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The Suit on the Set - Recap

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The episode begins with Cam, Angela and Hodges watching the promo of the movie ‘Bone in Contention’. It is a book written by Brennan and is now made into a movie. Andy Lister and Dr. Kathy are playing the lead roles. Next, Booth and Brennan are on the sets of Bone and Brennan looks a little unhappy about the changes made to the story. Brennan tries to point out some scientific mistakes but no one pays attention. In the middle of a scene, Brennan shouts out “cut” and the movie director Jocco, gets pissed about the interruption. Brenna meets the technical consultant, Doug, who actually is a pediatrician. Doug tells them that the director only wants the movie to look good on screen and doesn’t care about the technical aspects.

Just then they bring in the prop for the next scene. The smell is familiar and Brennan affirms that it is a real dead body. The team feels queasy and the Dr. Kathy passes out!! Brennan sends the pictures to Jeffersonian for facial reconstruction. The security Chief on the sets says that they need to shut down the movie. Brennan insists that she would solve the case and Doug could assist her. Everyone agrees. Brennan is talking to Cam on a video conference and explains the characteristics to the corpse. Just then Yagher walks in; he plays Hodgins in the movie. He identifies the foliage on the victim’s body. He actually has some expertise in the field of science and Brennan could use his help. Yagher sends the samples to Hodgins; but Hodgins isn’t too kind to him. But it seems that Yagher knows his work well.

Angela is done with the facial reconstruction and the victim is Hanson Stevens; the head of the studio. Next, Booth and Brennan go in search of the foliage and they meet Valerie Rogers, who says that she could help them. She gives them her card. Next, they go to Steven’s office. The assistant tells them that he is busy and can’t meet them. But Booth dismisses his word and enters; Steven’s isn’t in there. They examine the room along with a LAPD officer. Steven’s assistant Nick tells them that he did not kill Steven and that he was only covering for him, as he had a habit of disappearing for vacations. Hodgins and Yagher find out more about the foliage. Brennan is pleased to see that Doug is very much competent in his job. On the screen, Lance tells Booth to talk to the actors around as it could be of help when they see that their fictional world is turned into a real one.

Just then Lister arrives in the room; Booth style and the actual Booth pins him down. Lister compares Booth to Steve McQueen. Lance asks Booth to focus on the questioning. Booth points out to Lister/Blaine that there is no room booked under his name. Lister says that he cannot do so as he could get mobbed. He tells Booth that everyone hated Stevens. In the lab, Cam and Angela check the record on Steven’s cell phone. They find a call from Liam Toynen, the guy who re-wrote Dr. Brennan’s script and was flagged by the IT guys for searching questionable web sites. Next, Booth and Brennan arrive at Liam’s bungalow and find blood stains on his sprinkler head. They interrogate Liam. He says that he asked Stevens to come to his bungalow to apologize as he wanted Liam to draft a script for free. But Stevens didn’t show up.

Next, booth questions Dr. Kathy and finds out that she was sleeping with Stevens as he was about to give her role to someone else. Just then the gardener who works for Valerie walks in and Booth finds out that she is sleeping with him too. Booth says that he will check on both of their alibis. Meanwhile, Doug tells Brennan that there are glass shreds found in the Meta carpel. On the screen, Doug shows Hodgins and Angela his robotic suit that can be used to replicate the murder site. This suit is connected with Angela’s machine. Doug thinks that Brennan would go green with envy. Brennan tells Booth that they found out that Stevens was run over by a vehicle, as they found tracks. Stevens was thrown off on the sprinkler because of which there was a skull fracture, broken ribs which punctured the aorta which resulted in his death.

Brennan and Booth are standing next to a car and Brennan tells him that looking at the density of the injuries, the vehicle that hit Stevens is a small light one. They also find leaves near the tiers. And the car belonged to Mandy Ho, the executive producer, who they have been constantly in touch with, since the beginning of the episode. But the leaves found under the gauge of her car does not match with the ones found on Stevens. Hodgins and Yagher find out that the fragments found in the hands weren’t glass pieces but the material is used to make the screens of smart phones. Booth thinks that Steven could have had two phones and that turns out to be right. Angela accesses the backup file on the other phone as well. They figuring out that Stevens was spying on Kathy. They find a video recording of Kathy making out with Jocco. Booth goes to interrogate Jocco.

He interrupts his shooting and Jocco doesn’t appreciate it. He throws a bottle on Booth and tries to run; but Lister jumps at him and pins him to the ground. He very much seems to be in his character. They show the video recording to Jocco. He is unable to believe that Kathy was sleeping with Stevens. The duo wants to examine his car. In the lab, Angela confirms that the turning radius of the car does not match with Jocco’s car. They then go to the place where Stevens was standing and recording the video. There is a shrub which is grafted in the shape of an elephant. It appears that the trunk was cut off, so that Stevens could do the recording. The leaves also match the ones found on the dead body. Just then Valerie Rogers, the shrub woman, arrives and is angry that the group is destroying the elephant as it took her seven years to graft her into the shape.

Just then Brennan notices her cart and points out to Booth that the turnaround radius of the cart matches to the one found on the dead body. They find blood and leaves on the cart. Valerie tells them that Stevens didn’t apologize for destroying the elephant. He told her that he would fire her for yelling at him. Valerie tells the duo that the shrubs are her life. Booth arrests Valerie and Yagher is excited that they caught a murderer. Next, the film is back on schedule. Booth and Brennan are back at the Jeffersonian. They are all watching a movie; and guess who the lead is? It is CAM! Yes.

Thanks to Yagher; as he was the one who told the team about the movie. Cam did the movie for some extra money during med school and now she is totally embarrassed. But Brennan has good news for the team. As they had solved a murder, they are offered a role in the film. The next promo we see features the team enjoying their picnic, when a missile hits the picnic spot. The episode ends.