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The Warrior in the Wuss - Recap

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The episode begins with a group of hikers travelling through the woods, when one of the guy’s foot got caught in a carcass; and he screams in shock. His friend is feeling sick looking at the sight and does not attempt to help. Next, at the hospital, Cam walks in with Hodgins’ new apparatus. She points out that he has been buying a lot of expensive equipment lately. Cam reminds him that he needs to work on a budget and he needs to send a few of them back. He is required at the scene. The victim is a male. Booth seems to hurrying up with things and Brennan tells Hodgins that his son, Parker, is arriving from London. Looking at the size of the larvae, Hodgins deduces that the victim died three days ago. The victim’s head is missing.

Booth is worried that he would be late for picking up Parker. But the head needs to be found. They walk down the hill to find the head; and Booth slips and falls into a small puddle and he finds the missing head in it! And now he can leave for the airport. Next, parker is home, cradling Christine in his arms. But Booth thinks that he is behaving a little different. At the lab, the team is examining the remains. Angela tells Hodgins that at times he does go a little overboard with things. With the help of an intern, Clarke, Angela ids the victim, Tony Cole and he is a trucker; and he was reported missing by his wife. . It turns out that he lied about his height on his driver’s license. Next, Sweets and Booth are interrogating Tony’s wife. She tells them that he was a nice guy who used to be with his family and practice karate with his child. But off late he was having some issues at work, especially with a guy named Karl.

It seems that Karl made fun of Tony regarding his height and that did stress Tony out, as he was insecure about his height as he wore lifts. Clarke finds the tip of the murder weapon in the bones and also that it was a front facing attack and that the weapon was 7 inches long. Booth and Brennan are on their way to meet Karl, who is also a trucker. They find him, and ask him about Tony. They tell him that Tony is murdered and that they are aware that Karl was trying to steal his route. They find a wide range of tools that Karl carries with him. At the office, Sweets tries to explain to Booth that tony would never discuss his problems with his wife as it would make him look “less” of a man; but he was close to his kid. Also there was a report that there was a fight with the karate teacher and his son had made the 911 call.

Sweets talks to the son, Danny. Danny admits that his father did get into a fight with the karate teacher. But his wife tells Sweets that Tony didn’t discuss the incident with him. Danny tells him that the next morning his dad told him that it wasn’t done yet. Meanwhile, Cam asks Angela to help her with Hodgins and that she should convince him to move some of his equipments. Cam finds a strange thing in the victim’s stomach but she isn’t sure what it is; and Angela tells her that Hodgins’ new equipment might help her figure it out. Booth arrives home to check on Parker but, turns out that he was out, exploring the woods. He said that he isn’t a baby to inform the baby sitter as to where he is going. Booth is worried. He notices that Parkers shoes were clean and it doesn’t appear that he was out in the woods.

Cam calls him and informs him that Tony was involved in a fight with some martial art expert; looking at the bruising on the victim’s bones. Booth and Brennan are going to the karate school. The teacher tells them that he and Tony never got into a fight. Brennan takes a dvd from the class for the required measurements of his hands and strikes. The strike points don’t match with the teacher’s strikes. It appears that the guy who injured Tony was a lot smaller than the karate teacher. Next, Hodgins is performing an autopsy on the worm to check the contents of its stomach. At home, Brennan calls out to Parker, asking him to join her for a walk. But he isn’t in his room and Brennan looks worried when she sees her t-shirt and few other things in the room. Meanwhile, Booth and Sweets go to meets the teacher’s daughter, Blake. Blake tells them she did meet Tony on her way back home from school.

He stopped her on her way back. Tony told her that she was the one who started the fight with Danny and did not like that she defended herself from Danny’s strikes. She struck him in self defense. She has a proof and she shows them the video of their fight that floated on the internet. It was uploaded on WeTube. Brennan is at Booth’s office, and he tells her that Blake didn’t kill Tony. But she is there to talk about Parker. He stole one of her lab coats, broke down the radio car that they built and also cut up the pictures of Christine and her that Booth liked a lot. Next, Hodgins tells Cam that the alcohol Tony drank on the day he was killed is sold only in three bars and points out to the bar that in on Tony’s route. Booth tells Sweets about the problems with Parker. Sweets tells him to talk to Parker and find out what he thinks.

They reach the bar. The guy from the bar tells Booth that Tony had come to the bar and that the people at the bar were laughing at him; as they all had seen the video of Tony getting beaten down by a kid. Tony flipped and started threatening everyone, but no one took him seriously. Angela tells Sweets that Blake’s friend uploaded the video and it was passed a little around school; not much activity though. Then they see the first viewing away from the school, and after that it spread around too fast. They inducer has passed it around. Sweets asks her to get an id of the inducer but it seems difficult. Sweets then asks her to cross reference that point to the suspect’s addresses; and it turns out to be Karl’s; the guy who was trying to Tony’s customers.

Booth informs Brennan about the latest discovery. But Brennan says that there are no evidences to tie Karl down to the case. The knife was stabbed into Tony from the front and pulled out from behind. Just then Booth realizes that Tony was stabbed with a fishing blade. And Karl is a fisherman. They check his tools again and find a blade with a curved tip; but it was new. He tells them that he replaced it. Brennan finds out that there is blood on the knife. Karl admits his crime, but tells them that he did it in self defense. Booth says that stabbing on the back isn’t self defense and that he is lying. Karl is arrested. Next, the team has organized their own Founder’s Day party; as the Institute had cancelled it this year in the name of budgeting.

Hodgins has made a drink using the Jeffersonian equipment and it is awesome. Cam wants to know how the worm was sourced; but then she knows that she has to handle this somehow! She enjoys her drink. At home, the parents confront Parker. Parker tells them that they are ruining everything and that he loves his sister a lot. He says that it was supposed to be a surprise, which they would see when they put Christine to bed; but he shows it to them. He has made a crib mobile for Christine. Parker is happy to see that his sister loves her gift. The episode ends.