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The Bump in the Road - Recap

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The scene opens with Brennan’s paranoia about leaving her 6 weeks old baby at the Jeffersonian day care. But Booth assures her that it is one of the best. On her way out, the baby winks at her mother and daddy says that she will be a brilliant kid. Next, we see that a family is out for picnic when the father drives over something and the luggage is gets strewn all over. The find out that they ran over the remains of a human being. The girl is terrified. Next, Cam is at a diner talking to Finn Abernathy and she tells him that besides working all time, he needs to date a little. The team arrives at the interstate to collect the remains. Brennan declares that the victim is a female.

Cam thinks its hit and run, but Brennan points out that the head was chopped of before she was thrown on the road. Finn and Hodgins are examining the remains of the girl. Finn deduces that she was being dragged along for a long time. They smell diesel on the carcass. And Finn declares that the victim was dragged by an 18 wheeler. At the station, Booth is told by one of his colleagues that they could locate the truck that dragged the victim on the basis of the weight of the truck while pulling into the station and Finn had given her the approximate weight of the victim. A truck from Fields Market weighed 122 more than its actual weight. The driver of the truck, Allan Bates is in Baltimore. At the lab, they find a lot of papers from the victim’s bra but they are too faded. But then they figure out that they are coupons. Finn tells Cam that he would restructure the skeleton to find out the COD while Cam decides to run some toxic tests. Michelle, Cam’s daughter walks in and she is distracted by Finn. Cam does not appreciate it. Booth and Brennan go to meet the driver Allan. Brennan checks the trucks lower side and finds flesh and sinew.

This is the vehicle. She finds the victims head stuck below the truck. Allan tells them that he has no idea about the dead body and that he is a happily married man. But Brennan finds a pair of panties in Allan’s truck. But those are his. He is a cross dresser. At the lab, Finn is rushing with his work as he is going out on a date with Michelle. Cam and Hodgins make the victim sneeze to check on the snot. Booth and Brennan go to check on the baby. Brennan figures out that the girl had been crouching under the truck. Maybe she was hiding from someone. They visit the victim’s husband. They learn that the victim’s name was Barb. He tells Booth the she was an extreme couponer. She has a lot of stuff that she bought with those coupons. He tells Booth that last night she headed off to the Fields Market. Booth goes there too. He talks to Chad. Brennan walks into the store with the missing pieces of the skull; declaring that Barb died in this parking lot. They see the security footage and decide to talk to Crystal. They question Crystal about the fight she had with Barb. She tells them that Barb sent her couponing club to her as she was the fastest. Sweets and Angela are going through Barb’s emails and they find out that she got into a fight with one of them who is called the Deal Diva. Sweets thinks that the coupons actually belonged to the deal diva and they had a fight.

They find out that the club is meeting the next morning. Cam is angry at Finn at not assembling the skull with the piece Brennan found at the parking lot. But Finn feels its about him dating her daughter. She denies that and leaves. Finn figures out that Barb was assaulted before she died. Angela has sneaked in her son Michael into the office; against the rules. Booth arrests the dead diva. She is holding a box with sharp edges; the kind of tool they are looking for. They interrogate her and she tells them that the night of the murder, she wasn’t at the Fields market. Michelle brings lunch for Finn and Cam tells her that she cannot date him. But Michelle decides not to listen to her mother on this one. Special Agent Genny Shaw tells Booth that the husband was out fine dining while Barb was pinching pennies. And it looks like he wasn’t dining alone. Brennan and Finn restructure the skull and find a metal fragment. Finn tells her that it is aluminum. He needs Brennan’s help with resolving the issue with Cam. But Brennan tells him that she is equipped only to handle a 6 week old.

Booth interrogates Barb’s husband and asks him about the dining at fancy restaurants with other women. He tells her that Barb was no longer the woman he married as she was always shopping with her coupons. But he tells Booth that he did not kill his wife. Finn confronts Cam about the dating issue. He tells her that he knows she is worried about her daughter and that he is fine with whatever she decides until he can prove otherwise. He says that he owes her a lot as had it not been for her, he wouldn’t have had a second chance. Finn tells Hodgins and Brennan about a stain on the skull and it is ink. They infer that if they find the dye batch they could know where it is from. But Finn doesn’t know about a marker with aluminum; but Brennan knows it and she rushes to inform Booth. They go to Fields Market and Brennan tells Booth that Chad was using a purple marker to cross out the expired coupons. He also carried an aluminum clipboard. They meet Chad and examine the clipboard. Brennan finds a bone shaving stuck in the edge of the clipboard. He tells them that he hit her and then she ran away.

She was digging into his dumpster for coupons. Brennan tells him that she hid under a truck that dragged her to death. And this happened as he attacked her. On their way out they pick up some diapers and organic wipes for Christine. At the office, Michelle is upset with her mom. She feels that Finn had no option but listen to his boss. She reminds her mom that even Cam was a teenager once and she should know how it works. She leaves. Just then Finn arrives and tells them that he has something to say. He tells Cam that he can’t stop seeing her daughter. He thinks about Michelle all the time and also that he wouldn’t be a man if he walked out on her, just because he felt a little pressure.

And if this means that he has to quit his job; then so be it. Cam tells Finn that he is not going anywhere and also she is sorry for behaving the way she did. At home, Booth and Brennan are with the baby and it seems that they too have made good use of the coupons they had. Brennan doesn’t want to let go off her baby as she missed her a lot during the day. Booth thinks she should have taken more time before getting back to work. Whatever she does now on is for the baby too and Booth assures her that he would always be there for the both of them. The episode ends.