods as his prey. Waking one morning, Joe discovers his goods have been stolen from the wagon and that Bill is now using this as motivation for a good game of cat and mouse...providing more excitement for Bill and his hunt.
Guest Stars: Hal Burton (1) as Man | Peter O'Crotty as Old Man | Phillip Avenetti as Mexican | Grizzly Green as Harve | Tom Skerritt as Corporal Bill Tanner
Director: Michael Landon
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Drama | Western
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: NBC ( USA)
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 12, 1959
Ended: January 16, 1973
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