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Prisoner in the Pipe - Recap

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The scene opens with a father trying to potty train his daughter. But she is scared as she thinks there are monsters in the toilet. He tells her that there are no monsters and promises to get her a cat if she does it on her own. She agrees. But when the little girl goes inside the toilet, she lets out a loud scream. Daddy rushes in and finds pieces of flesh and bones floating in the commode. Also an eyeball pops up! Nasty! Meanwhile, Brennan and Booth are visiting the hospital the baby is going to be born in. Brennan wants a home birth and Booth insists that the delivery happens in the hospital as it is a lot safer here. Brennan tells him that the baby would be susceptible to more diseases in the hospital than at home. And she does manage to scare most of the “to be” parents. Just then she gets a call about the eyeball in the toilet.

They reach the scene and Booth knows that this kid is going to have some serious training with toilet training. Camille tells them that the local cops have informed that the body has blocked most of the sewer systems. And Brennan requires more bones to figure out more about the murder. They fish out all the pieces from the toilet! At the lab, they are examining the sewer pipe. Daisy announces that she is becoming a certified doula and Brennan doesn’t want her anywhere near her cervix. But back to the case, Daisy says that there is just one body. Brennan identifies the remains to be a male’s. So, we have a man cut into pieces and thrown in the sewer. Brennan points out that the eyeball had a lens on it. They peel it out and find the serial number. They can id their victim. Booth asks Sweets to talk to Brennan and convince her for a hospital delivery.

Just then Booth receives a call and the victim is Rob Lazebnik. He finds the name familiar. And he is told that Rob was a fugitive and escaped from the prison 4 weeks ago. Booth talks to Rob’s wife and she isn’t surprised that he is killed. He had a lot of enemies-including her. Meanwhile, Hodgins devices a plan and traces the victim’s remains back to his prison. Sweets is doing a “partner assessment” with Brennan and Booth and tries talking to her about the delivery but she doesn't want to talk to him about it. Hodgins figures out that Rob never escaped but was killed in the prison and dumped in the sewer. Booth and Brennan head to Jamestown prison. Booth does not want Brennan to be on the field with her baby bump; but she insists. In an effort to compromise, she is ready to have their daughter baptized and wants a home delivery in return. Fair deal! At the lab, Daisy puts together all the pieces of bones, but no cuff marks.

The bones are fractured. She sprinkles rose water on the bones, as Brennan’s uterus can relax! Wow! She finds out that Rob was stabbed to death and was also severely beaten up long ago; maybe a year, while he was in jail. At the prison, the cop knows about the beatings but does not know who. He tells the duo that Haze could help them with it. Booth talks to Haze. At the lab, a digital reconstruction of the bones is made. It seems that Rob was stabbed and the knife ran right up to the spine and stopped. They analyze a bit and find out the COD. At the prison, Booth talks to Haze. He tells him that he did not help Rob escape. But Booth tells him that Rob did not escape. He was killed and then his body was cut into pieces and dumped in the sewer. Haze is shocked.

Haze tells him that he does not want to mess up his release. Booth assures him. Haze tells him that the warden had pulled him off his duty as an accountant. She claims that he had committed fraud. Haze tells Booth that the last he saw Rob was going into the warden’s office and then he never saw him again. They talk to the warden. She says that funds had gone missing and she thinks Rob did it. So she chucked him off the job. Just then Brennan gets a call from the lab. They figure out that the murder weapon was a shiv. The warden gives them a tray of shivs found from the prison cells and each one is tagged. They go through the tray. They find one which matches the photo which Angela sent her. She is sure that this is the murder weapon. It is made from paper. It has a tag of the yard. She examines the weapon and finds something printed on it. Daisy is still trying to figure out how the body was dismembered.

She needs a distraction and she and Sweets decide to have sex at Brennan’s office. The tray of bones accidently gets knocked over and Daisy figures out that the body was deteriorated with acid. She leaves the act in the middle and rushes to Hodgins to inform him about the latest development. Poor Sweets! Meanwhile in the prison, the duo learns that the mailboxes are cleaned with hydrochloric acid. Booth interviews the people in the mail room. They head out to the parking lot. He is worried about Brennan. Just then Hodgins calls her and tells her that the pitting caused by the HCL doesn’t match the ones on the bones. There has to be another form of acid. She decides to go back in. Booth is pissed. Just then Angela calls and tells Brennan that the paper used for the weapon is from a cookbook.

They go to the kitchen. She finds the cookbook and there are pages missing. She knows that the prints could be found on the pages. Well our smart momma uses cocoa powder to trace the prints! She clicks a picture and sends it to Angela. At the lab, Hodgins discovers that the killer used vinegar to dissolve the body. Vinegar could be evaporated down to acetic acid. Angela runs a match for the prints and there’s a match-Haze!! Hodgins also found a portion of rubber on the bones, which could be from Haze’s shoes while he was stomping the body down the kitchen drain. Brennan wants to check Haze’s shoes right away. Booth isn’t comfortable with that idea. Brennan tells Booth that she can do it now and that the prisoners won’t touch her as she is pregnant. She marches right into the dining room, calling for Haze.

Listening to his name being called out, Haze deliberately picks up a fight with another inmate. There is chaos. But she still keeps walking deeper into the crowd. They pin down Haze. Just then the cops come in and ask the prisoners to lie on the ground. Booth wants to know why Haze killed Rob since he is the one protecting him from fights. He tells Booth that Rob was supposed to pay him and that he found out that Rob had nothing left to pay him. Rob had played him and so he killed him. Just then Brennan goes into labor. Baby Bones is on her way out. Booth is rushing to the hospital but Brennan asks him to pullover as she knows that they aren’t going to make it to the hospital. He pulls over at an inn. But the manager tells him that they are booked. But after seeing the mess Brennan could create, he allows them into the barn. They remind us of Mary and Joseph.

Brennan gives birth to her baby…it’s the most delightful moment in ‘Bones’; and the baby is beautiful. The parents arrive at their apartment with their new born. And the entire team is waiting for them. The baby is so cute that Daisy tells Sweets that they got to make one of those! The team has got them few things that they would require for the baby. And guess what since the team didn’t know the baby’s name; they decide to call her Stapes-the smallest bone in the human body. Cute! Brennan tells them that their daughter’s name is Christine Angela. And they raise a toast. The episode ends.