The Family in the Feud - Recap

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The episode begins with a man walking through the woods with his pig. Just then he sees a body hanging from a tree and the sockets of the remains has an eerie glow. The man freaks out and runs away. Next, at the café, Brennan tells Booth that Christine should have a nanny instead of day care. Christine has been suspended from day care as they management thought that Brennan was interfering too much. Sweets was already expecting something like that to happen. Just then Booth gets a call and they all reach the crime scene in West Virginia. They find the dead man standing; it appears that his overalls got stuck in one of the branches. It appears that there glow in the eyes was due to a special kind of worm, which glows red to scare away predators.

Brennan thinks that they guy is a Caucasian male, aged 80. And also looking at the amount of blood on his clothes, it looks like it happened due to a major blood vessel being severed. That indicates assault. Hodgins is happy to know that there are truffles found in this part as well. Next, at the lab, the air is a tense. Cam and Brennan are having disagreements about the victim’s age. Cam says 40 and Brennan says 80. Well the others are in a predicament. The victim also has six toes. Meanwhile, we see that Max is home and is having a lovely time with Christine. Brennan arrives and she doesn’t appear too happy to see her father. Brennan tells her husband that the man had abandoned her when she was a child; but Booth thinks that he risked his life by coming back; moreover Christine loves him.

Just then Booth gets a call and he tells Brennan that they have ided the victim; Tug Babcock and he is 65! At the lab, Daisy tells Cam that the victim was shot on the left side and was shot from a close range, as it had shattered off the right half of the pelvis. They need to find the bullet and Hodgins tells Cam that he would go to the crime scene with Angela to get the bullet. Daisy has to reconstruct the pelvis; Cam is pissed because daisy tells her that she was wrong about the victim’s age. Next, Booth is talking to Tug’s family. The family tells Booth that the Mobleys could have killed their father; as their rivalry is legendary. They date back to the 1800s.

Meanwhile, Angela and Hodgins are at the crime scene and Angela doesn’t want to be there. She finds the bullet and Hodgins is looking for truffles. But Angela tells him that the metal detector keeps going off but she is unable to find anything around. He tells his wife that the soil has a lot of copper in it. Next, Booth and Brennan meet the Mobley head. He is an old man. But as soon as they approach on his land, Mobley started firing at them. But they manage to cuff him. He tells the duo that he had built a part of his house on Babcock’s land. They tell Mobley about Tug’s murder. Mobley is happy, but he tells them that he did not kill Tug. At the office, Caroline wants to know more about the holes on the ground they found on Mobley’s land. Hodgins suspects that someone is taking soil samples for the copper content of the soil, as copper means a lot of money.

The mining company owned by Dennis Timmons had the permission to dig on Tug’s land after his death. So Dennis has motive. Meanwhile, Max is doing a great job babysitting Christine. At the office, Sweets tells Booth that he shouldn’t expect too much from Max, as he feels that the initial excitement that is shown by max will soon fade. This irritates Booth and he leaves. Now, Sweets has to interview Timmons all alone. Timmons tells Sweets that he did not kill Tug. He admits that he dug up some soil samples from his land, to get a loan approved from the bank; but he has no idea about tug’s death. He also tells sweets about a young girl; blonde; who walks around the woods in the nights. He says that once when he was trespassing, she shot at him. He describes her pick up . But he couldn’t see much as it was too dark. At the lab,

Angela and daisy are looking at the bullet and the casing found at the crime scene. But they don’t match with the old man’s gun. Just then daisy notices some white powder like thing on the bullet; and she is surprised to find that they are bone fragments. But when she checks it, she finds that it doesn’t match Tug’s bone color. Maybe there is another victim. Booth and Brennan are at the café discussing the latest developments. But the Brennan is worried as Max isn’t picking up his phone. She goes home to check on them. At the lab, the competition is still on. Daisy has put together the pelvis but Cam takes the credit for finding out that tug had bone cancer and that he only had few days to live. Next, Max is back home and Brennan is angry. She tells him that he should leave and that she cannot spend a day like this one again. He leaves.

Meanwhile, Booth is interrogating the blonde girl from the woods Timmons was speaking about; SueBob Mobley. She tells him that she was in the woods as she was going to meet Junior Babcock. They were in love! And if Tug would have found out about this, then he would have started a war. When Booth suspects Junior, Sue tells him that Junior would never hurt his grandpa. Next, Booth calls in Junior and his lawyer mother for interrogation. Junior tells Booth that he did not kill his grandpa; in fact, Tug had given Junior his blessings and also gave him money for the ring. Tug was tired of all the fighting that was going on since ages. Junior’s mother is shocked. Meanwhile, Brennan gets the report on the bone dust. It appears that the dust was a 120 years old. She educates the rest with the fact that in some traditions, the remains of the ancestors are put in to a bullet.

It is a customary way of honoring the elders who died. Angela tells them that they could find out who bought the bullets. Next, Hodgins made some spaghetti using the truffles he found at the crime scene; but Daisy and him, both find its awful. Hodgins decides to run some tests on the truffles to find out what’s making them taste so bad. Next, Brennan tells Caroline that he needs a search warrant for Nobert Mobley’s house because Nobert ordered 30 rounds of the Mobley ammo. Hodgins gets the preliminary test results and finds that the contents of the soil could be really poisonous. Now, Daisy figures out that if the truffles were this poisoned years after the area was mined, then during the 1800 the contamination of the soil and the water table could be deadly poisonous.

She thinks that this is how the ancestors of the Mobleys and the Babcocks died; and the families thought that they were murdered by the other. Next, Booth and Brennan arrive at the old Mobley’s house with a warrant. But he tells them that Claire Babcock, Junior’s mother had taken the bullets with her when his house was demolished. Sweets tells Booth that Claire had the motive as all the law suits due to the family feud was costing a lot of money and so she had every reason to have Tug killed and end the whole thing. Booth and Brennan go to Claire’s house. They find the ammo and the gun. Claire tells the duo she does not know to shoot. Brennan tells her that in that case her shoulders should hurt because of the recoil; Brennan squeezes Claire’s shoulders and it hurts. But she walks away saying that she need not talk to them.

At the office, Hodgins tells the team that Tug was killed during the truffle season and so if Claire had killed him, then her clothes would be covered with the spores. They need to subpoena her clothing. Hodgins runs his tests and finds out that Claire was there when Tug was killed. Claire tells them that Tug came to her to tell her that he wanted to end the feud. She says that she wanted to make more money from the lawsuits, so that they could get out of here. They arrest her. Next, Max comes home to return one of Christine’s toys that was with him. He says that he is sorry for not calling her daughter as he thought that Brennan trusted him and so she didn’t want to keep a check. Brennan feels bad about her behavior. She asks her father to join for dinner. Max is elated to hold his granddaughter in his arms once again; and Christine too is very happy to see him. The episode ends.