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Season 2

23 :02x01 - The Titan on the Tracks

Brennan and Booth investigate the site of a train wreck where the bodies of a senator and a high-profile businessman are found within the wreckage. The businessman's body is found in a car on the train tracks, and at first glance, it is an apparent suicide. While investigating a possible connection between the two victims, Brennan and her team discover the businessman is still alive, but severely injured, at a local hospital, and the body at the scene is someone else. As the clues begin to unravel, the investigation gets more complicated when details of the man's private life are revealed, leading Brennan and Booth to a private detective who may hold key information. Meanwhile, Brennan is introduced to Dr. Camille Saroyan, a first-rate pathologist who has been hired as the head of forensics at the Jeffersonian, and more importantly, Brennan's boss. It doesn't take long for Brennan to figure out "Cam" is a little too familiar with Booth and that they share something of a past. Also, Booth encourages Brennan to visit her mother's grave site for the first time.
Guest Stars: Christine Estabrook as Asst. U.S. District Attorney Lisa Supek | Ray Wise as Rick Turco | Ann Cusack as Dianne Hochman | Sam Witwer as Michael Downs | JoNell Kennedy as Dr. Yolanda Lawrence | Alex Hyde-White as NTSB Investigator Dietrich Hobbs | Timothy Landfield as SEC Investigator Dan Burroughs | Allison Dunbar as Brianna Lynch | Jeremy Luke as Eddie Bean |
Co-Guest Stars: Marlon John as Fireman
Director: Tony Wharmby
Writer: Hart Hanson
Songs: Ray LaMontagne -- Be Here Now, Cat Power -- The Greatest

24 :02x02 - Mother and Child in the Bay

Booth and Brennan examine the remains of a woman and fetus found in the Delaware Bay. The body is identified as that of Carlie Richardson, a pregnant newlywed whose mysterious disappearance one year ago had been a major national news story. Carlie's husband Kyle Richardson is immediately thought to be the prime suspect in the case, but he disappears before Brennan and Booth can question him, prompting Booth to call for a manhunt for Kyle. Clues found with the remains throw suspicion in a different direction, and Brennan enlists Booth and her team at the Jeffersonian to recreate the potential scene of Carlie's murder to get a better idea of the build and body type of the murderer, with shocking results. Meanwhile, Booth is annoyed that his ex-girlfriend Rachel, the mother of his son Parker, is letting Parker spend so much time with her new boyfriend, forcing Booth to be more territorial than Rachel would like.
Guest Stars: Jessica Capshaw as Rebecca Stinson | Kate Norby as Karen Tyler | Jeff Austin as Michael Jules | Kirsten Potter as Mary Corbis | Tangie Ambrose as Faith Davis | Jessica Wright as Tina Holmes | Adam Lieberman as FBI Agent Sanders | Bruce French as Dennis Campbell | Caryn West as Patricia Campbell | Shane Johnson as Kyle Richardson | Ty Panitz as Parker Booth | Sean McGowan as Drew |
Co-Guest Stars: Chris Conrad as Agent | Verda Bridges as Social Worker

25 :02x03 - The Boy in the Shroud

Brennan and Hodgins join Booth and Cam at a crime scene beside an overturned garbage truck. Among the trash in the truck is the body of a young man wrapped in a shroud. Brennan finds that his skull is cracked and his leg is broken, and Hodgins determines the victim has been in the trash heap for at least three weeks. At the lab, Angela is able to identify the body from a facial imprint created by the shroud. As Booth and Brennan try to unravel the limited clues of the case, the parents of the deceased boy point a suspicious finger at their sons young girlfriend, Kelly, a product of the foster system. Brennan takes her team members rush to judgment and criticism of Kelly to heart since shes a product of the foster system as well. When Kelly confesses to the murder of her boyfriend, Brennan and Booth dont buy it, but are shocked and disheartened to discover who the real murderer is. Meanwhile, things get tense when Brennan and Cam butt heads over their different work styles and Brennan recoils at Cams power plays. When a disagreement comes to a head, Cam threatens to start looking for Brennans replacement, even if it means losing the whole Jeffersonian team if theyre forced to take sides.
Guest Stars: Leah Pipes as Kelly Morris | William Bumiller as Aaron Krane | Kathleen Gati as Marcia Krane | Jon Sklaroff as Kevin Duncan | Pamala Tyson as Fran Duncan | Tara Karsian as Dianne Child | Kim Staunton as Suzanne Lawler | Dylan McLaughlin (1) as Alex Morris |
Co-Guest Stars: Tom Choi as FBI Agent
Songs: Susan Enan feat/ Sarah McLachlan -- Bring On The Wonder

26 :02x04 - The Blonde in the Game

Moments after Booth and Brennan unearth the skeletal remains of a young girl, it becomes clear they aren't dealing with just any murder case. Hodgins, Zack and Cam confirm this back at the lab when they discover that the cause of death points straight to Howard Epps, a convicted serial killer who has been on death row for years; Brennan's previous testimony in his case gave Epps a stay of execution. Booth interrogates Epps, seemingly to no avail, but after finding a clue on the deceased girl that leads them to another young body - this one only a week old - they realize that Epps is forcing them to play a deadly game. As the body count rises, Brennan and her team scramble to decipher Epps' cryptic clues in a desperate effort to find his cold-blooded accomplice. The team is pushed even further when it is revealed that the latest victim may still be alive, with only hours left to live. As precious seconds tick away, Brennan and her team must test their limits and confront their fears to save a young girl from becoming a victim.
Guest Stars: Heath Freeman as Howard Epps | Christie Lynn Smith as Caroline Epps | Rodney Holland as Gil Lappin | Irene Roseen as Sister Karen Dunne | Jim Jansen as Grant Hathaway | Gregory Scott Cummins as Henry Gerber | Tarah Paige as Helen Majors |
Co-Guest Stars: Dohn Norwood as Ranger
Director: Bryan Spicer
Writer: Noah Hawley
Songs: Rosie Thomas -- It Don't Matter To The Sun

27 :02x05 - The Truth in the Lye

After Booth has a bedroom romp with his ex-girlfriend Rebecca, he gets a call from Brennan about their latest case and agrees to meet her at a condominium construction site. They're led into a partially built unit where they find the gruesome remains of a man dissolving in a bathtub of household cleaning products. After determining the victim had Brittle Bone Disease, they search a database of area BBD victims, all of whom are children, and split up to visit them in hopes of finding a connection to the dead man. When both Brennan and Booth come back with confirmation of the man's identity, they realize he was living a double life with two different families. In what first appears to be a straightforward case of jealousy and insurance money, new clues send Brennan and Booth in a completely different direction and a third suspect is brought to light.
Guest Stars: Jessica Capshaw as Rebecca Stinson | Bruce Nozick as Pete Valero | Melinda McGraw as Gayle Seaver | Bridger Palmer as Ray Seaver | Susan Santiago as Lila Turner | Nathan Dean as FBI Agent Charlie Burns | Keri Lynn Pratt as Chloe Daniels |
Co-Guest Stars: Lamont Thompson as Cop
Director: Steven DePaul

28 :02x06 - The Girl in Suite 2103

Brennan and Booth are called to the site of an explosion in a Miami hotel where a young woman has been burned to death. Initially, the explosion is thought to be the work of a Colombian drug cartel intending to target Judge Dolores Ramos, the Colombian judicial representative. State Department official Alex Radziwill insists everything to do with Judge Ramos and the case go through him, which becomes both annoying and problematic when he stands in Brennan and Booth's way as they do their jobs in pursuit of key information about the case. When fingers point to Ramos' husband and son, Booth and Brennan are shocked to learn who was behind the murderous plot, and how far the State Department will go to protect a murder suspect.
Guest Stars: Danny Woodburn as Alex Radziwill | Bertila Damas as Judge Dolores Ramos | Carlos Lacamara as Juan Ramos | Laura Leigh Hughes as Jill Winokur | Cerina Vincent as Denise | John Kassir as Lawrence Melvoy | Andres Londono as Antonio Ramos
Director: Karen Gaviola

29 :02x07 - The Girl with the Curl

Brennan and Booth investigate the death of Brianna Swanson, a young beauty queen whose decomposed remains are discovered at a Washington, DC, water filtration plant. Brianna's father is a suspect initially, but new clues lead Brennan and Booth to Brianna's dance school, where they glean key information. Meanwhile, Hodgins works up the nerve to ask Angela out on a date and after contemplating the pros and cons of dating a coworker, she agrees to go
Guest Stars: Kali Rocha as Jackie Swanson | Jason Matthew Smith as Dave Swanson | Lisa Thornhill as Kristen Mitchell | Grace Fulton as Hailey Farrell | Ariel Winter as Liza | Mary Gordon Murray as Charlotte Craft | Kyle Gallner as Jeremy Farrell | Amanda Carlin as Donna Farrell | Madison Davenport as Megan |
Co-Guest Stars: Brent Jennings as Plant Supervisor
Songs: KC & the Sunshine Band -- (Shake Shake Shake) Shake Your Booty, Grant-Lee Phillips -- Mona Lisa

30 :02x08 - The Woman in the Sand

When the unearthed skeletal remains of Mason Roberts, a federal prosecutor who disappeared five years earlier, are discovered in the desert outside Las Vegas, Brennan and Booth suspect his death may be tied to the mob. The body count in the desert rises when vultures lead them to the recent remains of a young woman, just a few yards away. Booth suspects the same person may have been responsible for both deaths, but the womans injuries lead Brennan to believe she has a long history of domestic abuse and her husband may have been responsible for her demise. Brennan and Booth question the deceased womans husband, who denies he hurt his wife, but leads them to a Vegas loan shark. When an anonymous lead takes them into the world of gambling and underground ultimate fighting, Booth and Brennan go undercover as Vegas high-rollers. Booth takes his turn in the ring and risks his life in a desperate effort to uncover the mystery.
Guest Stars: Nelson Lee as Special Agent Eric Zhang | Chad Todhunter as Don Morgan | John Marshall Jones as Joe Noland | Karl Makinen as Frank Frankie Daniels | Joseph Cortese as Lou Mackey | Shontae Saldana as Marisol Diaz | Theo Rossi as Nick Arno | Aaron D. Spears as Agent Walt Sugarman |
Co-Guest Stars: Tom Billett as Referee | Jason Windt as Pit Boss | Dawn Maree as Dealer |
Uncredited: Bridgett Riley as Billy Morgan | Jennifer Quirino as Boxer
Director: Kate Woods
Songs: Elvis Presley -- Viva Las Vegas

31 :02x09 - Aliens in a Spaceship

When the bodies of twin teenage boys kidnapped five years earlier are discovered in Pennsylvania, Booth and Brennan find themselves on the trail of the Grave Digger, a notorious serial killer whose M.O. is to kidnap, bury his victims alive and make a single, exorbitant ransom request. If the money is not paid in the specified period of time, there is no further communication and the victims are left to die. During the investigation, Brennan and her scientist colleague Dr. Hodgins become the Grave Digger's latest victims, forced to try to solve their own kidnapping from an underground grave.
Guest Stars: Salli Richardson-Whitfield as Assistant U.S. Attorney Kim Kurland | Charles Mesure as Pete Sanders | Benito Martinez as Thomas Vega | Julie Ann Emery as Janine O'Connell | James McDonnell as James Kent |
Co-Guest Stars: Rich McDonald as Pennsylvania State Trooper
Director: Craig Ross, Jr.
Writer: Janet Tamaro

32 :02x10 - The Headless Witch in the Woods

When the headless body of a young man, along with a video camera full of documentary footage, is discovered in the DC-area woods, Brennan and Booth are called in to determine identify the year-old remains and determine if a murder was committed. The body is proven to be that of University of Virginia film student Graham Hastings, who had disappeared a year before while making a documentary about the local legend of a woman thought to be a witch who beheaded anyone who dared to look for her. In a mysteriously parallel set of circumstances, Brennan and the team find that Graham was beheaded by an axe. After examining the dark, chaotic and choppy footage from Grahams camera, Brennan and Booth learn that two other people Grahams girlfriend Lori and fellow classmate Brian were in the woods with Graham on the night of his disappearance. DNA on the axe used to murder Graham leads a shocking revelation of the killers identity. Meanwhile, Brennan befriends Grahams brother, Will, when she finds out that he, too, was an orphan, but the friendship quickly dissolves when the truth behind his brothers murder is uncovered.
Guest Stars: Kristoffer Polaha as Will Hastings | Jake Richardson as Brian Andrews | Michael Trevino as Graham Hastings | Amanda Fuller as Lori Mueller | Terrell Clayton (1) as Doug Edison | Joshua Leonard as Nate Gibbons |
Co-Guest Stars: Angel Oquendo as Nurse | Kip Garwood as Young Man
Director: Tony Wharmby

33 :02x11 - Judas on a Pole

When a mans body is found gutted, burned and hung up like a scarecrow on the roof of the Federal Building, Booth and Brennan are called in to identify the charred remains and determine who was behind the murder. Based on several factors, Booth determines the victim was a snitch working within an organized crime syndicate. Brennans brother, Russ, tells her he got a mysterious call from their long-lost father, warning him they are in danger, and Brennan is contacted by a priest, who delivers a message from their father insisting she and Booth drop the case. Brennan and Booth determine the murdered victim was ex-FBI agent Garrett Delaney, who was tracking Russ and planning to kill him, giving more credence to their fathers warning. As more clues come to light and a government conspiracy is revealed, Booth and Brennan make a shocking discovery as to who was behind Delaneys murder, and Booth is forced to make one of the most important decisions of his career, with very personal ramifications. Meanwhile, Zack must defend his dissertation, the last step to completing his doctorate, but needs some help from Angela to help him get taken seriously.
Special Guest Stars: Ryan O'Neal as Father Toby Coulter |
Guest Stars: Loren Dean as Russ Brennan | Patricia Belcher as Asst. U.S. Attorney Caroline Julian | Lou Beatty, Jr. as Marvin Beckett | Ryan Cutrona as FBI Dep. Director Kirby | Barbara Williams as Barbara Harper | Madison Mason as Judge Ted Kemper | Bryan Cuprill as Asst. U.S. Attorney Dan Burridge | Kathy Reichs as Professor Constance Wright | Joseph Ruskin as Professor William Grayson |
Co-Guest Stars: Joe E. Davis (1) as Security Guard
Director: David Duchovny
Writer: Hart Hanson
Songs: Placebo -- Running Up That Hill

34 :02x12 - The Man in the Cell

Brennan and Booth are called to the scene of a deadly fire at a D.C. prison to investigate what they believe is the death of Brennans incarcerated adversary, serial killer Howard Epps, whose body was found burned beyond recognition. But Brennans examination leads to the chilling realization that the charred body is not Epps, but that of a D.C. fireman Epps killed in order to fake his own death and escape from a maximum security prison amid the commotion of the fire. After paying a visit to Epps former wife, Caroline, to determine if she has any clue as to his whereabouts, Brennan and Booth leave empty-handed, but are concerned for Carolines safety with her ex-husband on the loose. Their fears are quickly realized as they get concrete proof that Epps has killed again. As Epps leads Brennan and Booth into a game of cat and mouse, its clear he is targeting them and the people theyre close to, all the while giving them clues they desperately try to decipher before Epps takes another victim. While Cam conducts an autopsy on Epps latest victim, Booth implores her to break protocol to save time and jump to a later step in the process. Against her better judgment she does, but she is sprayed with a deadly poison and critically injured. As Cams life hangs in the balance, Booth, Brennan and the rest of the Jeffersonian team race to figure out what deadly substance is killing Cam and determine Epps whereabouts before Cam becomes his latest victim.
Guest Stars: Heath Freeman as Howard Epps | Christie Lynn Smith as Caroline Epps | Ty Panitz as Parker Booth | Mik Scriba as Warden T.C. Everett | Pancho Demmings as FBI Agent Jay Ramirez | Kathy Lamkin as Marianne Epps | Giovannie Pico as Rose Alipio | Sandra Purpuro as Dr. Barbara Young |
Co-Guest Stars: Janet Tamaro as TV Reporter
Writer: Noah Hawley

35 :02x13 - The Girl in the Gator

Booth's gun is taken away after he shoots a clown ornament on an ice cream truck and has to undergo psychological evaluation to prove he's mentally sane before he can get his gun back. With Booth gun-less, Brennan has to head town to Florida to look into the death of a college student whose body is found inside of a dead alligator. She is assigned to work with Agen Tim Sullivan, but the two soon face stylistic differences that leaves Brennan looking forward to Booth's return. While Booth undergoes his evaluation, the victim's body is taken to the Jeffersonian and is identified as Judy Dowd, a woman who disappeared several weeks before her body was found.
Special Guest Stars: Stephen Fry as Dr. Gordon Wyatt |
Guest Stars: Eddie McClintock as FBI Agent Tim Sullivan | Alex Winter as Monte Gold | Eamonn Roche as Lloyd | Eric Jungmann as Eddie | John Lacy (1) as Bill Dowd | French Stewart as Isaac Horn | Jami Miller as Judy Dowd | Kelly Kruger as Abigail Sims | Emeka Nnadi as Alan Simmons |
Co-Guest Stars: John Maynard (1) as Ice Cream Truck Driver | John Eric Bentley as Park Ranger
Director: Allan Kroeker
Songs: Debbie Deb -- When I Hear Music

36 :02x14 - The Man in the Mansion

Brennan, Booth and the Jeffersonian team are called in by the Bancroft family, major donors to the Jeffersonian, to investigate the death of Terence Bancroft, who was found dead at home, bound to his desk chair and maliciously stabbed. The team proves the body had been there for almost a month. Booth questions Terences wife, Clarissa, while the team brings the body and all the evidence back to the Jeffersonian for further tests. Hodgins removes an old photo of himself with the victim from official evidence so the others wont see it, knowing the photo links him to the case. When the case goes to trial and Hodgins involvement is revealed, the Jeffersonians reputation is jeopardized, prompting Brennan to make an important decision about her team. Psychiatrist Dr. Gordon Wyatt has cleared Booth to carry a gun and go back to work, but its contingent on Booth continuing to meet with Wyatt on a few underlying issues issues that may be creeping into Booths judgment and affecting his investigative work. Meanwhile, Agent Sullivan invites Brennan to one of his basketball games and the heat is turned up on their relationship.
Special Guest Stars: Stephen Fry as Dr. Gordon Wyatt |
Guest Stars: Eddie McClintock as FBI Agent Tim Sullivan | Ernie Hudson as David Barron | Patricia Belcher as Asst. U.S. Attorney Caroline Julian | Meredith Monroe as Clarissa Bancroft | Reid Scott as Robert Fraiser | Nathan Dean as FBI Agent Charlie Burns |
Co-Guest Stars: James Hiroyuki Liao as Assistant Coroner | Brian Catalano as Bailiff | Azita Ghanizada as Girlfriend | Jesse D. Goins as Judge | Peter Parros as Police Officer | James Earl as Kid at the Center | Erin Torpey as Blond Gossiper | Dawn-Lyen Gardner as Court Reporter | Tammy La as Jury Foreperson | Marvin Jordan as Player
Director: Dwight Little

37 :02x15 - Bodies in the Book

Brennan's latest murder-mystery novel is an instant best-seller. Riding high on the wave of literary success and her new relationship with Agent Sullivan, Brennan prepares to do her rounds on the publicity circuit to promote her book. However, when a body is found in the marina, Booth and Brennan find shocking similarities between the case and Brennan's book. If the murderer is indeed a copycat killer, this would be the first of three killings. When the second victim is found, the team races against the clock to stop the third and final killing from occurring.
Guest Stars: Eddie McClintock as FBI Agent Tim Sullivan | Chris Conner as Oliver Laurier | Valarie Pettiford as Ellen Laskow | Jonathan Slavin as Hank Belden | Colby French as Greg Braley | Steve Braun as Ashton Keller | Darby Stanchfield as Connie Lopata |
Co-Guest Stars: Sean Patrick Murphy (1) as Forensic Agent | Ted Lyde as Police Officer | Jordan Tartakow as Man
Director: Craig Ross, Jr.

38 :02x16 - The Boneless Bride in the River

Booth interrupts Brennan's romantic weekend away with Sully to aid him in investigating a crime scene where the shell of a woman's body is found, but her bones had been removed. The investigation becomes intriguing to the team who have to reconstruct her skeletal structure, but the task proves to be a difficult and gruesome one. Clues soon point to a rare ancient Asian custom that involves burying the bones of an unmarried woman with those of an unmarried man to serve as an afterlife wedding ceremony. Meanwhile, Sully has a shocking question for Brennan, one that forces her to make a decision about their future together.
Guest Stars: Eddie McClintock as FBI Agent Tim Sullivan | J.P. Pitoc as Drew Harper | Michael Paul Chan as Professor Shi Jon Chen | Deborah Theaker as Jackie Burrows | Lucille Soong as Mai Zhang | Bob Lem as Eric Chang | Alice Lo as Mary Chang | James Hong as Joseph Han | Leonard Wu as Nelson Han |
Co-Guest Stars: Eric Stonestreet as D.C. Cop
Director: Tony Wharmby

39 :02x17 - The Priest in the Churchyard

When a water main breaks at the historic St. Agathas church cemetary, the cemetary is flooded resulting in coffins being brought up and corpses being exposed. Brennan is called to identify the remains and help return them to their final resting pace. Father Matt informs Brennan and Zack that the latest burial was 50 years ago, but Brennan finds a skull that had been buried less than five years ago which they believe is part of a murder. The mystery around the murder increases when Father Matt grows strangely ill. Meanwhile, Hodgins' and Angela's romance beings to heat up, but Angela is thrown off guard when Hodgins makes a bold move.
Special Guest Stars: Stephen Fry as Dr. Gordon Wyatt |
Guest Stars: George Coe as Father William Donlan | David Burke (1) as Father Matthew Sands | Wendy Braun as Lorraine Bergin | Johnny Lewis as Enzo Falcinell | Soren Fulton as James Levay | William Jonathan Georges as Tony |
Co-Guest Stars: Wendy Way as Parishioner | Kelly Lohman as Parishioner
Director: Scott Lautanen
Writer: Lyla Oliver
Songs: Nina Gordon -- The Time Comes

40 :02x18 - The Killer in the Concrete

Booth and Brennan investigate the case of a partial skeleton found in cement. Booth thinks a member of a crime family - Hugh Kennedy - is to blame, but when he hears word that Hugh was burnt to death in a car things get more complicated. Booth finds out that Hugh is actually alive, but then gets kidnapped by him. Brennan must now find Booth before he is hurt, but this is harder to do than she thinks, and she ends up going to great lengths to get Booth back safely.

Special Guest Stars: Ryan O'Neal as Max Keenan |
Guest Stars: Dalia Phillips as Veleska Miller | Greg Baker as Melvin Gallagher | Phillip Rhys as Clark Lightner | Tom Everett as Hugh Kennedy | Bill Escudier as Tim |
Co-Guest Stars: Jeff Witzke as FBI Agent | Hubert Hodgin as Desk Clerk | Derek Webster as Cop
Director: Jeff Woolnough
Songs: Poco -- Keep On Tryin'

41 :02x19 - Spaceman in a Crater

Brennan and Booth investigate when a dead man is found in a crater. His remains are sent to the Jeffersoanian for review where Hodgins' analysis leads him to conclude that the body had been in outer space for a short period of time. Booth and Brennan discover the man is an astronaut, Colonel Howard, who worked for the NASA. Meanwhile, Hodgins tries a more romantic approach to proposing to Angela.
Guest Stars: Lisa Waltz as Jean Marie Howard | Judith Moreland as Loni Gowan | Michael Rodrick as Adam Bahr | Glenn Morshower as Colonel Bob Reid | Rob Brownstein as Dr. Henry Pascal | Sarah Bloom as Colleen Adams | Ian Anthony Dale as Commander James Adams | Andrea Thompson as Nina Sanborn |
Co-Guest Stars: Christos Sourmelis as Waiter | Burnadean Jones as FBI Forensic Tech | E.J. Callahan as Farmer | Aalok Mehta as Space Agency Employee | David Greenman as FBI Forensic Tech Marcus Geier
Director: Jeannot Szwarc

42 :02x20 - The Glowing Bones in the Old Stone House

When a body is discovered with remains that are emitting a green glow, each of the team must utilize their talents to uncover the person's identity. However, as the team works together with Brennan and Booth to solve the murder, everyone is shocked to discover that the victim is one of their own.
Guest Stars: Anna Zielinski as Carly Victor | Larry Bates as Ernie | A.J. Buckley as Dan | Hillary Tuck as Abby | Brian Hallisay as Ben Michaelson |
Co-Guest Stars: Wilkie Ferguson III as Sous Chef | Stephen Full as Waiter | Brooke Geiger as Hostess | Elizabeth Bond as Customer | Lucas Dudley as Rescue Team Member | Howard Locke as Homeland Security Agent | Ricky Pak as Sushi Chef | Henry T. Yamada as Sushi Chef | Michael Palma as Sushi Chef | Dan Martin as Homeland Security Major
Director: Caleb Deschanel
Songs: Damien Rice -- Cannonball, Mozella -- Going Home, Zeb -- Limbomaniacs, Juan Maclean -- Love is in the Air

43 :02x21 - Stargazer in a Puddle

A decomposed skeleton of a young girl is found in a grocery cart in the D.C. area. Angela's evidence reveals the face of an 80-year-old woman, but the team learns the victim actually was a 22-year-old woman with a debilitating aging disease. Brennan and Booth's suspect the victim's mother. Meanwhile, Brennan's father, Max Keenan, reappears in Brennan's life reconnect with her and is surprised by the news he delivers. Hodgins and Angela marry with Brennan and Booth as maid of honor and best man, respectively, but all does not go as planned.
Special Guest Stars: Billy F. Gibbons as Himself | Ryan O'Neal as Max Keenan |
Guest Stars: Patricia Belcher as Asst. U.S. Attorney Caroline Julian | Roxanne Hart as Cynthia Cole | Joe Nieves as Joe Mellon | Larisa Miller as Ruth Keenan |
Co-Guest Stars: Cleo King as Minister Sheila | Eric Stonestreet as D.C. Cop | Travis Brorsen (1) as State Department Employee
Director: Tony Wharmby
Writer: Hart Hanson
Songs: ZZ Top -- Blue Jean Blues, ZZ Top -- Gimme All Your Lovin’
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Comedy | Crime | Drama
Status: Returning Series
Network: FOX ( USA)
Airs: Thursdays at 08:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 13, 2005
Episode Order: 22
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