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The Past in the Present - Recap

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The episode begins in a chamber where Caroline contests that the ankle monitor from Pellant’s foot be removed. The parole Board member asks her to be quiet. Pellant is a computer hacker and now he realizes that it is a crime. He has given it up. He is now being hired by an academy as a tutor. He tells the board that the company is aware of his criminal record and they have read the transcripts of the trial. Booth and Brennan are also present in the room. Booth tells them that Pellant is a suspect in two murders and Brennan gives them a compilation of their research and findings on Pellant. The parole is denied. Just then there is a strange sound that is heard; howling of the wolves. It is the ringtone of Booth’s and Brennan’s phones.

Somebody has changed both their ringtones. Next, the team arrives at the murder scene. It is a wildlife refuge and the remains do not have any tissue left. Brennan examines the remains. She tells them that the victim is a male and he was eaten by a pack of wolves. They figure out that the victim was a doctor and a patient as well. Looking at the remains she deduces that the man is Ethan Sawyer. She blurts out that Pellant killed her friend. Just then the wolves howl again; it is Booth’s phone ringing. Next, Booth tells Lance about Ethan Sawyer. Lance knows that Ethan was delusional and schizophrenic and was locked up in a security center. But he was a brilliant man and was a master on human behavior where he could turn it into a mathematical equation.

Booth tells Lance that he suspects Pellant is behind this murder. He also feels that he is the one who has changed the ring tones. Lance tells him that he will profile the killer. Next, the intern tells Cam that the victim was eaten by five or six animals. Cam calls Brennan and tells her that Ethan was still alive when the wolves started to eat him. Brennan tells Cam that Ethan only appeared to be dead. He was paralyzed. Cam goes to check on this one. Next, Brennan confesses to Booth that she was consulting Ethan in secret on the Pellant case. Ethan was dangerous to Pellant. It takes a genius to know a genius. Next, they visit the facility Ethan was kept in. they show Booth a video where Ethan calls Christine a demon child and says that she should be murdered. Brennan didn’t inform Booth as she thought that Ethan was in a tight security facility and that there could be no harm.

The woman in charge of the facility tells them that it is after this that Ethan was moved into a lock down. Booth suspects that there was some computer glitch during that time. He is right and the woman is surprised that Booth knew about that. But this computer glitch resulted in Ethan being placed in minimal supervision facility; from where he could simply walk away! Brenan had visited him two weeks ago and he had given her an old mathematic books. Booth asks the in charge for all the visitor logs and security footages. The intern tells Hodges that the wolves must have eaten Ethan but they didn’t murder him. Angela checks the security footage. She is shocked. She sees Brennan coming out of the front door of the facility and the footage is time stamped; it shows that Brennan visited Ethan the night he escaped.

But Brennan says that it is wrong. Pellant must have hacked into the security systems! Brennan realizes that she is being framed! Meanwhile, Cam finds a hypodermic needle in the victim’s bones. She is surprised that Brennan missed it. Meanwhile, we see Pellant making a bomb in his room. Next day, in the lab, Brennan realizes that she missed the needle puncture. But she finds out two other cuts that were missed by the intern. Hodgins tells the team (Brennan isn’t present in this one), that the tip of the needle had traces of an anesthetic drug that was used in the forties; it leaves the system quickly Hodgins says that this drug has to be distilled personally as it isn’t found easily. It is made from a rare species of plant; he had two of them. But everyone is stupefied when Hodgins tells them that Brennan had borrowed one from him two weeks ago.

Everyone suspects Brennan as her kid was threatened and Angela defends her. Angela informs Booth that the evidence is piling up against Brennan. Booth receives a call. It is from Brennan and he rushes out. Booth barges into pellant’s house to search for Brennan but she isn’t there. Pellant breaks the ankle monitor and tells Booth that the cops would arrive soon. Booth realizes that it was Pellant who called him; it was a prank. But this worked well for Pellant. He went straight to the parole board saying that what Booth did was harassment. And they let him go! There is more; Booth is off the case. Brennan too is taken off the case. In the lab, Cam, Angela and the intern look at the last study Brennan was doing on this case. There are marks on the bones which cut the arteries and this is murder.

Pellant has no background of knowledge in anatomy. Hence, all of this directly points at Brennan. Cam decides to report this. Angela tracks down all the emails exchanged between Ethan and Brennan. Next, Lance’s profile of the killer could be applied to Brennan. The investigation officer, Flynn says that Lance too is off the case. Meanwhile, Angela hacks into Pellant’s data. It appears that he reads a lot and Booth checks the list of movies he watches. Just then Flynn arrives with a warrant to search Brennan’s house and vehicle. But Booth manages to send him back. Cam checks the report which the FBI has sent. The hair samples found in Brennan’s car belonged to Ethan. Cam is crying. Caroline tells Booth and Brennan that she will have to get an arrest warrant against Brennan. Meanwhile, Angela is going through the eighty books Pellant read while he was in house arrest.

Next, Max tells his daughter that she should run away and get off the grid before the system turns in on her. Brennan suddenly realizes that Ethan was trying to send her a message mathematically. It is a quotation by Alexander Pope. Cam and Hodgins check Ethan’s room for some lead. They find a huge message on the wall, invisible to the naked eye. The message was left in his own saliva. Smart choice! Brennan and Booth are getting Christine christened at the church. Max is there as well. Meanwhile, Angela finds a code in one of the books. Pellant walks into Brennan’s house and places the bomb. It is a timepiece identical to the one that is there in the house.

The camera records all of Pellant’s movements. He is aware of it. He looks into the camera and smiles. Next, Angela meets Caroline and tells her that Pellant used library books to implant viruses. The library has a centralized automated system and the code is uploaded in the internet. Caroline tells her that this theory wouldn’t really hold good; moreover she is off the case too. Next, Max helps Brennan escape while Booth goes to get the car. He gives her the car and tells her to drive away as far as she can. Max tells Booth to pin down Pellant and he will get Brennan back home. Till then he will keep her safe. Booth is clueless about his next move and Brennan drives down the long road. The episode ends.