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The Body and the Bounty - Recap

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The show opened upon a scene in a narrow, rain drenched alley with an open Dumpster in the background. A young homeless couple in their early twenties came into the picture, exclaiming in joy when they saw the Dumpster. The young man excitedly told his companion that he was going to initiate her into the joys of Dumpster diving, which he explained to her on the spot. They both climbed into the container and grubbed around for edibles, the woman finding an apple of dubious appearing quality and biting into it. They spied some discarded yogurt and other dairy products, making their way toward those items when the man stated that he smelled raw fresh meat. He told his companion that he was going to find that meat and perhaps cook it for their dinner. Digging through cardboard, he came upon decomposing human hands and a skull. Dropping the objects in disgust, he shrieked loudly and they both climbed out of the Dumpster hurriedly.

Bones and Seeley went to the scene, making necessary measurements and observations. Jokes were tossed between the two as they performed their work, them wondering how and why the hands and head would come to be in a Dumpster. Who could have done such a cruel thing? Once the partial remains were taken to the Jeffersonian labs, they were discovered to be that of a bounty hunter named Wolf. But who could the killer have been?

Bones was invited by Dr. "Bunsen" Jude, the Science Dude, a children's science show host, to be on his show, but he wanted the show to be in her lab at the Jeffersonian. At first, Bones was extremely reticent to do this, but after some convincing palaver from Jude, she agreed reluctantly, for the betterment of children viewers' minds, as she stated.

Meanwhile, lab assistant Hodgins was set to work determining what was in the hair of the Dumpster-found victim, slugs, bugs, slime, snot, etc., trying to determine the approximate time and location of death. Hodgins determined that the victim, a male, was killed in a forest and his head and hands cut from the body, and tossed in the Dumpster. But as to motive, who could say?

Bones and Seeley talked to a female bounty hunter named Janet LeBlanc who claimed she was after a perp named Braverman, but what she did not disclose was the fact that another bounty hunter was also after the perp for a bounty of two hundred thousand dollars. It was later determined that LeBlanc had shot and killed her rival bounty hunter and dismembered him, using the Dumpster to try to put the police off her track.

Hodgins' wife, the pregnant Angela, told Bones that she thought Bones would be great on the Science Dude show, but Bones was not so sure that she would. Angela coaxed her, telling her that she had a brilliant mind and just think of all the kids she could or would inspire if she would just take the plunge? Angela was of the opinion that she loved Bones, that she wanted her daughter, if that is what she was carrying, to be able to look up to Bones some day, to be as intelligent and resourceful and strong as Bones was now. Bones hardly knew what to reply to all that praise, but seemed strongly swayed to do the show.
Hodgins, meanwhile, was assisted by Jude in constructing a fake rib cage out of paint stir sticks and other household items to determine just how a cracked rib could have caused the deceased's death. Fake blood was added to give the proper effect, leaving quite a mess on the surrounding walls. After extensive testing, they figured out that he had sustained a broken rib injury at least a week prior to his death.
Seeley was given security tapes from a tavern the deceased used to frequent by a tavern employee. The tapes showed the deceased getting into a fight with a man wearing a bad wig, the smaller man not backing down but taking a pool cue to the man, jamming into his ribs, thus causing the rib injury. What Hodgins could determine was that the most recent rib injury did cause the victim's death by a blow from a beanbag shot, causing a piece of rib to break off and be driven into his heart, killing him instantly. The fact that the victim had sustained two rib injuries so close to death was what had caused the forensics team to be confused as to the real cause of his death.

After Seeley had arrested Janet LeBlanc a second time, he pointedly pressured her with questions, this time getting her to confess to using a bean bag gun to give her fellow rival bounty hunter the fatal blow and dismembering him. LeBlanc admitted that she had been put off by her victim's gung-ho attitude toward trying to get the proffered money and that she wanted it for herself. She made no bones about wanting to permanently put him out of commission and had come upon the idea of using her bean bag gun to make it look like an accident gone wrong. Seeley wondered aloud how someone could have been so cold blooded just for a few dollars. Janet LeBlanc was promptly put into jail pending an inquiry and trial.

The man who had fought with the deceased at the tavern was wearing a wig because he had cancer, his doctors giving him a mere six months left to live. All this he told Bones and Seeley at the questioning session. He was released.

Bones appeared on the Science Dude's show hosted at her lab. Bones was dressed in a stocking suit decorated in cloth bones complete with a bright scarlet tutu. She recited a poem about bones and science, predictably, and the children viewers exploded in applause after she finished, her co-workers looking at one another with arched eyebrows and ironic smiles on their faces. Bones gave a little bow and twirled about as Jude segued into the next part of the show.