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The Bones that Weren't - Recap

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A young male skateboarder broke into an abandoned construction site via a hole in the surrounding fence, taking risks in using various objects such as piled bricks, etc., to enhance his skateboarding experience when his board took him onto a concrete slab and caught on an object embedded in the middle of the slab. He nearly fell, catching himself, and inspected the object more closely to find it a human skull, the back of it missing. He shrieked and left the site hurriedly, alerting the police to what he had found in the concrete.

At Booth Seeley's home, he and live in girlfriend Hannah were making out in the kitchen prior to going to work. He was thinking aloud about asking Hannah to marry him in good time whilst eating breakfast when Hannah began talking about the risky interview she was contemplating going to that day. Seeley told her she didn't have to do it if she felt she might be in danger and Hannah pooh-poohed the idea, leaving for work with a peck on the cheek for Seeley.

Agents Seeley and Bones went to the construction site and inspected the scene, Bones saying that a slab of concrete so wide and so long could be cut from the site and taken back to the lab for closer inspection. Seeley saw that that was possible and ordered it done. Back at the lab, xrays were taken which revealed the bones of the embedded skeleton has vanished or dissolved and how could that be, Bones wondered? Ideas were tossed back and forth between Bones, Hodgins and Seleey about that, it being decided that possibly a bone eating fungus could have been the culprit. Bones asked Hodgins to look into that. Hodgins had the bright idea to use lasers and other new technology to make a 3D mockup of the vanished skeleton so further details could be worked out as to what might have caused the victim's death. It was determined that the victim had been a young male in his early twenties named Robert Pearson who had been a ballet dancer and most lately, a street hip hop dance performer. He possibly had died of a blow to the back of his skull, judging from the impression of bone left in the concrete.

Seeley and Bones went to a local ballet school where they watched a young female teacher give lessons. The teacher was rude and loud, very judgmental to her students and the agents. She had a now healed broken ankle that forced her to use a cane and she did know of Pearson, he having been a former student of hers. She told the agents what she knew and when Bones asked a certain question, the teacher became belligerent and tried to come at her, Seeley preventing the short small woman from doing so. The diminuitive instructor left limping, in a rage. The agents exchanged puzzled looks and left for the lab.

Hodgins had been busy and was able to show Bones the mockup skeleton he had produced from special bonding materials. The skeleton bore all the impressions of the one in the concrete and the forensics agents were able to determine that the victim had died of several stab wounds to his abdomen from a very sharp long instrument, but what? Seeley and Booth went to a local park where street performers hung out and talked to several of them, not finding anything conclusive. While there, they did see a janitor using a very sharp trash picker stick which could have been used on the victim. One young man they interviewed had had words previously with Pearson, but said that they had worked it out. A young woman who sang for her supper said that she had been friends with Pearson, but had not seen him for months. The agents spoke to the janitor but were told that he had not seen Pearson for a long time either.

A bone dissolving fungus was tracked down to the park but what was used to kill Pearson and why? Several people who knew Pearson were interviewed at the lab and one person stood out: a man dressed like William Shakespeare, but all covered in bronze paint. Bronze paint flakes had been found on the concrete the victim had been encased in. The bronze man would not speak until one agent who knew the prose spoke in sonnets to him; the man told him what he knew in like fashion. It was deciphered that Pearson had been a thief, a pickpocket and that he'd been seen running from the janitor who was chasing him with his sharp long trashpicker. The janitor was questioned and he did confess to it, but he had not killed Pearson.

Meanwhile, Hannah was shot by a drug dealer whilst questioning him for a news story and was rushed to a hospital where surgery removed the bullet. She was told she could go home the next day which she told Seeley and Bones. Bones looked at her chart and found that she needed more surgery to prevent her from bleeding to death and told the doctors to do the surgery. A grateful Hannah thanked her for saving her life; Bones said don't worry about it. Seeley was grateful as well.

The two women, the ballet instructor and the young female street singer, were brought in for more questioning and while there, happened to leave their finger prints on water glasses given to them. A small handprint had been found on plastic surrounding the victim and the lab needed a print to match to determine the murderer. The street singer's prints matched exactly. She was arrested and taken into custody. She confessed to Seeley that she had stabbed the victim with the trashpicker when he rejected her romantic advances; she had chased him into the construction site, he'd fallen from the skywalk over the freshly poured concrete into the plastic covering it and had died, bleeding out from the top of his cracked skull, a truly painful way to die.