The Feet on the Beach - Recap

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A couple of border patrol cops trip over some feet that are not their
own. The older one is saddened by the sheer level of paperwork this
issues presents.

Camille got Michelle into Columbia behind her back, and Hodgins has the
paperwork to prove it. Angela advises him to give the paperwork to
Camille, this is none of his business. He asks if it's okay for him to
give Camille a disapproving look, and Angela is all for it. She tells
Hodgins what Camille did is bad parenting, and they will never do such a

He drops the paperwork off on Camille's desk. She recognizes what it is
and asks Hodgins if he has anything to say about it. "Angela says no;
but this is a disapproving look." Camille says the point is moot,
Michelle is determined to go to community college in outer boongolia to
be with her boyfriend. Hodgins does "disapproving" once more before
walking out.

Bones & Booth are at the scene of the feet. He tells her to be polite to
the Canadians, as they have a reputation for being polite. A Dr. Douglas
Filmore arrives, and Temperance tells Booth she knows him. He seems to
be having some right arm issues, so shakes with her left-handed. Doctors
can't find a cause, he was just sitting there after he finished reading
Dr. Brennan's article which savagely refuted his life's work. "Oh, boy"
murmurs Booth. Bones has no clue she insulted the man. She takes great
pride in being so thorough, and it's gratifying when someone notices.
She smiles as she thanks him. Booth asks Dr. Filmore what he does, and
before he can answer, Bones announces that he calls himself a forensic
podiatrist, despite the fact that no such title exists. He just helps
the police out sometimes. Booth can't believe that Bones can't recognize
any of Filmore's social cues.

Booth asks if they're getting anywhere, and Bones tells him she needs to
take them back to the Jeffersonian for further investigation. Filmore
finds out where the border is and tells Bones the feet aren't going
anywhere, since they were found in Canada. Booth mutters at Bones about
what she's done, and they leave the site.

Angela and Hodgins banter in the lab about Bones knowing that one pair
of the feet belonged to a golfer. He tells Angela that Bones refuted
Filmore so hard that he suffered paralysis because of it. Bones invited
him on the case because he has the feet, and it's the only way she could
gain access to them. The feet weren't cut off. They were attached to
bodies until they landed in the water. So if they were in the river, why
isn't the sweat stench from the boots, gone? They're going to try to get
DNA from the sweat in the boots.

Sweets and Booth tell Bones she owes Filmore an apology for undermining
his life's work. She defends her stance. If she let that stand, then
other people could make similar claims. Where would it end? Sweets tells
her the paralysis sounds like conversion disorder. Temperance doesn't
buy it. Sweets gets called in to work, and Booth asks Bones if sometimes
she wouldn't just like to be a person like everybody else, instead of
one who paralyzes people.

Hodgins gives Camille and Angela the latest about the feet. There was
sticky residue in the boots, which he has identified as spider mite
silk. All that really tells him is that all of the victims were in the
same location before they got dumped in the river. Camille has a
near-miss with Hodgins and Angela getting smooshy with each other.

Dr. Filmore arrives, and he's still all defensive about Dr. Brenner.

Sweets interviews a mental patient about his DNA being found in the
boots, with the feet. He doesn't know anything about the feet. He just
needed new shoes, so he took them off the feet. He thinks it was about
eight days ago. Sweets tells him they need the shoes back. He's very
upset, he just broke them in.

Filmore and Bones play a constant game of one-upmanship, which he
temporarily wins when he discovers that one of the feet was cut off,
while the victim was alive. Dr. Brenner assures him that she would have
noticed that. She tells him that her colleagues have been encouraging
her to apologize to him. She told them he didn't ask her to. Filmore
says it wouldn't be appropriate for him to ask. She says "Exactly." She
has no idea what they're talking about, and is glad he feels the same way.

Angela comes in with all manner of information, and Filmore shares how
impressive he finds her results. Angela smiles, and Temperance says
"Yes. Everyone here is quite extraordinary." Angela narrows it down to
the University of Hogansburg, New York. Dr. Brennan announces that she
knows what happened, and leaves. She calls Booth to tell him the
University has a body farm, where people can study the effects of
decomposition. They put the bodies through all manner of circumstances
and see how they break down.

Seven days ago, there was a storm, and parts of the farm flooded,
washing seven bodies into the river. Booth thinks they're clear, but
he's wrong. They have the feet of an 8th person. This is a murder.

Dr. Filmore already matched the feet with the remains from the body
farm. So the last set remaining are from the murder victim, Angela says.
Or not, counters Dr. Filmore. Without a body, all they know is somebody
no longer has their feet. Hodgins arrives, bearing the shoes from the
homeless man. Filmore matches them to the remaining set of feet. Because
the shoes are limited edition, they have a serial number. They may
actually be able to find the victim when they find out who bought the

Camille tries to calm down her devastated daughter, who is no longer
interested in attending community college. Derek broke up with her. But
where will she go now? No schools are accepting applications anymore.
Camille says she has an idea.

Booth and Bones arrive at Hogansburg. She continues finding fault with
Filmore. Bones fears she won't stop until Filmore is paralyzed from head
to toe. Bones is amazed by everything around her. The body farm is
amazing. She tells Booth to step back just before a body explodes. A
gentleman joins them, and Dr. Brenner introduces Professor Peter
Simpkins to Booth. Booth is nauseated by the exploding body, and they
move to another location to talk. Because another body was found, they
want to investigate the area where the other seven bodies originated.
Dr. Simpkins' assistant, Norman, gets a tense look on his face when he
hears another body was found. Norman will show B&B around after they
talk to Simpkins.

Sweets comes down to introduce himself to Filmore and say hello. Filmore
figures Dr. Brennan sent him down to the lab to pronounce him mentally
unfit. He tries to explain Temperance to Filmore, but in his own way,
Filmore is just as ill-mannered and brusque as she is. Sweets excuses
himself, but reiterates his willingness to be there.

Simpkins and Bones explain to Booth that basically, the body farm is a
farm like any other. It needs fallow time before a new crop can come
through. That's why the bodies were so close to the river. Angela
interrupts to tell Bones that she knows who was occupying those $2000
sneakers. Dylan McEllroy. He's a U of H grad student. They question
Simpkins about Dylan. He worked on the body farm. Booth queries how he
could afford $2000 sneakers. Simpkins says he could have been wearing
lampchops on his feet and unless they were decomposing, he likely would
not have noticed.

As they walk the campus, B&B hear a kid accepting bidding on sneakers.
They question the kid about Dylan and inform him that he's dead. The kid
is Kent Durham, Dylan's roommate. He tells them this isn't what it looks
like. Booth says it looks like he's trying to sell off his dead room
mate's shoe collection. Okay - it is what it looks like. But it's not
what they think. Dylan was two months behind on his rent. Kent was just
trying to recoup what was owed. In addition to the late rent, Dylan
stiffed him on a computer and speaker system. So where was the money for
these amazing shoes coming from? Dylan says illegal, but not for him to
handle since he's not a cop. Booth asks if he was selling drugs.

Hodgins discovers that they were harvesting more than bodies at the body
farm. Marijuana, to be precise. Filmore continues to act like
everything's fine, so Hodgins gives him a word to the wise. He's in
America now. It's okay to be pissed at Dr. B; she can take it.

Camille talks to Sweets about forging her daughter's signature and
applying to Columbia. He is aghast, to the point that Camille asks if he
can not act like she killed three people. Well, did she think of who
didn't get in because of what she did. Okay, right; she's terrible. But
that's not even why she's here. She wants hm to give her advice on how
to tell Michelle she's going to Columbia. Sweets says he can't help. She
asks if it's some kind of therapist's code of ethics. No, he retorts.
It's his own personal code of ethics. She should consider putting
together one of her own. She snaps at him to shut up, and Sweets is
stunned. Camille continues. He's never had to put anyone else's well
being ahead of his own, not ever. As she propels out the door in a fit
of self-righteousness, Sweets asks her what kind of an example she's
setting for Michelle.

Norman asks what they're looking for, and becomes nervous when Bones
says "cannabis." She's the FBI, if he answers, isn't that entrapment?
They're joined by Mr. Wolfram, the cadaver technician aka groundskeeper.
There's some serious angry undercurrents between Norman and Wolfram.

Bones asks Norman what it was like working with Dylan. He describes him
as a self-centered dilettante who squeaked by with C's and D's because
all he cared about was his stupid sneakers. Did he have that same
attitude while Dylan was alive? He says if they're asking if he killed
him, he couldn't even if he wanted to. He just got back from a semester
in Helsinki three weeks ago. Brenner says it's impressive, Booth looks
perplexed, and Norman thanks her.

Sweets and Filmore chat about how his arm stopped working. After Hodgins
told him he could tell Dr. Brenner how he really feels, he came to
discuss it with Sweets. He says confrontation is not natural for him.
He's Canadian. Sweets asks if he's Canadian, or afraid?

Booth talks some more to Norman about Dylan. He says he didn't take out
all this money in student loans so he could do something stupid, and
illegal, thus rendering his entire future forfeit. Bones thinks she
found the cannabis location. She finds a branch to have Hodgins analyze
to see if it would have the spider mite stuff on it. Norman says that
their professor inspects the entire farm every day, there's no way
something like that would get past him.

It didn't. B&B talk to Simpkins. He knew about it. He let them grow, and
in return Dylan gave him free product. So why did he lie about not
knowing how Dylan could afford $2000 sneakers? He was afraid they'd
think he was the one who killed him.

Hodgins works on identifying bugs from the marijuana leave pictures
Bones sent him. Some food is attracting them from all over the place, in
a very wide variety. He's going to check their teeny tiny little bug
stomachs to hopefully find out what drew them from far and wide.

Bones gets the news and relays it to Booth. Because she won't admit this
is a very important breakthrough, Booth sees that she's jealous. She
can't stand that somebody could be just as good as she is, when it comes
to feet. She has the rest of the body, but she wants to be the
undisputed best at feet, as well. He still thinks she owes Filmore an
apology. She says he's a grown man, and Booth says exactly. Sometimes,
that makes it hurt worse.

She asks why it's so important to Booth, and he tells her he knows the
kind of person she is, and she should let other people in on the secret,

Filmore and Hodgins conclusions work hand-in-hand. Filmore discovers
that Dylan apparently had a close contact of the riding lawnmower kind,
while Hodgins finds that the bug tummies contained a specially produced
insect food. This was spread on Dylan's body, and the bugs had a feeding
frenzy, which effectively hastened decomposition and eradicated a true
time of death. This information leads them full-circle to Norman.

Bones & Booth confront Norman. They know that Dylan ruined his thesis
when he contaminated the body with his weed. They have a receipt which
proves that Norman bought the super food that the bugs feasted on. He
falls apart before their eyes. It wasn't murder. He was cutting down the
weed, and Dylan tried to stop him. He told him to move, but he didn't.
He kept thinking he would move.

Camille tells her daughter the truth about enrolling her in Columbia.
Michelle thanks her, but tears up the paperwork. She's going to work for
the next year, take some courses, save some money, and try again next
year. She wants to be like Camille. Camille thinks that's sweet - but
she should aim a little higher.

Sweets and Filmore say their goodbyes. Sweets says Filmore is leaving a
hero. Filmore says he wouldn't say that, and Sweets says I know. That's
why I did. Did he talk to Dr. Brennan? No. She arrives, and before she
can say anything, he calls her close-minded and a thoughtless person.
She agrees. She stands by what she said in the journal, but she should
have noted his remarkable skills and expertise. She is grateful for his
help with the case, and pleased that she had the opportunity to work
with him. His right hand returns to normal.